Why, sooner or later, Scottish football will admit Rangers are back


35 goals. Five conceded. Possession through the roof. Yes, as a previous entry indicated, stats are not the be-all and end-all, but the truth is Mark Warburton’s Rangers have been astonishing this season, with a captivating quality of play, flowing football, and minimal goals conceded.

9 in a row – Mark Warburton becomes the first manager in Rangers’ history to win his first nine matches in charge. Yes, it is against Alloa and St Mirren and not Aberdeen and St Johnstone (well, it will be on the 22nd) but then Rangers have Barrie McKay and not Brian Laudrup (no disrespect Barrie, you have been impeccable this season).

The point is while the level is arguably lower, the same excuse was not being mentioned when McCoist was struggling and producing diabolical displays with SPL-quality players – players who should have been far better were utterly shambolic under previous regimes, and now ‘inferior’ players are doing far, far better under a manager who knows what he is doing.

So the question has to be asked: when will Scottish football admit what they know now deep down – that Rangers are not only back, but look hungry, superb, and fully equipped to deal with, hopefully, next season in the SPL (with, obviously, a few reinforcements)?

Scottish football knows that you do not score 35 goals in any professional division in any country if you are not a bit good – Rangers are positively rampaging in a style rarely seen in this country. Hearts last season were excellent, but quite simply nowhere near as good as this.

Rangers fans are excited by every match, and now go in not only expecting to win, but to be dazzled, entertained, and to see goals. Lots of them.

Naturally the form will hit a lull, it has to, but that is only normal. Even Hearts did not win every match last season – but their start just did not hit the heights Rangers’ this season has. They scored 23 in their first 9 matches but did draw in Dumbarton 0-0 during that spell and of course were drubbed in Livingston. Still impressive, but just not as good as Rangers’ 35 goals and all wins.

At what point does Scottish football actually concede that the team they thought would be in the bowels of the land’s lower divisions forever under the likes of Ally and Kenny is growing into a true football machine and is a force to be reckoned with now?

Well, maybe we would rather they never do. If they assume this is not real, if they assume Rangers are not that great really then their guard goes down and Rangers punish them big time.

Or maybe, just maybe, they are smelling the coffee at long last.


  1. Great article above all the teams that wanted us gone for good should be worried for we are coming back stronger than we were before WATP LOL.

    • to true mate ive heard warbo has been on to amigo to get even more million pound players but I don't think we need them who else could take 5 of raith or beat alloa aye they all must be shittin themselves in king we trust

  2. Lets hope that some have to admit that from the witness box as the truth comes out regarding the illegal administration, demotion and shabby treatment encouraged by the officials at the SFA, SPL and our fellow football clubs. The truth will be told!

  3. Being honest I really don't care what 'Scottish football' is prepared to concede or not, Rangers will be just as good. Quality at the helm is the essential thing, though it's played much more quietly, I suspect and hope we have that quality at the boardroom level (they certainly did a good job at the management team selection process) but we certainly have it at team management level. Warbs is just good at what he does, simple, but this is not an easily attainable commodity today, plenty flatter to deceive. The football yesterday was fantastic and yes,'it was only Raith Rovers' but you can only beat who is put in front of you as was once stated by our city rivals boss. There will be stronger challenges this coming season and we have some good players, some very good players who will gel and become a better unit but more importantly we have a man, or men, (must forget DW contribution – massive) who can recognise and negotiate deals for additional talent when the present ones move off…that is the real key and why we should all be smiling…and suspect why we all are…WATP.

  4. I think we should stay calm until we come up against a top half spl team in one of the cups. Until then I don't think we will know how far we have come.

  5. Good post but you know too well that the haters are too bitter to ever admit they've been wrong. We just need to carry on winning and regain our rightful place at the top of the premier league. I care not a jot what anyone outside the Rangers fraternity think as they've all had a pop. Onward and Upward Rangers!

  6. When we beat Celtic. Even then they will say one game doesnt determine the future of the SPL or the club, but it will start to force a few of them to admit we are a proper force again. If we do well in the cup it will also go a long way to restoring that, dispatching the teams from the SPL in the same style we are doing with our competition now it will again force them through gritted teeth to say 'Rangers are back'

    • Mate dont worry
      When we beat them thye will come out with all the SH8te exscuses under the sun, The fact of the matters is we will have beaten them & we can then say we are back, We will get better when we play better teams & i think that will start with a win over St Johnstone, I have been watchin them like a hawk & quite honestly we have the beating of them

  7. Don't give a flying fuck about the rest of Scottish football. We need to remember our treatment from these people. They can go to hell the lot of them

  8. are we that bad that we give a monkys ass about anyother team in scotland ? we will never forget what they all done to us in the past we are cummin all you lot better get used to that!!! every last one o them will regret what they all aggreed to do to us we have a very long memory it will catch up with you W.A.T.P

    • Well TBH I would hope he would have signed a good 3year contract, but i would like to see that sorted out next year as he will deserve an extension for getting us up, Then hopefully the year after that he will get another extension for winning the premier League!!!

    • its only a matter of time before the english top tier comes calling…..european experience the big draw for Warburton, rangers can offer him that in the very near future…lets hope thats enough to make him stay….. onwards and upwards for W+W !!!

  9. They all wanted us gone but they all need our away support for ticket sales, I only go to home games but if I were an away supporter I would seriously reconsider giving my hard earned to the Teams who have nothing but contempt for us, where do my fellow bears stand on this?

  10. I disagree i want us to win every game in this league & go up as Unbeaten Champs, let see what they say about that, I am desperate for us to beat St Johnstone then hopefully get a [so called] Bigger club & demolish them, I'm like a wean at xmas i just cant wait til the next game. After all the dross we have had to put up with this is great!!

  11. Scottish football know Rangers are back but who knows for how long after all that has went on some one said to me,Who owns Rangers,white bought the club then green bought the club but both may not ever have owned Rangers FC so if white and green and co never owned RFC by Law and have committed a crime and they go to jail then who owns Rangers FC Sir David Murray still owns Rangers but he is skint can the TAX man come back for his money and every one else that Sir David Murray is due money, help me out here tell this is not going bust us again.

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