Exclusive: Ex-Rangers director denies board ‘split’ claims


Ex-Rangers non-executive director Ian Hart has sought to clear his name after media speculation claimed he was part of a faction within the Rangers board under Charles Green.

The claim made was that Walter Smith and Malcolm Murray, to name but two, comprised one half of the split, while Green, Hart and Finance Director Brian Stockbridge were among those conspiring together on the other side.

Speaking exclusively to Ibroxnoise.co.uk, a source close to Mr Hart, on behalf of the businessman, stated categorically that these allegations are false and that he was part of no ‘faction’ within the boardroom.

The source said:

“The claims that Mr Hart and Mr Smith were in separate camps is untrue. They were on the same side, and they were all (entire board) of one mind with relation to Malcolm Murray and his exit from the position of chairman. It was Mr Hart who actually encouraged Walter to take up the chairman position in the first place and both worked together to try to keep the peace between Murray and the rest.”

As has been well-documented, some media outlets have dredged up old news relating to Imran Ahmad and Green, but the claims that Ian Hart took part in any illicit activity relating to anything Green et al are accused of have been strongly denied by his camp.

The source went on:

“Murray was eventually invited to leave and had been a cause of numerous leaks to the press, not to mention very public battles with alcoholism, but Mr Hart was in no way part of some split involving Murray and others and himself.”

Thankfully these stories are getting less and less frequent while we concentrate on actual football.


  1. fistly…who cares a monkeys because thats all over with now…secondly…we have all had a bellyful of the recent past lets not be negative any more but be firmly set on getting back our rightful place in the premier league…the biggest way to do that as supporters is to ignore the comments that are derogatory and promote the positive things like giving plenty of encouragement to our boys on the field…WE ARE THE PEOPLE!

  2. Let's not be negative?

    Are you kidding? We are on the verge of financial armageddon. If anyone believes our Chairman's recent statement that we are comfortably financed for the next 6 months they are living in la, la land.

    King is on his uppers and can't repay the loan given to him by an increasingly angry Mr Taylor.

    If the courts uphold Green's claim for his legal costs that will be the final straw. Admin 2 and a 25 point deduction…………though as long as we can hold on to the current squad we could still go up

    King's recent chat about resurrecting the traditional Rangers is the start of a softening up process for the bad news around the corner and an admission that the current club is not financially viable.

    Do the maths…..the ST money will run out at the end of the month, thereafter a minimum of £2m monthly running costs will have to be covered.

    The 3 Bears have done their bit, so there is no more money to come from that source. King will have to pony up and given that he's skint there's no chance of funding from him.

    The consequences and revelations from the coming court cases don't bear thinking about. Tape recordings, e mails and other correspondence will create a sh*t storm that will engulf the club and nobody knows what the end result will be.

    The Pinsent Masons investigation will be exposed as a complete sham. The club gave them a remit to investigate links between Green and Whyte via Sevco Scotland which was the switcheroo company set up by Green, so very obvious that there was no link there.
    Ah but Sevco 5088, a completely different kettle of fish with the famous tape recording where Green assures Whyte that ………YOU ARE SEVCO.

  3. I don't know much about Malcolm Murray, but I've seen him at games in the Govan stand, over the last few years.
    I've not seen many other Rangers men in with the fans, so fair play to him.
    Walter is a legend, but so is Ally. They are not always right.

  4. OMG

    in King we trust……….aaaaaaaaa

    How long can a large section of the support shut their eyes and plug their ears rather than look at the facts.

    Does the fact that King had to borrow money from Taylor to buy his shareholding not give cause for concern?

    Level 5 is charging the club a fortune to make sure that no bad news is aired in the media and a very good job they are doing.

    Taylor wants his loan repaid. The 3 bears loans are due to be repaid in December………waken up, even without the impending court cases the club is in mortal danger.

    SDM, Whyte, Green and now King……..how many times are we going to be fooled.

    Warbs has turned things around on the field of play but unless someone steps up with a minimum of £10m, which excludes loan repayments, we are goosed.

    For those that cannot see and those that are deaf to bad news please take note that King has no money, no money to repay Taylor, no money to repay the 3 bears loans, no money to repay Ashley…….get it!

    If Green wins the battle to have his legal fees paid then what?

    The court cases could go on not just for months but years given the number of defendants and the reams of evidence to be heard.

    Till the ownership of the assets is established by the courts then a share issue is out of the question.

    So is King's notion of recreating Old Co and paying off creditors, well selective creditors.

    It's all just hot air. Leaving aside the big tax case HMRC is owed £21 m.

    The one bright light for me is that Ashley is still involved and that somewhere along the line he will come to the rescue, even if it's just to keep his IP revenue coming in.

    • for a little while you were beginning to make me investigate your claims… but then I woke up and knew that for three good reasons…you were talking shite…1- you always hide behind anonymity 2- you never identify your sources of information and 3- for sure the so called big tax case is over… while hmrc keep trying to overturn the decision it will always give people like you ammunition to keep stirring up the shitpot…go back to the smelly east end timmy.

  5. Fixed out soon!!!

    Aye right, the court cases could take years and make the lawyers involved very rich men.

  6. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I don't trust king one little bit, he's been found out lying several times since his arrival and he hasn't put a penny of his money into club let alone the millions he promised, hopefully I'm wrong but I've had a bad feeling about him since his arrival

  7. King himself, the saviour, said the other week that further soft loans will be required .

    This is a matter of record.

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