Is there a way back at Rangers for Danny Wilson?


If this season has brought any surprises, beyond Rangers’ stellar start (not such a surprise after Mark Warburton was appointed manager), it is the ‘fall from grace’ of effectively this summer’s marquee signing.

Former Hearts, Blackpool, Liverpool and Rangers defender Danny Wilson was truly the biggest name Rangers brought in over the summer, and was even posited as potential captain material.

With the 23 (yes, he is still only 23) year old having quit SPL-bound Hearts, Rangers’ acquisition of him was considered a real coup, given the lad has an astonishing level of experience, including the Champions League and English Premiership.

It was also impressive in light of the fact Celtic had concrete interest in him too, but ‘pulled out’ when he chose Rangers.

But, if we are being fully honest, while not exactly disgracing himself, Wilson has not had the impact on defence that was hoped – he has made quite a few blunders, with St Mirren’s goal at Ibrox an example of his poor reading of the game, along with an incredibly careless challenge in the box at Dumbarton, which led to a penalty goal.

At the same time he has also had good moments, with some solid blocking at the back, especially in some matches where Rangers suffered spells of being pressed.

But overall Mark Warburton has seen fit to install Spurs’ on-loan defender Dominic Ball in Wilson’s place, with injury initially the reason before preference became the conclusion.

Ball has done, overall, fairly well – just one major mistake v Alloa, which did not lead to repercussions, and it is hard to see how Wilson can regain his place if the 20 year old stopper holds his form.

It simply remains bizarre that nigh-on every signing Rangers made this summer was relatively unknown north of the border, with only Wilson being the ‘star’ signing.

And now he finds himself out in the cold, with no starting place in sight unless as part of a three or injury benefits him, while the rest all play significant roles.

If Ball can maintain his form, Wilson will struggle to play any more than a cameo role at Ibrox for the foreseeable future.


  1. Ball is playing better than Wilson at the moment, so it is a no brainer to play the best performer until that player drops his standard. Let's face it Danny Wilson is not a bad player to have on the bench in case of any of the first pick centre halves getting injured.

    • I disagree Ball has been hardly rock solid in defense he has made a number of errors however I am sure Spurs did not loan him out to us just to warm the bench hence the reason Wilson has been dropped. The truth is we need a rugged centre back and none of the current options fit the bill.

  2. Get the impression watching Wilson,that he thinks he can stroll thru games on his pedigree alone. Numerous mistakes between him and Kiernan(mostly Wilson) and the rugged centre back mentioned along with that holding mid will do for starters.

  3. I disagree,if you have attacking full backs then holes at the back start and to blame a CH for the goals leaked week in week out is just out of order,every one on the back line takes the blame,but if you have RB/CH/LB running up and down all game then some times you get caught short and if it was a better team some weeks we would get hammered so when we go up SHORE UP AND STICK TOGETHERE OR WE COULD BE GOING BACK DOWN.

  4. I don't understand why Wilson was dropped.

    Man City have been scouting him and if The Tims can get £13m for Van Dyk we can get at least the same for Wilson.

    Get him back in the shop window now.

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