Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Why Rangers fans are buying into Mark Warburton

Last night’s loss to St Johnstone was disappointing, but the relative lack of knee-jerk negative reaction from Rangers fans gives some idea as to how the fanbase is buying into Mark Warburton’s vision for the Club.

Few fans expected an overnight fix, but if you asked the majority before the trip to Easter Road in July their opinion of 11 wins and one defeat by the twilight of September, well, no words needed.

Before Warburton took charge Rangers had no scouting network, a glut of rubbish on the wage bill, and no clear direction.

While the scouting network remains worryingly absent, the other two components have been dramatically overturned, and after 12 matches, to only have failed to win on a solitary occasion is testament to the difference being witnessed.

Supporters trust Warburton – yes, last night was far from in line with the positive impact he has made, but the relative absence of overriding negativity from supporters following such a loss gives a glimpse of that trust.

Few would pretend this Rangers squad is ready for the SPL. All promoted teams require signings to sustain progress, and to improve the quality of the squad for the step up. Perhaps some thought it was immediately prepared, and thankfully last night taught them that Rangers remain a work in progress.

It is evident that Rangers are leaps and bounds the best team in the Championship, and if all is pure and holy will win the league convincingly – but translating that to the step up that the SPL demands will require corresponding personnel improvements. It would also be the fourth different league in four seasons that Warburton has managed in so he is having to learn different standards and teams at a rate of knots.

The whole experience is a learning curve, but Warburton has earned the right to be given plenty of time to prepare this squad, this Club for next season.

A fine response to last night’s loss would be a convincing dispatch of fifth-placed Morton on Sunday, and one can only imagine that is what Rangers will manage.


  1. We lacked intelligence last night in both our attacking and defensive structure. For weeks we have seen inside and outside runs on the flank and piercing runs through the middle but last night and the previous two matches against Livingston and Dumbarton we haven't seen that urgency in the final third.

    Defensively we've been caught out against Hibs already, even though they never scored they had terrific opportunities to do so. St Johnstone should've been at least 3 - 0 up at HT and that would've been a fair scoreline.

    I'd calm down the attacking prowess of Tav and Wallace and give them the role of support instead of attack so we can solidify out defence for confidence purpose at least. Certain games they can push up again

    1. I hear this point but Tav scoring or Wallace has kick started quite a few matches now, if its not broke dont fix it, and this bit working well a decent dmc is a good answer to the issue and MW is more than aware of this. It will come together just might be January before we see the final installnebt as Eustace seems to be a non starter.

  2. There is still a gulf between us just now and the SPL when both teams lined up you could see how strong in physical prescence St Johnstone looked compared to many in the championship they gave us a lesson in clinical finishing we definetly need quality can't rely on full backs we need to penetrate faster at goal not tippy tippy Nathan needs to be more direct and stop twirling he is still young granted but get direct to goal. War burton has done well thus far but needs to spend in January agree the fans last night were first class we know we are just at the beginning of a new journey, Morton will be tough on Sunday be a great game to win away from home and get the team refocused. WATP

    1. Why do we need to spend in January, this team is good enough to win the league they are in .Any spend should be in August when we can attract better players for the Premiership.
      I think Tuesday exposed the three concerns we have had all season .
      1/ Two centre backs play too square and have a serious lack of pace (especially Kiernan) , perhaps time to give Ball a longer run.
      2/ Too open and lightweight in midfield ,Halliday is the only defensive presence ,so it is too easy to run at the defence. Eustace would help in this area , if he ever gets fit.
      3/ Need a real striker , Miller is past it and Waghorn likes to drift wide.
      The team have been great , but this would improve things further.

  3. I think it was a good reality check & I agree with the previous comment & maybe reign in Tav a wee bit but TBH I think he was the best player on the park last night & i wouldnt want to hold him back to much as we need his goals, I was very dissapointed with ZEL & ODU I was expecting better from them Zel seems to get the ball spin round for a wee bit then does a wee short pass
    ODU seemed to run into a dead end I think he should take a shot & try & get a goal,
    HoweverI loved ZELs strike on goal very impressive, But all in all were still a work in progress so just keep plugging away

  4. oh yeah this is just what we needed getting pumpted by a shite saints team that even ally could beat if you listen to the press this is just what was needed warbo will learn a lot from this game learn he fuckin better and quick the first time he has to play a team with a plan he s fuckin lost he was the same last season good going forward but not a clue at the back as I say fuckin clueles

    1. back to the piggery,preferably with carbolic soap and pass round your fellow manky mob,thanks for showing an interest in the worlds most successful club.In Warburton we trust,onwards and upwards...................

  5. all this crap about reality check,get a grip,there aint no difference between the ones at the piggery,aberdeen,morton,hibs,the difference is we are the best in this country,and before anyone says get real,we had a bad night end of,it wont happen again,stop being so pessimistic.NO SURRENDER.

  6. Finally someone speaking sense, what game were u awl watching??? An spl team playing defensive footballl against a championship side hardly speaks volumes for the spl.i also take u back to the europa cup run didnt we play defensivly every game and get scrutinised for anti football yet the saints did it last night and its outstanding.....get a grip people, fast forward 6 months and a more gelled rangers would have won that game, nearly 70 % possession triple the amount of attempts on target, bar the ball going in was hardly the worst night, well done rangers, excellent effort for a 3 month team

  7. He needs around 35 million or it will not be worth going up,to get put back down,manager is ok but he needs to spend cash now.

  8. The defence was awful, been getting away with it against part time teams, now found out by a portfolio St Johnstone team.........ST Johnstone, not Real Madrid.

    Wallace, Kiernan and Wilson were all posted missing. Holt and Halliday both went into hiding as soon as we went behind.

    I exempt Tavernier from criticism given what he brings to the team going forward.........take away Waghorn penalties and Tav is our top scorer by a mile, which tells it's own story.

    I don't believe for a minute that Warbs will be given a war chest by King in's obvious that he has no money that he can legitimately get out of South Africa. So stand by for more of the same free transfers and lower English league rejects.

    The strong rumour that Taylor funded King's shareholding purchase won't go away and he wants repaid.

    The 3 bears loans are due for repayment in December plus of course the Ash loan remains hovering over the assets of the club.

    Level 5 is charging a fortune to keep the news coming out of Ibrox positive but Weir coming out and saying that getting knocked out of the league cup could be a blessing in disguise!

    Will that be the same attitude when we get humiliated in the Scottish Cup or worse if we exit the Petrofac?

    The latest news that Green's legal fees are part of his former contract is no surprise. Charles really did a job on us yet some fools still support him.

    Promotion is a certainty unless King's promises turn out to be just hot air. We require more than £10m to see us through till May otherwise admin 2 is inevitable.

    Who is going to pony up........not the 3 bears, that well has dried up. No share issue possible because of the pending court cases so that leaves King.

    Does anyone actually still believe that he's going to put his children's inheritance into the club?

    The great start to the season on the park is not going to make up the financial shortfall that everyone knows is coming.

    Does King think that crashing the bus and taking a 15 point deduction is the answer?

    It would be great for the fans if King laid out his plans to get us to the end of the season perhaps without the window dressing provided by Level 5.

    No one likes bad news but ignoring the impending financial crisis, and there will be one, is crazy.

  9. 18.41 what a load of rubbish.

    King will make his investment as promised and it's going to be significantly more than the numbers originally quoted as he has approached a number of high net worth fans who are going to match King's
    investment pound for pound.


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