Warburton muddies the water over John Eustace


Mark Warburton today possibly let slip that on-trial midfielder John Eustace has a finite timescale in which to prove his fitness before Rangers may consider their options regarding the former Derby man.

Eustace, 35, has been on trial at Murray Park for over two months after the initial proposed four weeks, and during that time has suffered a number of injury setbacks and found himself employed under a coaching umbrella, giving invaluable feedback and advice to the younger players, with Andy Halliday especially giving him lavish praise.

However, Warburton’s patience with the engine-room anchor could be finally starting to tell and as much as he wants to secure him as a player signing, has implied the player’s time may be running out.

He said:

“John wants to be a player. He’s got so much to offer. John wants to prove himself fit and we’ll go from there. He’s working very hard to get fit, I hope very much that’ll be the case and if he does he’ll be a real influence for us.”

But added:

“Yes I have (a timescale he’ll be fit by), but I’ll absolutely not (share it).”

Whether this means he knows categorically when Eustace will be fit, or whether it means Eustace has until X date to prove himself at Ibrox is slightly unclear.


  1. Just a wee mention regarding rangers settling up with our former manager ally mccoist today,I'm a glasgow rangers season ticket holder of close to 40 years now and have been going to watch my beloved rangers since I was knee high to a grasshopper and would just like to state I still & always will regard the super one ally mccoist as a rangers great & legend and is woven into the glasgow rangers fabric for evermore,as a manager/coach he came up short imo but he's our greatest ever goalscorer for god's sake!No one hardly ever mentions the sacrifices he made for the good of rangers at the beginning of his managerial tenure,they mention all the negative stuff all the time,the super one wasn't a particularly good manager but that's the only thing in life he's failed at,even mccoist can't be good at everything,no matter which job path ally mccoist now chooses to go down I will always wish him all the very best of luck

    • agree with you robert …I just wish the people who are judging him now on what they know would wait till we get the full picture…myself ive been a fan since the early 60s and i love the gers…ally will always be a rangers legend.

  2. When one considers the stuff that the Rangers board has to work through at present it is amazing that they have been able to get the supporters focus back on to the football while they, the board, get on with the painstaking task of securing the club;s future.
    The appointment of Mark Warburton and David Weir has been a master stroke. Their achievements, in such a short period, have been astonishing. I for one, am prepared to leave all the other stuff to the board. Apart from the heartbreak, of recent years, the whole off-field stuff has been doing my head in. I do not envy the board in having to continue to work through what must look like a 'dog's breakfast, such is the mess, but I am grateful toward them for their efforts.
    Thank you, as well, Mark Warburton, David Weir, the Players and all the staff at Ibrox for the work behind the scenes, on all matters. The football is a joy to watch. Onward and Upward.
    C'mon the Gers!

  3. as I stated earlier the only reason he has went for a settlement is because it suits him and lets him start his job as a tv pundit as for all the things he sacrificed for his £850000 a year dont kid yourself any cut he got in his pay was paid back to him as you say he wont be forgotten for his playing days but other wise he has much to do to get back the respect of the fans

  4. Robert

    I too have followed Rangers for 49 years and my first season ticket was a result of Mo Johnston signing season ticket book burning protests. So I grew up watching McCoist.

    I however have a totally different view of him to you. Judas that is exactly what he is then and now only instead of

    The "negative stuff" namely lying about not knowing his 800k salary in the contract he "nevur read" aye right, like the support he gave Whyte/Green/Mather/Stockbridge/Easdales you name the crooks Ally welcomed them one and all as long as that 800k was pouring into his bank account. At least Judas only took 30 pieces of silver in a one off deal, McCoist took 3,200,000 pieces of silver and continues to long after Rangers were 'crucified' draining us of 65000 pieces of silver every month.

    His "coaching/managent" … "skills" have been the worst ever encountered by most Rangers fans in their lifetimes, and many believe the worst football in our long history.

