A million pound signing at Ibrox


“Our job is to put forward players who represent value for Rangers. You can look at a player who costs £1 million who quickly becomes worth £5 million. It’s about trusting your judgement. If there is a deal worth seven figures, and we think it’s value, we’ll put it to the board.”

– Mark Warburton

A great deal has been made of this quote, discussing the notion of a million pound player with the potential of days of more lavish fees splashed out on players possibly returning to Ibrox.

But the question is more do Rangers need one rather than can the Club afford one.

The easiest model to compare to is Robbie Neilson’s Hearts. Getting promotion at the first time of asking under a new boss, new board, and almost entirely new players, the Hearts structure worked because they signed wisely, used youth, and trusted an untried manager with the entire project.

They currently reside in second place in the SPL, after having had a summer signing spree – but spending spree?

Hearts spent £0 during last summer’s window – they did not shell out a six-figure sum never mind seven. And yet sit happily near the top of the table.

But here is the crucial point: while Rangers will have to enhance the squad/first team over the next two windows to achieve a similar competitive edge come next season, they will not need to spend £1,000,000 on any player to achieve it – Aberdeen, likewise having a stellar season, did not shell anything out last summer and they sit third.

Where the difference lies is competing with Celtic. To do that, yes, seven-figure sum players will need acquiring. The Parkhead side remain happily bringing in plenty players of that value, a market Rangers are nowhere near ready to compete in – but to challenge for domestic supremacy, they will have to.

Hearts, Aberdeen, St Johnstone – all operating on zero budget. Rangers’ summer business (circa £700,000) was the second-highest spending spree in Scotland, but Celtic are on another planet to all, financially, and while these sides put up a decent fight and sit comfortably upper table – they will not get close.

Only Rangers will. Only with seven figure signings. But they will not be critical to survive in the SPL.

When ambition goes beyond that, they become essential.


  1. In the SPL, Rangers will have to buy a few good quality signings to add to the already decent players we currently have. If we sell any of the best ones, then we would definitely have to replace them as well. If I was Dave King, I wouldn't put my money in just yet. He has to wait to see how everything he has started is working out. His management team are Fab and have made excellent signings + loan deals and that can certainly continue with the way he treats his young team. I predict we could easily get 4 or 5 loan players if Warbs really wanted to go down that route or if the rules allow it. More TV money & extra season ticket money will also help the present situation.

    • Richard, I think you are Dave King, because he hasn't put anything in…………as yet……….and he won't be putting anything in as he hasn't got it to put in. Again I am sick and tired of these charlatans landing their Jets next to our club because it is us who are f#####g paying for them!!!!

    • Also Richard, have you been reading the news today, not the usual Scottish media shite..Timmy is ripping Dave Kings statement to pieces with quotes he made when took over and they are completely different to what he is saying today. Crowd pleasing at it's best. I have said it a million time on here these guys are here to shaft us, nothing more

    • Richard,

      You will notice that the Timposters are all from the same family. Its why they share the same name, "Anonymous". Dear Anonymous, if you stop the inbreeding your children could get a real name.

  2. Put his money in yet?

    I doubt he even has money to put in. Certainly not tens of millions like he promised. I don't trust the guy. Yes things have improved but he is not the answer.

  3. the great thing here at our club is its rangers men at the top not like before and we must all do our best to help our club where and when we can, IN KING OUR TRUST WATP,,

  4. I fully appreciate the exploitation of the loan market and would urge Warbs to continue with that policy.

    I would hate for us to spend obscene amounts of money on a player for him to then get injured or worse not perform!!

    Let's hope McParland sees potential in our academy players before we go out spending too much.

    • aye but that was south african tax money not his wake up ya boaby this guy will take us to div 3 again not the champions league

