Why Rangers haters hate free speech even more


As Bears know only too well, there is a somewhat dedicated ‘anti-Rangers’ sector within the ‘discredited press’. That is, writers, bloggers, and self-proclaimed ‘journalists’ who are unable to break into the mainstream press (not for the want of trying, you understand) and consequently resort to using social media, blogs and word of mouth to spread their relentless agenda against all things Ibrox.

These people, rightly, exploit the privilege of free speech and democracy to peddle their views, and as the old cliché goes, we might not agree with their (pathetic) content but we would defend to our death their right to produce it.

That is what democracy and free speech give you – as long as the expressed prose is not illegal (which some of this content admittedly approaches the line of), the right to say what you want without being locked up.

Unfortunately, these souls, who clearly cherish the right to espouse these views, as they should, rather hypocritically will not accept anyone else doing the same.

Recently the Rangers Supporters’ Trust’s chairman Gordon Dinnie had a truly nail on the head piece published in the Belfast Telegraph – one which exposed the arbitrary weaknesses of everything these peddlers wreak.

It defended Rangers fans against the attacks these bloggers have incessantly made, highlighted their own evident prejudices and sowed neatly in a bow all that is flawed about them.

Their response?

“Really disappointed that @BelTel published this without scrutiny – my life was turned upside down by these people”

In other words:

“We can say what we like about you, but you do not have the same privilege.”

Oddly enough, when The Scottish Sun scrutinised their content, they scrapped the serialisation of a certain literary publication they were otherwise due to produce.

Rangers haters have their right to speech, their right to reply, and their right to say what they wish within the bounds of the law – it is just a crying shame they will not tolerate anyone else enjoying the same benefits such a privilege bestows.

We actually enjoy their content (personally I find online meltdowns by the ill-informed and endemically prejudiced rather amusing) on the same principles of the appeal of the circus freak:

A sad thing who everyone stares at and laughs at.


  1. Three names is a fuckin arsehole this is the same man, I use the term man very loosely, who was aloud to spew utter bile one night on radio snide it was like a party political broadcast on behalf of Sinn Fein, who aloud him to do this that's correct the drink driver Delahunt we all know who he supports that's correct the kiddy fiddlers, now I remember it well as three names said & I quote that when he explained to his fourteen years old daughter what us big bad teddy bears were referring to when we sang the famine song she burst into tears & couldn't understand how us evil teddy bears could sing something like that knowing what happened to their ancestors, now not for one minute did I believe this cretins story but for anyone to use their own flesh & blood to try to get a one up on people shows you what we are dealing with, a cunt who is lower than a snakes baws now I know the cretin will probably read this page if not then one of his dwindling flock will as they have nothing better to do with their time apart from read about the RANGERS then they can tell him this, if the pish story that he told about the famine song was true to his daughter then it is like this of course she was going to burst into tears she was fourteen her hormones were going apeshit & a rabid maniac sat her down to tell her about big bad teddy bears that sing songs ya fuckin monkey

    • I would like to congratulate you alex on your vocabulary…I agree strongly…that "thing" belongs where a lot of monkeys are…IN A CAGE…so we can gawp and show our kids how not to behave…we are the people.

  2. It comes from ther upbringing and schooling I have family who have been thro ther schooling and wen in ther company they think it acceptable too address u by awryt ya wee h** or wee orange b. Now this is the way they're friends speak n they're friends friends speak an the women r just as bad who all have had the same upbringing n schooling. I went to an none denominational school and u Neva heard people addressing people of another religion in this manner cos it's a mixed environment. wer as the other from the day left nursery they have been surrounded by the same kind they all agree n fink the same so fink its exceptable to talk the way they talk in an un challenged environment when they go into mixed they think it's still ok to use the same unacceptable language. As long as there s a divide in schooling from a very young age theirs always gny b a massive divide at every stage of our life's because life's experiences and upbringing never leave you.

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