Burchill’s Blunder: Livi boss’s latest ridiculous comments


As if yesterday’s repeated blunders from Livi boss Mark Burchill following Livi’s loss at Ibrox could not make the situation any worse, the former Celtic striker has managed, somehow, to further worsen relations with an ill-attempted apology, following Rangers officially condemning the treatment of Nathan Oduwa and Livingston’s manager’s defence of it.

Rangers said yesterday, in response to the ex-Parkhead striker’s ill-conceived rant on Clyde’s Super Scoreboard:

“However, we have since heard from the Livingston manager who attempted to defend his player’s reckless challenge because he is Scottish and his opponent is English. Rangers believe Nathan, indeed every player, regardless of nationality, is entitled to greater respect. It will be interesting to discover if Livingston and the authorities share this belief.”

A fair comment. Unfortunately Burchill’s response, while initially apologetic, is further evidence that this man is unfit to hold court in any kind of debate.
He replied:

“The point I was trying to make was that Kieran is likely to play his entire career in Scotland. Nathan, on the other hand, is signed for an English club and will probably return to Spurs at the end of the season.”

So?! It is ok to crock Oduwa because your player is Scottish and Oduwa is likely to exit Ibrox to return to White Hart Lane next summer?!

Words fail…everyone, surely.


  1. Green boots,name Kieran I really wonder where his venomiss ankle breaking career ending challenge stemmed from!

    • Not sure if he meant it my man but thinking along your lines, I wouldn't stamp on lennons ankle on purpose but I'm sure someway down the line Burchill told them to hit oduwa and stop Rangers playing but it went too far,I'm shit at football but reckon I could snap somebody's ankle for free but oduwa didn't deserve the treatment on Tuesday, when he's here he's a ranger family member

    • Embarrassed that spurs fans are checking on oduwa but happy because spurs and rangers are cool and we are blue through and through we will always look after players

  2. what else do you want from a tim, if his eyes where any further back in his hear hed be looking out his ears, go eat a few meals fast,,

  3. whats the headline?Lets keep Rascism out of Soccer????? The SFA need to be looking into this or they are as Guilty as Birchill

  4. I think I must be in the minority as to who should be getting the finger pointed at them yes Burchill and Kieran are two who have to own up to stupid comments the other a very bad tackle but the Referee was and is the person for me who could and should have been stronger in his decisions but like most of the referees in Scotland their ineptitude seems incredible

  5. the ref and burchill should be pulled up by the sfa, burchill is just a fanny,,and the sfa are just against rangers as we all know,,

  6. Agree dallas seems to be getin off lightly here he was 6-8 yards away with a clear view looking right at it can't believe he Neva sent him off he obv bottled it cos it was so early in the game.people always go on about how smaller teams that go to big well supported high pressure venues never get decisions but a tell u want it's an absolute miracle livi finish the game with 11 men cos there wer 3 players that shud have been off. Burchill can't hide behind the wall we all know his upbringing bitterness and chip on the shoulder will never leave them wen it comes up against their great rivals THE FAMOUS GLASGOW RANGERS the most decorated club in world football.

  7. I'm black and a Spurs fan, can't believe this Mark Burchill and his racist comments. But it is heartening the way you Rangers fans have stuck by our player so many thanks and hope oduwa stays for season and you win the league .

    • Was just commenting as a Spurs fan and of course you will back your players with the blue shirts on, as an Englishman Ricksen would fully expect you to support your team too, I'm black and had spurs sb for 24 years and you can fuck off, true Rangers fans have my back on your views, gl to the Rangers family WATP

  8. Scottish football is the butt of jokes but if we at least have standards and morals at least it saves a bit of face, the Sfa must take action against Burchill, it's hard enough to sell our product without racism rearing it's ugly head

  9. Hi editor, brilliantly run site I must say, can you give us football fans the address of the Sfa complaints department ? Many thanks and keep the good work up.

  10. Forget the sfa !! Police scotland should be banging his door down pronto!, his comments were racist no less, no matter what he says as an appology i heard it live on the radio and he knew exactly what he said and the cretin has once again dug a deeper hole by his further comments vindicating his first comments!!
    In an age when social media is being heavily policed i find it astonishing that the police have not as of yet reacted to this blatant racism.
    As the boys in blue say when you are caught doing a misdemeanor!! Ignorance is no excuse!!
    The comments were racist now get on it constables

  11. Hope the football association take action against Burchill, he is an embarrassment to Scottish football and I'm sure England and Europe are looking on, Sfa have went quiet on this one. Can the real Sfa stand up?

  12. get burchill out of football now he must pay for his silly comments,,,,hes a fool and would he be saying this if the table was turned,,oduwa is a great player and that tackle could have put him out for years,,

  13. Where are the police and spfl/ sfa on this racist. Against the law of the land and brings the game into disrepute.

  14. I'm a st mirren supporter and thought we could run rangers close but thought hibs would be there too but Rangers will be too good this season and it's the way it is and as a Catholic, for what it's worth thought Rangers got kicked off the pitch, believe in fair play

  15. If Neil Lennon or Walter smith had said this it would have been all over the news, all of a sudden a manager with no famously known name comes out with racist comments but because it's in Scotland he won't go further in management he is probably going to get a backprint in last years Sun

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