EBT fallout – Scottish football and its amusing meltdown


Over the past few days, foul old wounds have been reopened by certain sectors of Scottish football, following a successful appeal by HMRC (at the third time of asking) against the original 2012 BTC verdict.

From Rangers’ colossal form of 100% in the Championship, one defeat to Hibs followed by the retreading of old ugly ground saw the muck dredged up and Rangers hitting the news for all the wrong reasons.

Yet two remarkable aspects must be noted before digesting all these stories.

1: This was media and opposition club supporter-driven press – through national publications and social media, the hive was stirred – even the SPFL have already effectively confirmed this successful appeal will not affect any ‘sporting integrity’ nor will the nonsense of stripping titles hold any court. But that did not stop every feverish Rangers-opponent from peddling obsessively the notion of stripping titles, despite the facts staring them in the face.

2: Rangers fans, once the initial news broke and confusion reigned, began to enjoy the story in a satirical fashion thanks to Twitter user The Phantom Blogger whose outstanding “EBTMemories” hashtag gave fans some of the biggest laughs in years. It was a glorious way of showing the hordes of Scottish football’s underclasses that Rangers really do not care how much you loathe the club and its fans, and we are more than happy to have a damn good chortle at your expense. As long as we get paid an EBT for our time, you understand.

It is Scottish football and its angry psychology, which loathes all things Rangers and Ibrox, who jumped with comical glee over this verdict; every authority continues to plod along as normal adjudging that nothing has changed.

OldFirmFacts summed it up rather amusingly:

“As the fallout from the HMRC verdict continues, Rangers fans insist they’re a new club and Celtic fans insist it’s the same club.”

The point is Scottish football got its knickers in a twist and not for the first time – its hate of Rangers bubbled up again.

But truthfully, “no one likes us, we don’t care.”


  1. I remember in the early 90's when Rangers got cheated out of the very first ever Champions League final when Marseille payed the ref to con us in the semi's and it cost us the final against AC Milan so shit happens.

    • bull…t,,,,,marseille owner payed french opponents to play an easy game as his team wanted more resting time as he was about to play rangers in semi,,,,thats how they were demoted down divisions ,,,a french problem ,, tapie the owner also got jailed,,,rangers fans wanted marseille booted oot,,,,cheating they call it,,but ebts aren,t chesting,,,aye right,,,everybody knows football players all want plenty dough or theyre not going to sign,,

  2. Excellent article. I wonder if the idiots advocating stripping us of titles will be in touch with La Liga to demand that Barcelona have titles and cups be stripped if tax evasion allegations against Lionel Messi are found proven.No I thought not

  3. Good comments with all above but Bdo have till dec 2 to appeal which they have to do SPLF I would not trust .

  4. Watch this space if the spfl don't strip us of titles the other side of the city will b protesting at Hampden sending letters to Eufa,Fifa etc etc.thats just wat their like don't stop till they get wat they want they'll b showin ther true chip on the shoulder selves for wat they are, desperate!! Cos they would love tob the most decorated club in the world, they thought they wud catch up to our amazing 54 titles well they have a bit but they expected to canter to the title for good few more years even wen were up but they c progress on our side and gone back wards on they're side and they are scared the chance is gone so I use the word desperate again strongly no matter how they get more titles they don't care they desperately want and need them. So how low will they go to get them the bee will truly b in there bonnet.

  5. No one can take away the 54 titles won on the field of play. Given that two very high level tax specialist tribunals made one decision and a panel of judges made another surely to goodness illustrates that an SFA/SPFL appointed panel cannot possibly be competent to sit in judgement of this issue!

    Anyway between 1939 and 1946 we won a league which included Celtic so why is we can aggregate SFL, SPL and SPFL titles and yet exclude these ones. Before anyone answers I am not trying to start and debate I'm just looking to annoy those that hate us. Therefore, for me the number is not 54 its 61

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