    Legend – John Grieg, Legend – Sandy Jardine, Legend Bill – Struth, Legend – Jock Wallace, Legend Willie Waddell, Legend – Ally McCoist ? DO NOT MAKE ME LAUGH AND PLEASE DO NOT INSULT THESE GENUINE RANGERS LEGENDS BY INCLUDING THAT JUDAS

    We all stand accountable as men at the end of the day and for me McCoist is no longer even a Rangers great he is a former player that disgraced himself and nearly destroyed Rangers with his financial rewards and by giving every old pal possible a meal ticket and pension fund whilst producing the worst football in our 143 year history losing us millions in gate revenue and Cup Winning financial rewards.

    So sorry Robert he will never ever be a Legend in my eyes and this weeks stage managed PR exercise by Team McCoist will fool not one Rangers fan, obviously you excepted 😉

    Good Ridance

    • angus…..how dare you attack superally like that …you know f, all about his situation with rangers…until we all know something concrete,then i would suggest you extract your head from your arse,unless of course you are the type that live there all the time.

    • Exactly – nothing else needs be said, except, maybe if he never read his contract how did he know he was entitled to the money for a year after quitting????????????

    • Angus you have nailed McCoist nicely he has a new job in the offing hence why he wants to settle. Fabulous player who unfortunately will be rememberd for bein just another leech given he has taken over three million pounds in wages and shares and contributed nothing other than supporting all the other leeches who have passed through.

  5. never mind the magic hat I think king thinks we all wear the dunces hat to believe that load of lies put up or shut up mr king

    • How can he "put up" any more than he has done, or the three bears for that matter, in the present circumstances?
      When all the court cases are sorted out there's no telling who will be in charge of the club and any resources that are put directly into the club's coffers.
      Would you put direct investment money into the club that could be given to any number of parties?
      As things stand we face the possibility that the club will be given back to Whyte. to BDO, to David Murray or it could remain as it is.
      Even if it remains as it is, where is that, exactly? Do you know? because the current board don't. Who's behind Blue Pitch and Margarita Holdings.
      The current board have got the votes for now, but is that vote 'rock solid'? Could a takeover be launched by the people who had control before the current board took over? If so could they have enough 'hidden votes' to succeed in any such attempt?
      Is it possible that the past controllers allowed the present board in hoping they'd put direct funding (not loans) into the club, which then would be the property of the club, then they could stage a counter takeover and get control of those funds?
      Do you know any of the answers to these things? Do you know, for definite, not just your opinion, why the current board are making loans rather than direct investment?
      Do you think that they know a bit more about any risks that the club has than you do?

    • Utter nonsense, the pair of you. There's more chance of me being the next pope than the club being given back to Whyte. Get back to your own sites where they love to read that kind of rubbish.

    • I'm a dyed in the wool Rangers supporter ya fuckin muppet. Brigton born, Brigton bred.

      The facts are that nobody can say what the outcome of these various court cases will be. The board don't even know. Nobody will know until all these matters are settled by the law.
      The ownership of oldco, its business, including Ranger Football Club, and the assets is already being challenged by the company once owned by Whyte. If any or all of the police charges are proven then the legality of all transactions will be called into question.
      So you haven't got a fuckin clue what will happen or not. I doubt even a hot-shot lawyer would rule anything out. Some have already stated that this will be the biggest case ever heard in Scotland. Bigger and more complicated than the Lockerbie disaster case. Not as important but bigger in scale.
      So stick yer Pope's hat on ya muppet. That's the same one that your teacher gave you at that schoolyou went to. The hat with the bid 'D' on it.

    • Being from Brigton doesn't mean you're anything special, ya fuckin muppet. Sure, there's a lot to be sorted out, but the chances of the club going back to Whyte are less than zero and it doesn't need any hot-shot lawyer to know that. If you're a genuine Rangers supporter, you should be concentrating on the good things that are happening to the club, not speculating about conspiracies and takeovers. Support your team and forget about trying to fill people's heads with nonsense.

  6. Dave King doesn't need to "put up". He certainly needs to shut up though. Everytime he graces us with his presence he is all over the media spouting bullshit. The team is playing some lovely football. We have a cracking management team who are finally doing things the right way, the Rangers way. Or what used to be the Rangers way before blowhard like Murray,Whyte, Green etc etc etc.

    Not all of us believe the hype Dave so gees peace.

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