Abuse forces Rangers star to quit Twitter


Rangers’ midfield anchor Andy Halliday has deleted his Twitter account, with speculation mounting as to why the former Bradford attacker felt the urge to erase such an important way of connecting with fans.

It was suggested the player erased it following some criticism of his display at Easter Road during the close defeat by Hibernian, a match where few of an Ibrox persuasion really had stellar performances on the day, but Ibroxnoise.co.uk can confirm that is not the case.

A source close to Halliday has confirmed he was subject to a torrent of abuse from Celtic (and other teams) supporters aimed at him online after that match and subsequently he removed his account.

The source said:

“He was an open target because he’s one of us – it’s a no brainer. Never gave anything out.”

Twitter and social media have always been a vital way for people in the public eye to interact with their fans on an easy and convenient medium, but alas on occasion they can equally attract (unfair) ire from ‘opponents’ and find their time online reduced to misery.

Hopefully Halliday will return and feel welcomed by the supporters who idolise him as ‘one of their own’ and will ignore those who do not matter.


  1. Can someone please fuck Mike Astley off he is getting far to big for his boots, a walking advertisement for birth control

  2. hes getting to fat with the newcastle mugs filling up his pockets and they will win fuck all with him around,,

  3. Being born and bred in Glasgow I'm sure he expected nothing less from the smelly bastards! They turn my stomach

  4. All the septic fans have been supporting fat mike for years ,they all wear slazanger and Lonsdale gear,smelly bastards

  5. Any of that smelly lot that come on here and post as Rangers fans are just like the jealous wee brother. They proudly tell the world they are "a club like no other" and in many respects they are correct. No other club has been embroiled in court cases regarding child sexual abuse and no other club has ever had a player as ugly as Leigh Griffiths. Ofcourse you could contest the " club like no other" claim. Once upon a time in Edinburgh a few years before the wee Bhoys were formed. A football club was formed to help Irish catholic imagrants living in the capital. That club was called Hibernian. So I do contest Celtics claim and suggest a new banner for the knewcamp that reads "a club like Hibernian".

    • Whether Lee Griffiths is ugly is neither here nor there, but the goals he scores are beautiful. Making personal comments like those above are abusive and unnecessary, and if you have a short memory span and scroll to the top of the page, you will remember what this debate is about. That said, Griffiths has been in trouble for shouting his mouth of as a hibs supporter and that shouldn't be tolerated either. Pots and black kettles!

    • The difference is Griffiths is an ugly wee racist cunt. Thats why I picked him out of quite frankly a team full of ugly fuckers. Andy Halliday was targeted for one reason only. That being he plays for Glasgow Rangers. If you dont like the views of Rangers fans then dont come on our web pages. I certainly dont go on Celtic pages looking for arguments and I certainly dont send personal messages directly too Celtic players.

      OK hen? Glad we've cleared that up.

  6. For too long now we've had to listen the spurious allegations against our club allegedly cheating to win titles-just like in most leagues teams with the financial clout will win most competitions.As has been said before the media will not highlight the abuse that went on for years at Celtic and which was covered up by the Kelly's when Torbett was destroying young lives and players such as Alan Brazil hopes of playing for his boyhood heroes were destroyed by this monster. It is encouraging that Dave King is now saying enough is enough and we should all now be taking the initiative to highlight the real crimes perpetrated and covered up by this club who come across as holier than everyone.WATP

    • Granted, the teams with most financial clout will win most competitions, but that was the problem, rangers didn't have enough financial clout and ended up in trouble. Spurious allegations, I think not!

  7. According to the Internet Rangers can't lose their titles because of the double jeopardy law as they have already been found guilty of non disclosure, hope this is true but I thought double jeopardy doesn't apply anymore after the murder case a few years ago.
    Don't know if any new evidence was brought forward to this case.

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