Spain superstar urges Rangers to sign Assulin


Spanish superstar Andres Iniesta has urged Rangers manager Mark Warburton to snap up trialist Gai Assulin.

The 24-year old attacker has been training at Murray Park, and his career has evidently not taken off in the way he would have hoped, but arguably one of the greatest players to ever grace the game has told Rangers to sign the creative player up as soon as possible.

Mark Warburton has been positive about Assulin’s progress, and with Rangers always looking to improve the side, a player with the former Mallorca winger’s potential is more than welcome at Ibrox, as long as he adds to the quality of the squad.

Assulin is a free agent so would have no fee attached, and he may be viewed as of the level good enough for Rangers’ inevitable assault on the SPL next season.

So if the lad has the endorsement of both the great Iniesta and the brilliant Magic Hat, it is clearly a good sign.


  1. I suppose we will have to wait and see…maybe he will be judged the same as John eustace…I hope so !!…what has become of the gers…. so easy to judge… but so hard to forgive…I suppose its because of the way that the so called spfl does things…I hope that people will wake up and realize that they have been taken for a ride and get rid of these ass holes…and give our country back to the people

  2. As great as Iniesta might be the only opinion I am interested in is Mark Warburton. With each day that passes I love the man more and more. He wont bring someone to our club until he is 100% sure they will be sucessful here. I know we still have some way to go and are probably a mid table premiership team but he has built a championship winning side. With a few more quality premiership standard players, we will no doubt have 'Sellick' on the run.



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