Rangers fans’ poll: has Zelalem or Oduwa impressed more?


Two of Rangers’ most prominent players this season have been the on-loan stars from London, Arsenal’s USA youth international central midfield playmaker Gedion Zelalem, and Tottenham Hotspur’s marauding box-of-tricks winger Nathan Oduwa.

The latter has impressed fans so much he has adopted their nickname for him, ‘Magic Feet’, a homage to the ‘Magic Hat’ of his manager Mark Warburton, while the young Emirates’ star Zelalem has strolled with an incredible swagger through life in the Championship, with performances belying his tender 18 years.

However, Ibroxnoise.co.uk wanted to poll its readers to ask which of these two sterling talents has impressed more. Is it the finest from Arsene Wenger’s charges at Arsenal, with the creativity from deep in Zelalem who has impressed you more, or has the man from White Hart Lane, so kindly furnished to Ibrox by Argentina’s Mauricio Pochettino, been the one to win you over?

Readers, it is over to you: who has had more impact in your opinion?

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  1. Oduwa can beat a player and get a cross in or have a shot but there are players like Aird and McKay who can do they same job without running back and doing step overs and not beating anyone. Zelalem hasn't scored any goals but has a few assists and has commanded the Rangers midfield by flying past defenders and his pin point passes have been brilliant too, so for a young 18 year old to take charge of midfield the way he has then Zelalem gets my vote.

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