Ibrox Union Flag protest planned after St Mirren censorship


Rangers fan groups intend to stage a protest at the next home match after a Union Flag was confiscated during yesterday’s win at St Mirren.

Police Scotland removed a Paisley Loyal Union Flag with the reasons cited thus:

“Inciting a riot”


“A fire hazard without a safety certificate.”

Supporters, incensed at the apparent censorship engaged by the local constabulary, intend to have a glut of Union Flags at Ibrox in defiance against what can only be deemed as a denial of freedom of speech.

Other supporters state that the same flag, pictured above, has been used at other grounds, including Cappielow, without any issue at all, and as such the protest is being arranged for the 7th of November and the visit of Alloa.

All Bears interested in getting involved can get in touch with Sons of Struth who hope to garner enough bodies to make this protest happen.


  1. Has The Goverment Not Just Changed The rule that it is not an offence to fly the flag of your country.

    Police scotland must have a different set of rules that only applies to Rangers Fans

  2. Has The Goverment Not Just Changed The rule that it is not an offence to fly the flag of your country.

    Police scotland must have a different set of rules that only applies to Rangers Fans

  3. Since when did the red hand of ulster have anything to do with Rangers Football Club?, Can anybody explain the connection that has anything to do with our football team?,,, you religeous bigots should just go away,, we dont need this embarrasing press!!!!!

    • Correct me if I'm wrong but nowhere do I see or read anything about religion on this piece. Anti English bigotry on the other hand. What's happening in Scotland these last few years back stinks of something very sinister

    • Nothing to do with me personally anon 27/10/15 at 01.32,but did you not factor in Ulster Rangers supporters ?

  4. I suggest we boycott St mirren simple as, I believe there were about 5000 there so if we dont go then they will suffer, Hell mend them.
    TBH I would rather sit & watch it in a Pub that go to Paisley [ and i was born there]

    • You're not wrong mate.Its always been a toss up for me between Love St and Pittodrie as my least fav away grounds.Totally caustic atmosphere in the air at both.Then there's the fans lol.About the flags,if there's no profanity or base political slogans then what's the harm? Look at this Green Brigade mob ffs!God forbid any of those big banners catch fire!

  5. As a lifelong Gers fan, I am afraid I have to agree with the police here. Flying the union flag in the manner it is done is definitely antagonistic, and is intended to be so. Just as the flying of the tricolour is at sellick park.
    There are a number of better banners displaying Gers colours.
    I do not get the "fire hazard" bit though.

    • Enforcer's trick, throw everything until you get something to stick, it is made of combustible material so strictly speaking it is a fire hazard. I totally agree with your point of view on the flag on the bottom right of the banner, Rangers are a Scottish club, last time I checked Paisley was a Scottish town so why have the red hand on a saltire, fagey park free state?

  6. Its all deep routed from Sturgeons Bitter SNP Scumbags – You could see that coppers SNP T Shirt through his uniform. The Superintendent that took the flag down looked a bitter bitter man.

  7. Flag of our country? Not mine mate .Im a proud Scot and a life long blue nose but my flag is the cross of Saint Andrew.If I had my way I'd ban all foreign flags …..tricolour Union jack etc

    • I agree William. We know who the twats are! Those who drag the name of our club into their sectarian swamp. They have cost Gers dear over the years. Knuckledragging neanderthals!

    • If you were born in Scotland and are a proud Scot then the union flag is the flag of your country like it or not. Stop acting like a tim Wullie

    • id ban you from ibrox you prick,, think of the people who fought and still fight to keep our union jack flying,,,,world wide,,

    • If you were born in Scotland then the saltire is the flag of your country. What is it about that don't you get? Grow up

    • If you were born in Scotland your countries flag is a saltire.where you off school when they were discussing that? Twat

    • How the hell is the union flag foreign. Think you need a history lesson in the club you claim to support. Scotland voted no(thank god) so it is as much our flag as anyone's. Don't let these small minded nationalist nazis brainwash you any longer. You can be and are Scottish and British it's something to be proud of not ashamed as they would have you believe.

  8. Why would you want to fly a union flag? In what way is that supporting our team? I suggest you keep to flags with the Rangers Badge or Rangers Crest on them.

    • It makes the police look foolish? It's an english flag with a defaced Union Jack in one corner and a Saltire with tatty graffiti in the other corner. I'm ashamed it has the Rangers badge and crest associated with it. Keep politics and religion away from Rangers games. We should all be together supporting the team and only the team. WATP

  9. What's antagonistic about this? Rangers have supporters from across the world, hence the red hand of ulster which represents the northern Ireland contingent. The st George's cross to represent the English contingent and the st Andrews flag to represent ourselves. All under the banner of the flag of our union together. Any rangers fan who has an issue with this or can't understand the connection has been drinking the septic coolaid.

  10. The Union Flag and even the Red Hand of Ulster are flags that symbolise Great Britain, Rangers fc has routes of British Football and we are proud of flying those flags. If Celtic fly the tri colour then thats upto them. But I fail to see how flying a flag is in anyway inappropriate?

  11. Just to clear this up for any thick bastards out there or Tims in disguise. That flag is in no way Religious, political or offensive. Any attempt at trying to justify the removal of that flag is laughable. After our treatment these past few years and now this. How any Tim can sit there with a straight face and claim we are the 'favoured' club is outrageous. All you arseholes that are offended (and I include Rangers fans in this) by stuff like this and get upset because of songs being sung are wasting the atmosphere at football matches. Fuckin grow up.


  12. People may disagree, but flying a Union Jack is not offensive. I will always wave the flag of my country with pride and if someone tells me not to wave my Union Jack because it is offensive, I will be confused like fuck.

  13. Scotland voted NO get over it. We, you, me all of us still British and its lovely. The Tims cant stand the fact they ARE British unless ofcourse they are talking about Lisbon 67. Then they proudly proclaim to be the first BRITISH club to win the 'big cup'. Talk about contradicting yourselfs. Dont even start me on the 'yous are dead but we survived 94'.

    Wonder what disgraceful banners will go unpunished this poppy day at the stade de la mhanky?

  14. But it wasn't even a union flag it was an altered St George flag. Why is that even on display? We are a British club, but first and foremost a Scottish club. Why fly an English flag if we are scottish? Why display a red hand of ulster if we are Scottish? A union flag yes, a Scottish flag yes, a rangers crest yes, but anything else has no place.

    • Why is it themhanks in the east are allowed to "celebrate " there terrorist history,past and present yet,rangers fans cannot celebrate being quinticentially british within a british country and with a group of british fans!! Now what part do you not understand about this you idiot!!?

  15. Yes good post and not lets forget that it was actually rangers who had the casting vote in the 50,s as to septic staying in scottish football!!

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