Wednesday, 23 September 2015

You probably didn't know this about Warbs

A remarkable statistic about Mark Warburton since he became Brentford manager in 2013 is the fact he has not managed in the same league running for more than one season.

In December 2013 he took over at Griffin Park while the Bees were in English League One, then got them promoted at the first time of asking where he missed out on promotion with them to the EPL in the Championship playoff semifinals.

And following that, he took over at Ibrox.

If anyone is having to learn different standards, teams, players and requirements, it is Mark Warburton.

This is now the third season in a row where he has managed in a different league, and the difference between the English Championship and its Scottish equivalent is pretty stark to say the least.

And should Rangers manage promotion, it will be the fourth different league in a row Warburton has had to adapt to.

One thing the Magic Hat has clearly not had in his brief time as a football manager is continuity of league division, which shows his remarkable ability to adjust to the changes football is constantly throwing at him, especially given how each season he has been at the very top of whatever league he has been in.

It is just another reason why he is eminently trustworthy and one can only imagine the damage he would do to a league he was completely familiar with.


  1. Getting away from all things rangers for a moment here,I've heard a wee whisper tonight that our ex manager & rangers goalscoring legend ally mccoist has massive support of some of the motherwell directors and is being spoke about as being possibly approached to gauge if he would at all be interested about becoming the new motherwell manager,its only fair that I don't reveal my trustworthy source but he's a very prominent ex motherwell player

  2. Why would Motherwell want to get relegated?

  3. McCoists wage demands would be too high for Motherwell, he'd go for pundit first.

  4. I didn't go to the game on Tuesday because I live in London but I watched it on tv and can't believe how biased and one sided the commentary was that Liam McLeod made it so obvious from the start he wanted Rangers to lose and continually referred to st johnstone as sainties throughout the match, I nearly put my foot through tv in anger, what a prick

    1. How long have you been a Gers man mate?This is nothing new,refer to a certain wee ditty we sing and get on wi it.Smash your telly by all means though!

    2. Yeh i totally agree i could smell the fanny through the telly he kept repeating himself too dobber lynxtit

    3. Bollocks! Even before the gsme they interviewed the Saints boss and said - how will you cope tonight when lsst yesr you got beaten by a much eorde rangers team

  5. You need years of experience to get familiar, Mr W like Mr K talks well, talks a good game, time will tell, what for instance has he or for that matter Mr K achieved, in Mr K's case broken promises. J

  6. King is never going to spend a penny on players, wish he would just go, he promised us millions it's obvious he is gonna just use fans money and loans to run club said this month's ago but everyone stuck their heads in the sand and we're happy with the wins running over part-time clubs, fans need to be asking more questions of king ,he's got away with murder so far, I worry for the future

  7. Ally mccoist is more than capable of managing motherwell imo,just because of what happened to the super one at rangers(and that means taking everything he had on his plate into account) doesn't mean he wouldn't be a good manager with motherwell

  8. Green wants 500 k off Rangers to pay his legal fees for initially stealing off the club and breaking the law several times? What's next? Mccoist and McDowell suing gers for lawnmower replacements? Can't believe these leeches are still trying to drain our club, they can fuck off WATP

  9. Hey ed, you are running the best forum bar none and thankyou for that. Please let the fans talk and have opinions, the green issue? We all have comments let them be said, no comeback to you, you have all our details let them sue me

  10. Are you joking. McCoist is incapable of management, when things were going wrong in front of his face all he could do was pull a face and fold his arms.......end of.
    As far as Green is concerned it would be normal to be covered by directors and officers insurance.
    Remember when the various trials begin Whyte and Green will be defending actions carried out whilst acting as officers of the club and will argue many of their actions were to the benefit of the club.
    Green, for example, will make great play of the fact that without him there would have been no secret 5 way agreement, no football licence and no Rangers.
    Fans are forgetting that it's not just those in the dock that are on trial but Rangers too.
    The OC/NC debate, reignited by King's most recent comments will be at the heart of many of the issues.
    The holding company vehicle being a separate entity to the club will be shown to be complete nonsense in Scots law and lifting the lid on the 5 way agreement will do neither Rangers or the SFA any favours.
    Batten down the hatches, if you think the last 3 years have been tough you ain't seen nothing yet.
    Minimum £12m required to see out the season and that's not including repaying the 3 Bears loans, nor Ashley ' s loan, leaving him with a grip on the only assets that the club has.
    Where's the cash coming from.............King?
    He has his own problems to sort out as Taylor is looking to be repaid the monies he loaned him personally to fund his shareholding.
    Level 5 is charging the club a fortune to keep bad news hidden aided by a complicit much longer they can keep all those plates spinning, not long I suspect.
    If Green is able to ring fence his legal fees then that may be enough to tip us into admin 2.

    1. Well said young man .... let's hope we avoid celtic in the royal scottish cup and win it ..... entering champions League next season will cover any financial problems that may arrive no surrender.


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