Rangers fans’ poll: are Rangers ready for the SPL?


Rangers’ manager Mark Warburton has now claimed his squad is mostly equipped for life in the SPL next season, confessing that he only requires five more players by the start of play next season to be able to compete at that level.

Indeed, these five players are simply referred to in squad terms, and not even in starting XI terms, and thus the conclusion he has alluded to is that only mild tweaking overall is required overall to have Rangers ready for life in Scotland’s top tier.

But do you agree?

Do Rangers fans concur with The Magic Hat that the squad is mostly ready to do business at SPL level, or do you feel the squad requires major surgery in order to avoid relegation next season?

It is of course unlikely Rangers would mount a challenge to actually win the SPL as things currently stand, but can a few signings make the difference? Hearts went up in similar condition and sit comfortably second as we speak, but did sign 10 players during last summer’s transfer window to equip themselves for the top flight.

Do Rangers require similar, or do you side with Warbs?

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  1. I would like to think a few more good players in we could make a run at it next year ,just look at the top division right now ,we are playing a brand of football I have not seen to many teams playing .WATP.

  2. The other aspect Rangers have on their side is that this team was only put together during the summer transfer window. If these guys gel as a team and fulfil their potential then I think Rangers future within Scotland should be bright. Stepping up to Europe in the not to distant future might require a bigger squad with more depth and quality to compete on all fronts.

  3. Yes we are defo ready for SPL but we aint ready to compete with Celtic. If we get 5 really good players we will be ready for the bastards.

  4. I think the Hat has stated that the 1 or 2 in Jaunary, and the 3 or 4 in the summer for a total of 5 or 6, will not just be squad players. He has previous for saying there is no point in someone coming to Ibrox if they cannot improve the squad.
    So unlikely that he would bring in 5 people to replace 5 who are reserves or backup. More likely that he will bring in people where he sees he can improve the team.Eg, a good holding midfield player allows Halliday to move forward, meaning we don't need both Law and Shiels. It may be Murdoch, but more likely he will want someone with experience and Murdoch as backup to develop.
    He also sees the players every day. He will know which ones can be improved and which ones can't, which ones are likely to attract large bids so move on and need replaced. I don't think I have ever been so impressed with a manager's ability to develop a team and ethos so quickly.

    The future is bright

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