Listen: Celtic fan humiliated on national radio about Rangers


The ongoing Big Tax Case HMRC fallout saw a rare lighter moment recently (on top of the recent EBTMemories hashtag) when a Celtic fan Rangers obsessive found himself humiliated on national radio.

The supporter called Clyde’s popular Super Scoreboard discussion forum programme to complain about Rangers (as pretty much all of them do) and the (ridiculous) possibility of title stripping at Ibrox, but committed something of a faux pas when trying to articulate his point to the gathered punditry team.

It was one of the more amusing moments to punctuate a very negative off-field press for Rangers recently, with some outlets and individuals shamelessly and gleefully having a field day with the BTC appeal verdict, and came as a bit of blessed relief.

Have a listen for yourselves to this amusing ditty from Twitter’s @Rangersculture and, please, try not to laugh too hard at the back. This is the intelligence levels we are usually having to deal with up here.


  1. getting concerned at the increased media speculation about stripping of titles, its all extremely one sided, is nobody going to defend our great club in this ludicrously one sided media assault

  2. If it wasn't for Rangers what would yous seriously talk about, obsession has truly taken over from the madness in the Asylum

  3. Did anybody else hear Richard Wilson make mincemeat of a spluttering Graham Speirs on last night's football prog on Radio Scotland? It make very pleasurable listening to hear a phoney like Speirs being torn to shreds by Wilson's coherent and logical arguments.

  4. Since season 2000 2001 until season 2010 2011 Rangers actively used EBTs in that time 10 leauge titles were contested which Rangers won 5, if people say this is because of EBTs how does it explain the 5 they lost, I say EBTS have been as good as bad, Rangers won 9 in a row without EBTs ?

  5. So, what's the big deal about ebt's? Yes, they have since been deemed as below board practice, but were they legal then? Yes. Did other clubs use them? Yes. Does Celtic, or their fans have a legit bone to pick? No. If you're breaking the same rule as the other club with not as much success, then that's your problem. It's like taking steroids and being called a cheater by another guy that uses steroids. That's the argument boiled down to reality right there. Furthermore, you can't say something is now illegal and then use that judgement to look into history and asses guilt and punishment. That's the type of law practiced in a banana republic, not in a first world country that gave rise to wonderful ideals such as "common law".

  6. The life of the average smelly tim is hollow in the absence of our magnificent club and they fill this void with anything that involves hatred towards Rangers. Ignore them it drives them nuts.

  7. just because the tax man didn't get paid celtic are buying the league right now only difference is there paying tax mon the gers

  8. That was very funny. The problem we face is that the life of your average Tim is a miserably unhappy one.
    They live in squalour for the most part and have very little to look forwards to. So it is no surprise to hear verbal vomit of this nature in the pursuit of self gratification.

  9. May I say,,,,,,,,,the media are making more of Rangers and the EBT scandal,, than they did with the Celtic Boys Child Abuse Scandal,,, now,,tell me this,,,, which story deserves to be more exposed in this case?!!!!

  10. The Celtic support do appear to have a disproportionately large number of the 'hard of thinking' amongst them so he be forgiven for not understanding very much about almost anything. Obviously this is well above his pay grade.

  11. I love this obsessed with rangers crap yous are all coming out with is this the latest diverse tactic your men of spin are feeding all that support rangers , the reason this is so attractive to the Scottish football world is because its what every body has been saying for years and now being proved right rangers football club are cheats ,its as some as that of course we are going to speak about it

    • So you come on here and say you are not obsessed then start talking about Rangers. Show me a Celtic fan thats not obsessed with us and I will show you a fuckin liar!

  12. Sporting Integrity? Fairness?- FIFA & UEFA allowed SKY to create the financial dominance that the EPL has enjoyed for so many years. Surely, in the interest of "Sporting Integrity & Fairness" they should never have been allowed to compete in European Competitions, so should we ban them in future and strip them of the Trophies they have won,thanks to pay cheques from Sky? I don't think that,s gonna happen, do you?

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