Oduwa Ibrox outrage – Burchill loses the plot


Following up on his comical response yesterday to criticism of his players at Ibrox, Livingston manager Mark Burchill has managed to dig his hole even deeper by referring to Rangers winger Nathan Oduwa’s ethnicity as a defence of his Kieron Gibbon’s career-threatening tackle on him in the opening seconds of Rangers’ quarter final versus his men in Govan last night.

Speaking on Clyde’s Super Scoreboard, the former Celtic player comfounded listeners and compounded his own mistakes by making an even worse case to defend the tackle.

He said:

“We’ve got to remember here; there is two players involved in this. Kieron Gibbons is a young, talented Scottish footballer who has signed for a Scottish club. Nathan Oduwa is an English footballer who has not signed for a Scottish club. So we are pulling someone…we’re dragging someone over the coal who is one of our own, who is a player who could possibly play for Scotland in the future…”

I am not even going to try to translate what any of this flabbergasting nonsense may have meant, whether it is underpinnings of racism, or sheer irrelevance, or base stupidity, but it is clear to see that Burchill, rather than doing the right thing and admitting it was a bad tackle, is simply too dim to do so.


  1. what a ridiculous comment yes it does sound a bit racism if gibbons is as good as he says he is why foul to the extent that he did and the other livi players as well. They did not look as if they were at ibrox to win a game if they were playing rugby they probably would win a few more games

  2. Burchill doesn't appear too bright … well I am only saying that as if this not his defence his comments following this game are readily very cynical and possibly racist. I suggest the powers that be should ask for an explaination.

  3. First time contributor. Just to say, as my grand old man famously pronounced "ex cathedra" that we carry on forward under the weight of so much injustice at the hands of the establishment and the media. We of course shall prevail. Of that there should be no doubt.

  4. Can you imagine the uproar if this was a rangers manager speaking. This twat is either racist,thick as fuck or a xenophobe. My guess is all three. Absolutely disgusting, so it's ok to nearly break a leg as long as it's not a Scottish one? Thank god I've moved to England. He will get away with it as well!

  5. Gibbons is certainly no funky? Mmmm get it? He is also a ringer for the banjo player in deliverance, remember duelling banjos? What a numpty

  6. Radio Clyde give him a platform to spew this bile.Why? After watching his team last night he is not qualified to make any constructive comments on how the game is or should be played ; his comments that Dallas had a good game beggars belief. But then if you look at the pundits on this program it is hardly objective. Burchill, McCulloch, Guidi, Keevins, Wilson and previously Duffy and a few others who are chosen not because of their football knowledge but because of their allegiance to one team.

  7. Astounding drivel! Let's not be too judgemental though. A prerequisite for a top manager is intellect. Mr Burchill seems to be a little lacking in that department. Livingstone league position?

  8. Super scoreboard was a farce tonight, the night after the gers which birchall was the manager of the team he set out to assault 1 gers player in particular and after the game acted as if his team played with dignity and refuse to admit sum of his player wer acting like thugs was on super scoreboard with hundreds of gers fans waiting on the phones to have a go and rightly so which the first 2 callers did then he made his slur and what a load of nonsense it was, whatever that had to do with how his team went about there duties the night before. Then superscore board who say they randomly select callers tried to escape his stupidity by selected fans of other kind on to talk about games from the past which they asked fans to phone in about obv to take the heat of burchill in total 13 calls wer taking 5 gers which only 3 spoke about what happened to oduwa 2 of which where the first 2 calls of the show before his slur and their after 8 manky mob supporters of which none mentioned the the oduwa challenges only 2 spoke about their game tomorrow and the other 6 spoke about the subject they made up . What I'm saying is there's no random the callers they wer chosen as scoreboard always deny .the phone lines would have been going off the hook way gers fans especially with birchall on only 3 gers fans got through to talk about it which I find incredible and even more incredible 8 manky mob get (selected) and it's the first time they don't want to talk about gers by then they wer told or selected to nt to talk about it. Shud have let burchill face the music instead of protecting his stupidity

  9. Unbelievable….well at the end of the day it's not really they get away with murder as it is if it was Warbs he would be half drawn n quartered in the rags tomorrow

  10. Pub team and schoolboy referee hope livi go down and Dallaglio back to junior football where he was hated as well gers will rise above this watch

  11. A disgrace to football anywhere Dallas should be back in junior football where he was hated as well gers will rise above this watch

  12. Spurs fan here. We have been happy to see young Nathan Oduwa blossoming on loan at Rangers, helping the team and providing entertainment. However, they are concerns if he is being targeted by the cloggers in this way and Burchill's idiotic comments only make things worse.

  13. The manky mob have their finger in every hole ( we all no which hole of burchills were talking about) and i find it incredible that after all this time out of the top flight, the struggles weve had to get to where we are now, we are still treated as if we were shit on their shoes, its about time everyone got back to where it matters, on the field, the more refs and managers act on the way they 2 clowns (dallas nd burchill) did last night the more scottish football becomes more of a joke, bout time everyone just handles the fact that rangers are back, WATP

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