Rangers linked to midfield enforcer


Linked during the last transfer window along with a host of fellow Bees’ players, Brentford’s midfield enforcer Toumani Diagouraga has again been named within transfer circles in connection with Rangers.

With manager Mark Warburton lacking a recognised defensive midfielder, and the John Eustace saga showing no sign of ever resolving, it could well be that the Magic Hat’s attention has turned to resources south of the border, with the Griffin Park side having a fair to middling season, following a truly desperate start.

The French midfielder, 28, has had something of a journeyman career in England, with a decade of experience around the Championship and lower, which is exactly the kind of player Warburton craves, and Rangers’ boss knows Diagouraga extremely well given he won the fans’ player of the year award under Warbs and made almost 50 appearances during that season.

A strong and powerful midfielder is high on the agenda for January, and “Dave” as he is known ticks those boxes.

We will see if interest in this one materialises.

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  1. Toumani Diagouraga!? Midfield Enforcer!? John Brown was an Enforcer, John Greig was an Enforcer, that Brown fella along the road, he's an enforcer. That's what we need!

    The tipi tapi football might be pretty but we need some steel. The last few weeks show that players and coaches in the championship can easily shut down our creativity.

    We need to stand up and toughen up a wee bit. If we flex our muscles, or get someone in who can, then space will open for for the flair players again.

    Arsenal have consistently played the best football in UK for more than a decade. Always love to watch them on their day, however, due to the consistent lack of steel backbone they have won HEE HAW!

    Midfield enforcer, lets get one, two would be better. We need a tougher nut up front as well.

    BTW, maybe Mr Warburton can take our central defenders for a wee night out……and introduce them to each other!

    Other than that, I think we'll get promotion OK this time but I doubt it will be the twenty + points we all dreamed about less than a month ago!

    Negative it might sound, but I really don't want to find out if we can tough it out in games for the rest of the season. If we can win league by end of March more season tickets will be sold quickly before the season ends and save on the drip , drip loans.

    • Brown is a whinging, cheatin wideboy, who is always starting off the ball crap, nothing more, shouldnt be in the same sentence as Greig or John Brown, Id rather have Jig than Scott Brown

  2. He doesn't like being called Dave ! The standing joke is If Toumani scores we are on the pitch ! He played really really well under warbs n weir but had under performed beforehand. They seem to know how to get the best from him. I think he is a player who would do great at Rangers and a challenge and move he may well like to make.

  3. You don't get Toumani (too many) Diagouraga's for a good price these days. If it happens it would be a very good signing as MW knows him well. We need some taller players signed for the premiership team and this should help to eliminate so many goals coming against us from corner & free kicks into our box.

  4. I've just google sports direct news and it's says Philip Duffy of duff and Phelps is working for Ashley, it's in the article about golf direct takeover, something dodgy is going on here

  5. We certainly need a blocker in midfield but more importantly we need a striker with height in the prso mould loving the fast play at feet but teams know we wouldn't play high balls in so it's easy for teams to set up against us let's make it harder for them WATP

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