  5. I remember John Gilligan at the June EGM asking the fans to ' Please trust us.' That phrase and that moment has stuck with me. The vast majority of fans trust the Board, the Staff and the Management Team. That has not been the case for years. When Mr Warburton recently spoke about a 16 team Premiership, the suggestion was immediately branded a non starter by Mr Doncaster. Why? Because of financial considerations and many clubs fearing a downgrading of status into Regional competitions etc. The status quo here is abysmal for fans – Germany has over 2000 playing divisions and over 30000 clubs , linked through a pyramid system. This allows any club with ambition to progess to as high a level as possible. We obviously are a much smaller football country but why do we not take on and adapt their system to suit our needs. A simple start off plan could be based on the following —– 3 leagues of 16 ——- Premiership, Championship and National . Play each other twice then split into top 8 and bottom 8 to play a further match (as in our Premiership top six split) This would give 37 matches in the season with European places, promotion and relegation as agreed. Play offs continuing much the same as now. A Highland and Lowland Regional league set up to continue as at present to allow the ambitious clubs to move to the higher levels.Top 3 clubs from these 2 leagues would join the 10 teams from Scottish League 2 to form the National 3rd tier league. No club would lose their ’Senior' status. The fans would be happier and as we all seem to hear from the Scottish Hierarchy indispensable to the game. Now is the time to prove it and put THE FANS at the heart of the game instead of the periphery. The Germans did !

  6. For now and anywhere in the near future Scottish clubs including my team Rangers cannot and will not compete at a level that we would like to see at Ibrox.There are teams in England and the other top European leagues who have spent £millions and cannot make an impact.We are being told we have to live within our means,if that is to be the case then we shall be only making up the numbers in the CL I am afraid to say.

  7. Not going happen,king wants his 20 million back first then a new board and we will be back at the start,king needs to dip in to his bank and put the money down and pay off ash hole then we can move on and on he king has put in nothing of what he said he would do,he asks for shares and we dip in and put up,it must be time for king to pay off the 5 million and pay the wages on his own he can shout all about others saying this and that but ask yourself how much has he put up he takes more in wages than all the team i say put up and pay the debt off so we can move on then we will put more money in the hat.

    • Dear Timposter, it is a stated fact that none of the directors are taking a penny in wages. If you have nay evidence to contradict this, please supply it. Of course, as you are talking sh*te, you can't.
      Why are you so obsessed with our club. The reason I never see you on a Celtic website is because I never go there. That's because I am not obsessed with Celtic, whereas their fans are more interested in Rangers than their own club.
      Sad, sad little people

    • None of the directors are taking a penny in wages,i right none took wages before they got on the board man wake up,king said he would put in the pot millions but then asked us to stump up but hey he could have asked and we would have put money in he said that before he asked us that he would put money in ,not a obsessed celtic fan but i can see some thing is wrong pay off the 5 million and get rid of ASH then move on this is dragging us down not on the pitch but in the eyes of the football world,he may stop people investing it may already have done that what we need to do is pay them all off get rid of them then move on as one,

  8. No offence but you have taken warbs quote out of context ! He went on to say you can bring a player in for 1 million and find hes worth 700 grand a season later. I dont think warbs is interested in big name players who are often way over priced and over rated. I dont think big name over priced players are part of his philosophy either. Its also becoming an old fashioned way for a club to operate and it isnt sustainable. I find far more pleasure in bringing in a neglected mis used player like waghorn for 300 grand or a player from the english conference for a similar ammount such as Andre gray who is sold a season later for 9 million !

  9. Who is to say that King hasn't put money into the club? There is a vast amount of infrastructure which has required to be upgraded as well as the day to day running of the place. This has had to be done against a backdrop of reduced income from playing in the championship and less money from the retail outlets thanks to the fat vermin of Tyneside. We have not needed huge investment on the playing side yet but when we do next season I'm sure it will be made available. Let's remember where we were a year ago and be thankful for the progress we have made

  10. King will make funds available when required. Just remember where we were at this time last year and be thankful for the progress we have made

  11. It's getting more difficult by the day to keep up with the transfer news

    Day 1……..Warbs talks about bringing in a £1m/£2m player if it enhances the squad.
    Day 2………Warbs says he may have to sell some of his stars in January
    Day 3………Robertson talks about bringing in 2/3 quality players.

    Who is in charge of PR. It's all over the place.

    The £2m shortfall to be covered by the Co investors made no allowance for buying players.

    There is no allowance for covering Green's legal fees if he wins his case.

    So where is the money going to come from?

  12. Jst saw the manky mob are in for x juve right back and free agent marco motta I've said on this site a number of times on this site we need a right back to defend first and fore most n that I wud like to push too push tavenier up further on a permanent basis cos this he wud benefit the team in a more positive way creating more chances n score even more goals therefore I fink he cud b a perfect solution, let's nip in n get him.

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