Mark Warburton hits back at Peter Houston


Mark Warburton today hit back at Falkirk manager Peter Houston’s post-match rant at Ibrox where the Bairns’ boss accused the officials of pandering to Rangers and awarding a foul where he believes none existed.

Following Houston’s claims, Warburton pointed out some equally poor decisions against Rangers. He said:

“I think from our point of view you look at, as Rangers manager, I look at the Tavernier incident and say that’s a penalty in the first half. There were one or two bad challenges all over the park. I think Peter is obviously upset to concede the late goal, the free kick but it’s 50/50 and the call went our way.”

A quite reasonable reply which did not even touch on Rangers being reduced to 10 men when referee John McKendrick took an age to gesture defender Rob Kiernan back on after his torn shirt had required to be replaced. Down to 10 men, the home side could easily have conceded.

Fact is Houston’s rant was ridiculous, and politely, Warburton has stated just how poor it was.


  1. Mr Warburton spot on with your comments ,that arse should never make comments about any body ,all Rangers supporters know what he is ,he was one of many that thought Rangers were done .But we will be back stronger than ever WATP LOL.

  2. Magic Hats right. If the decisions went our way in first half we would've been out a sight. Job done 9 in a row. Houston dry your eyes

  3. Warbs is just the epitome of class.He impresses me more and more every time he opens his mouth.Of all the uncertainty and trepidation surrounding our fine institution in the current climate,this man shines like a beacon in the stormiest of waters.No a bad manager either.

  4. To be honest the ref was shocking on Saturday the linesman at the main stand was a puppet of the ref his flag never went up until he seen the ref pointing first. It should be the ref and his officials being questioned for a very poor display. The managers have taken the heat of them they should all be on the carpet for poor poor refereeing.

  5. As usual , Mark Warburton is clear, concise, and is able to put his point across . He does so in a way that is respectful and even flattering towards the insulting, livid and constant attention seeking " Manager" of Falkirk.

    I watched the fed interview and the man really should think, before he opens his biased, anti Rangers mouth.

    Mr Warburton , however, just oozes class!

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