Peter Houston admits at Ibrox that Falkirk are a ‘diddy team’

Peter Houston admits at Ibrox that Falkirk are a ‘diddy team’

Following his side’s close-fought loss at Ibrox on Saturday, Falkirk manager Peter Houston has dismissed his team as ‘diddies’ during a hate-filled rant on his club’s official TV channel.

Shortly after Rangers took all three points in Govan, Houston angrily marched onto the pitch-side to be interviewed by ‘Lewis’, who appeared quite aching to ask Mr Houston extremely leading questions.

“You mentioned you’d been cited to the association”, offered Lewis, who went on:

“…for punishment for speaking to the referee after the game. By that same logic have you heard of anything against the Rangers’ officials?”

Houston shook his head mildly disgusted in a slight pantomime and bit on the bait with all gnashers worryingly exposed:

“It’s Ibrox we’re in, Lewis, nothing happens like that here. It’s the opposition, the wee diddy team that gets pulled up for things like that.”

Yes, because as we know Scottish football has been so uttely biased in favour of Rangers these past few years that frankly the Masonic lodge at Hampden Park is filled with orange pens. But nice to know what you really think of your team, fans and players, Mr Houston.

Ahh, emotionally knee-jerk post-match interviews. Gotta love ‘em.

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  1. Reminded me of his days at tannadump!! Always moaning !! Oh!, he got the ball but cripples the player is ok mr houston is it?
    Comes and plays (anti football) and is moaning about a free kick that his team did not defend to well,,,,,,,,,
    Now remind me what was the score??2-1 ?…oh thats right 3-1 !!
    Get a life houston the goal was coming wether you hate it or not!!

  2. Sore loser, granted rangers didn't run over falkirk but there was hardly a contest, good goal by the bairns, against the run of play might i add bt other than that what happend, another team comes and parks the bus and its a brill well organised side that gets beat and raved about, yet ranngers score 3 yet again and still get critisised, u would think we were barca the way they all go on, keep the great work up gers, unbelievable transformation from last season

    • but you have to admit it was cheating even law said so on tv tonight if we have to cheat the diddy teams to get three points we nust improve 100 percent watp

    • Mr smelly alert bears!!,,,get the lynx out!!
      Just for your info mr smelly law said it was 50/50!! The rules say yes when the ball fairly but do not hurt the oppo player doing so! The falkirk player went through law!! Did he not!? So in the laws of the game the referee was correct mr smelly now can you explain to us in the real world were the cheating was involved?
      Now away and cry somewhere else with your paranoid nonsense because we cant stand the reek from you!!

  3. Has he watched the re-run ? His player didn't win the ball and went right through clattering into Law , an obvious foul . All these bastards who kicked Rangers when they were down are continuing the quest . Houston is a disgrace and a total wanker .

  4. would have liked to hear his comments if they had scored when our player was off changing his shirt, torn by a Falkirk player and not allowed back on for some time by the ref.

    • Well said finlay !! Even the pundits on radio said he took ages to let him back on again!,,now why didnt houston mention that now me wonders!!??hhhmmmm,,or the rhancid paranoid mhob showing there fear up

  5. The boy won the ball to be fair.In the centre circle that's a great tackle.It was a poorly refereed match altogether and I think he was lost for a while the poor ba*****d.I'll take it all day long though,Houston is just another one the animals that tried to bury us and is a bitter tarrier f**k.WATP

    • Didn't think he did win the ball fairly, tam. He went for it and got a touch, but made sure he stopped Law too. For me, anyway, a foul and Houston, once again, showing everyone what total arse he is. Most important thing, though, is that we have another well deserved 3 points in the bag.

  6. Personally think it could have been called or not called such is a game. The Ref had a horrible game anyway, we should have had a stonewall penalty and the keeper handled outside the box yet he deems it offside without a flag from the linesman when he isn't even near it. If it had ended 2-1 then Houston may have had room to moan but since it ended 3-1 whats his gaff, really

  7. Forget Houston Bears, the games past, another 3 points in the bag, what he thinks is immaterial now, don't justify his bias by wasting time talking about it. Let's look forward to what this team can achieve. I think our team will just get stronger as the season goes on and our players know more about each other and the kind of opposition we have to face. I thought our defence was better on Saturday, though still with a couple of lapses, but hey lookin' forward to see the improvements come along…WATP.

  8. NO mention of tha paranoid twat Houston throwing a bottle of water in disgust at his diddy teams crap performance

  9. As the guy said earlier its over & done with lets move on & concentrate on the next 3 points.
    All the C*nts that moan & have a dig will have there wee 15mins of fame but we should just keep doing what we do & dont dignify them!

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