English giants interested in key Rangers defender


Rangers’ flying right-back James Tavernier is subject to interest from English Championship side Leeds United, sources claim today.

The marauding fullback dubbed ‘The Blue Cafu’ by Rangers fans who have taken him as one of their own, has today once again sworn loyalty to Ibrox, stating he is here till Rangers are least back in Europe, but that did not stop Leeds’ chief scout Martyn Glover attending Almondvale yesterday to scope the defender out in view of a potential January bid.

The source said:

“Leeds United have made an enquiry about Tavernier and their chief scout (Martyn Glover) was at Almondvale yesterday.”

Tavernier has repeatedly professed his love for Rangers, and how he is here for the long haul, and given his importance to Mark Warburton’s system any bid is likely to be rejected – but money always talks and his performances (and goals) will certainly have gained attention from sides down south.

Watch this space.


  1. I've got a massive soft spot for leeds utd and there's a lot if similarities between my club and them in what we've been through over the last few years,my cousin is a massive lufc fan and has been a season ticket holder at elland road for many years now so I like to see them do well,I never have laughed at leeds utd's predicament and have always hoped they rise again in english football as they're a massive club and at the moment a sleeping giant,in saying that there's no way that they'll be getting our right back james tavernier,he's at rangers for the long haul abd I'm quite sure of that!

  2. Thats a bit far from the truth as we at leeds united work on a daily basis of who will get the sack today ! Never mind week to week, cellino promised to sort things out and will then apply sackings by the hour instead!

  3. Tavernier and Waghorn will both go in the window, such is the financial state of the club.

    Son of Windas for £250k……..more Level 5 spin.

    BDO have not yet made any decision of an EBT appeal……….despite the crap printed in the media, Roddy Forsyth ET Al.

    Wishing that something is going to happen is hardly the same as real life……..this is more Level 5 spin, costing an absolute fortune.

    With a flurry of court cases coming up everyone seems to forget that TGASL was going to over invest up to £30m……..instead we are looking at more soft loans.

    If King gets away with his share grab at the AGM then the game's definitely up.

    If the resolution to remove Ashley's voting rights goes through at the AGM then armageddon is just around the corner.
    He will call in his loan which we have no money to repay……….then the gloves are off and we will be looking at Admin 2 before Christmas.

    In King We Trust……aye right.

    • Troll alert. Someone who doesn't want identified, is obsessed with Rangers and yet clearly hates them – wonder who that could be?
      Oh yes, the sad deluded fools from the East. At least if they gad enough courage to identify themselves, we could laugh at them when their predictions fail, again.
      Timposter, Ashley can't call in his loan, he doesn't have the right. Which is why he hasn't done it already. We can pay when we choose, but don't because we don't like the terms of our retail agreement.
      I explain this not for the great unwashed, but to inform our cousins from Leeds. I used to live there and still have a soft spot for the club and symapthy for their current struggles. As a single club city, you may look on in wonder at our neighbours. Incidentally LUFC, where do the unwashed, unemployed and despised illiterates of your city worship? Sheffield?

    • Well done Scott, smelly timmy have to occupy their tiny brain over the weekend before they sign on, on Monday and get to meet other smellies to discuss all things celtic. The tic are absolutely pish they should be on a different level but they are not and it worries them terribly.

  4. what a load of rubbish you write RANGERS don't have any money worries and both players you speak of will still be at rangers after the windows and several windows after that
    go and look at your own club and start worrying about your manager for a start
    you don't mention your name because you are a troll

  5. If he goes he goes, it's going to happen eventually. However i cant see him wanting to go to Leeds where there's no chance of achieving anything.

  6. I'm on this site regularly and I've got to be honest.I think Warbs head has been turned and he's regretting joining us.He can't be doing with all this tax carry on and court cases.I think King has let him down by telling him he can have 2 players in January if he moves 2 on.The way Warbs responded to Stubbs wee dig at him told me a lot.I think its affecting certain players who want out as well.The fact Warbs family won't come up worries me.This prick Ashley won't give up till he's buried us such is his hate for King.I'm worried troops and I'm just putting it out there.

  7. Don't be concerned Rangers fans, the article says "money talks" . …… With Cheapolino still owning our club, that is something that will NEVER be spent on players,

  8. Cheapolino? Forget the 2-3 million spent on Chris wood in the summer? Forget the money spent on Dallas and botaka? Not saying we will sign tavernier at all but to claim cellino hasn't spent money when he has spent more than we have spent since the ridsdale era is ridiculous. To be honest why we would go for another right back when we have a ready made right back in lewie coyle coming through the under 21s I don't know.

  9. The reason no moneys gone in cos theirs a lot going on behind the scenes that are stopping them doin it so that's the reasons for the soft loans so there's no capital to b frozen by Ashley etc so the best n safest way is to go month by month with loans to keep the club ticking over until everything is sorted. In the grand scheme of things i fink the board are waiting to c if Ashley was involved with green n if so he can wave by to his £5mil his 7 year rolling contract for the merchandise his 9% shareholding n king n co taking all they can get of him for the clubs loss of earnings etc. watch this space. Ashley finks he's clever we ll c. In king n co we trust.WATP.

