John Eustace latest injury setback


The increasingly saddening John Eustace saga appears to have taken yet another turn for the worse today with unconfirmed reports the former Derby anchor suffered a further injury breakdown in training at Murray Park.

Following multiple setbacks since he arrived at Auchenhowie, Eustace returned south for supposed family reasons but arrived back at Ibrox to resume training, only for yet another problem to apparently force him off the pitch.

The trial is now around four months old, after the initially proposed four weeks, and this one, sadly is starting now to look like flogging a dead horse.

Eustace has given this shot all he can, and has been nothing but professional, by refusing to take a wage while helping out with coaching duties and tutoring the younger players.

But this setback, if confirmed, may just be the straw that broke the camel’s back for Mark Warburton to any notion of him joining as a player.


  1. John eustace has tried his very best to continue playing football…his attitude at rangers has always been first class,honest,upright and hard working…the man deserves applause… If this is the end for him, I hope he can fill some coaching role at murray park…If not,then we should all wish him the very best for his future career whatever it may be…we are the people.

  2. The Rangers Boys have always thought well of John Eustace,they have always said he was brilliant at coaching, so it's a no brainer keep him on with with Miller for next season on players /coach payroll

  3. Time to move on with this farce,as for a coaching position,we've just got shot of McCoist and his jobs for the troops mentality.
    If we need another coach get an experienced one in,not a sympathy gesture like Kennedy at Selick.I'm sure he's a nice guy and all that but let's move on.

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