Warburton confirms star player dropped


Rangers manager Mark Warburton has confirmed star Rangers defender Danny Wilson has effectively lost his place and must fight willingly to win it back.

On-loan Spurs stopper Dominic Ball has impressed in recent appearances, and his boss at Ibrox has admitted the man he has replaced has lost favour and will remain benched for the time being.

He said:

“Danny’s fit and well and he knows himself he must fight to get back into the team. Dom (Dominic) Ball’s come in and done well, done an outstanding job for us so it’s all about earning your shirt so Danny knows he has to be patient and he’ll work hard.”

The recently-installed Rob Kiernan and Ball partnership has certainly impressed and this is a further example of Warburton picking on merit and not reputation, and is an arguably justified decision based on Ball’s displays which have been composed, complete and defensively robust.


  1. Great decision by Warbs. I like danny wilson but this has shown the team theres no first picks. You cant just expect to be in our team. This will bring out the best in our players.

    "Warburton really is magic"

  2. The racist language from the St Mirren fans is disgusting. Clearly audible on live TV. Club should be hammered for it. They've got a damn cheek displaying the 'show racisism the red card' banners around the stadium

  3. There must be more to the story of Wilson being dropped….. He isn't even on the bench. Why?? Surely if Ball has taken his place then HE should be taking Ball's place on the bench?? Especially when you consider we dont have a defender on the subs bench??

  4. That's 3 straight games balls and Kiernan has started together and 3 clean sheets,they're looking very solid and composed together look as if they're building a solid partnership. Felt when Wilson n Kiernan wer playing together we wer geting dragged all over n getin caught with ball over the top they seemed to get mixed up way who supposed to b marking who ,Wilson was lookin 2 yards off the pace but I wasn't sure who was the weakness but seems too have been Wilson. Just hope now we can start taking more chances on goal n putting teams away maybe we re saving it for hibs. Happy just to be keep winning. Looking good. WATP.

  5. I suppose Wilson being dropped has nothing to do with Ball having to get games as what would be the point of loaning him to us if he wasn't played it was just a question of which centre back would give way to give him games. A point I am sure Wilson has raised with the manager

    • Maybe a point but Wilson has been rank rotten. Ally would have kept him in coz he was a Pal, Warbburton saw a poor player and dropped him, Great Manager Oh Warburton is magic he wears a magic hat, he tokk one look at Wilsons and he said no fuck that

    • Maybe a point but Wilson has been rank rotten. Ally would have kept him in coz he was a Pal, Warbburton saw a poor player and dropped him, Great Manager Oh Warburton is magic he wears a magic hat, he took one look at Wilsons and he said no to that

    • i understand your point on playing Loanees too, i don't see much coming from Zelalem and wouldn't extend his deal unless he proves he's a player. Oduwa on the other hand, i'd break the bank. We Need a CB, centre mid and CF

  6. If wilson has been dropped for performances then I think tavernier could be joining him soon on the sidelines as his distribution in recent games has been absolutely shocking, I think the problem tavernier may have is he knows he will not be dropped as who is our right full back cover none other than Fraser aird, now what I have noticed about tavernier's passing is he is always trying difficult passes rather than the simple ball which if you are not having a good game is the best option, as we have seen earlier in the season on his game tavernier's is definitely the blue cafe so do us a favour tavs keep it simple

  7. So Warbs is warming up for the January transfer window and looks to bring in players to make us competitive in the SPFL next season.

    That will entail spending some money, perhaps even proper money, we can't rely on loanees as the current 3 in the team could all leave at the end of the season.

    Has King given him a pointer as to what monies will be made available?

    If so will this be King's own money or will the hat go round again asking the fans to cough up?

    The 3 Bears have no more to give and with the coming court cases they must be thinking that they will never see their investment again.

    Taylor especially must be kicking himself for getting involved as he has more to lose than any of the rest of them, having gifted King the money to buy his shareholding, shares which soon may be worthless.
    Without the transparency that we were promised at the EGM we have no idea what is going on at the club financially.
    Apart from loans of around £10m that we know of where is the cash coming from to get to the end of the season?
    On the park things have turned around completely but the next set of accounts will show another loss of £10m or so. The accounts and an EGM are due before Xmas, will King turn up to answer the tricky questions or will Level 5 continue to run interference for him?
    We are in graver danger now than ever before and no one is asking the pertinent questions………..why?

  8. ball deserves to to be in the team has played superb against qots and st mirren today and him and kiernan are looking good in the defence

  9. Anon at 19.26

    I totally agree.

    King seems beyond criticism in the media…………how can that be?

    Millions of investment promised and as far as we know he's not put in a penny.

    No one's denying the story that Taylor had to loan King the money so that he could buy his shares.

    Ffs that's a huge story yet no one is running with it……..why?

    Our convicted criminal Chairman has no money and only a personal loan from the 3 Bears has allowed him to take his seat in the Blue Room……..,not that he's there very often.

    If the ST money has gone, or is about to, then we will be living on fortnightly walk up monies to keep the lights on.

    As far as cancelling the Dumbarton game ffs……is Warbs kidding?

    Aird and Hardie, neither of whom is getting a game plus maybe one of the loanees………..it's a joke.

  10. Ball is out of contract at the end of the season I would like to see us sign him if the money is not too much

  11. If Ball is out of contract then I would love to see him at Ibrox & do prefer him to Wilson & I alos agree with earlier comments re:Tavernier he needs to up his game he has been gash of late, We have gone beytond the Ally sh*te when we could expect rubbish now this is a whole new era & they need to put a shift in every week, I alwasy think they reckon they have there feet under the table after 2/3 months & they then sit back, Warburton should kick there ass & tell em there not safe! Rant over!

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