Ex-Rangers stars to sue for holiday pay


According to reports this morning in the press, four of the infamous ‘released eleven’ are to sue Rangers for unpaid holidays.

The players, most of whom found new clubs following their exits from Ibrox in May this year, are apparently backed up by the players’ union (PFA) in their endeavours to be paid what they consider their due holiday pay.

Originally all of those released were to take the club to court, but several have backed off from their demands; and now four remain steadfast in their determination to be remunerated.

No names have yet been released, nor are likely to be, but this action will only infuriate further fans who were underwhelmed at best by these players’ contributions on the pitch in failing to secure promotion.

But unfortunately legally they are almost certainly entitled to the cash making it a weak case for Rangers to defend.

Watch this space.


  1. I can understand the 4 players wanting their holiday pay & if Rangers are forced into paying them, then it is only fair that Rangers can tell their fans who all of them are. Four failures who were not good enough to remain at a club they bled dry in the Third & Second divisions where they were playing against crap teams, It was probably Ally McCoist's fault that they were in the team in the first place.

  2. I guarantee one of the 4 is that wee scumbag f-**** Black.Every one of them were taking thousands a week masquerading as fitbaw players.Its disgusting,when is it going to end?

  3. "Rangers stars"??? These overpaid, under-achieving nonentities were whipped 6-1 by Motherwell!!! By this action, they continue to show that they weren't even deserving of playing for Rangers. Besides, they were on holiday all season!!

  4. What a cheek they were on holiday for all the time they were at Ibrox we should be suing them for impersonating football players!!

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