  10. Who are Leeds? Never heard of them, blue cafu going nowhere, he is here for the long haul,we love him and he loves Rangers, love beats money always WATP

  11. Gascoigne, laudrup, Albertz ,and many others have stated they regret ever leaving Rangers, even jelevic, naismith and Davis are openly heard saying how much they miss the people and the Rangers family, fair play they went south and are getting paid better but these people respect our club and never forget our support for them, sick of reading papers now it's lets fuck rangers open day season. PS. BOYCOTT SPORTS DIRECT, BUY ONLINE INSTEAD, MIGHT COST MORE BUT KEEP IT REAL, M AND M DIRECT AND eBay sports are good sites but avoid jd as Ashley has 17% ownership and avoid Kitbag too as he just took hostile takeover in them

  12. Don't trust King one bit, he has put 1.5m into club and it was borrowed of George Letham ,so he basically hasn't put a penny into the club. Brian Kennedy is apparently sitting on the sidelines waiting to see how the King and Sfa court case goes, hope king goes and sale sharks owner comes in at least he isn't a bullshitter WATP

  13. You can always be sure of one thing on a Rangers story….it will be full of Dhims. Their inferiority complex is so crippling that it overwrites their instinct to have some dignity! It's such a brass neck and rather cringy….over 100 years in Rangers shadow will do funny things to people I suppose…

  14. King is the master of pump and dump, that's why he is a pariah in South Africa.

    He's also persona non grata in the City of London….nobody will give him the time of day.

    If he gets his way at the AGM and all the resolutions are carried, including removing Ashley's voting rights, we will be in administration before Xmas as Ash will go for the kill and puts the club into administration because there is no money available to repay the loan………….

    If you have any doubt as to King's character, a Glib and shameless liar as described by one South African judge, go to JJ'S site.

    He has posted the full contempt of court judgement in King's case back in SA. The lengths King went to in order to prevent the state selling his properties, his car fleet and wine collection is truly amazing.

    Doubt if Jim White will be invited back anytime soon to sample the delights of King's wine cellar, it's been reposessed by the state, as has his cars and properties.

    The In King We Trust brigade are in for a rude awakening in the very near future though given the money King has thrown at Level 5 I'm sure they have lined someone else up to take the blame.

    Look at the performances on the park. It's starting to resemble the last few months of McCoist ' s first season as a huge points lead was whittled away and the financial problems started to impact on the players.

  15. Ignore the Herald and Daily Radar headlines today.

    Rangers must splash the cash is PR spin driven by Level 5, which without the Rangers account would be out of business.

    There is nothing available to spend on transfer fees, that is obvious.

    The £2.5m shortfall already forecast takes no account of laying out money on players.

    King so far, thanks to Level 5 spin again, is not being asked any questions about his over investment promises.

    Ask yourself why not. Do you think for a minute that the 3 bears are happy that it's their money that has kept the lights on whilst TGASL jets in, upsets a few people, claims to have forgotten his wallet, then jets back out again.

    He's taking the p*ss and getting away with it.

    When this farce is eventually over , and we are moving towards the end game, it's not only the criminally unfit football authorities that will shoulder the blame but a media who long ago sold themselves to the devil.

    But first and foremost it's the Rangers fans who are to blame failing to recognise SDM, Whyte, Green and King as the false prophets that they were.

    Fool me once, shame on you.

    Fool me twice…………………

  16. I wanted to believe in King but the minute he couldn't find the £5m to repay Ashley I knew all the scare stories were true.

    I have read the full contempt of court judgement as pasted by JJ, it's hugely embarrassing for King.

    He is the epitome of a man who even when he is wrong thinks he's right.

    Ashley and his legal team will take this, King's other criminal convictions, the lies about the Nomad and relisting and probably much worse which will expose the SFA ' s F&P status as a nonsense.
    And to rub salt into the wounds, not only will the SFA have to pick up the legal bill, Ashley will be hitting them for the loss on his share holding value due to their total ineptitude.

  17. So the club now has it's name attached to 7, yes seven, court cases all current. It's starting to resemble a fixture list.

    If Green wins his court case and King continues to rack up unsustainable legal fees here, there and ever where, every penny of the £2.5m further soft loans from the 3 Bears plus the Rangers First monies will be gone with nothing to show for it.

    Park and Co have to dump King now, before it's too late…..in reality it may already be too late for Ashley seems intent on crushing them all.

  18. King has to go, he's a busted flush.

    If this gets back to court, which is doubtful, Ashley is going to bury the SFA and King in the same grave.

    How embarassing will it for King when Ashley's briefs expose every aspect of the chancers business dealings.

    How the SFA were fooled by his over investment promises when the truth was that he had to borrow money from the 3 Bears to buy his shareholding!

    All of this and more, much more will be laid bare.

    There is no chance that the SFA Will go back to court on this, They will fold their hand and reverse their decision.
    The 3 Bears will bin King and begin to build a sustainable relationship with Ashley.

    There is no other way forward.

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