Time to admit the threat Hibs now pose to Rangers


While Rangers enjoy a 100% record in the league, and just that one defeat all season to St Johnstone in the Cup, it is time to concede that Hibernian really are a threat and not to be taken lightly.

They have lost three matches this season – two to Rangers, and one at Dumbarton, where Rangers too struggled. While the opening competitive match of the season ended up a demolition of Stubbs’ men, it took till James Tavernier’s screaming free kick for Rangers to finally gain a foothold in the match, which, up till then, had been all Hibernian.

Even the 1-0 league win at Ibrox took a magical free kick from the same man to break Hibs down and the possession stat which followed that match remains Rangers’ least impressive all season.

The point is that after the pointing and laughing at Hibernian being in the bottom three after a couple of matches, they are now justifiably third with an increasingly strong record – it includes beating an in-form Aberdeen side (who top the SPL) with a shut-out to boot.

The same happened last year – after a slow start to life in the Championship, Hibernian picked up and finished second. Now they are third, and looking easily the biggest threat to Rangers.

Forget the bad blood between the two sides and all the nonsense which has gone on – from a football sense, they are a genuine thorn in Rangers’ side, and it is only a matter of time before they overtake Falkirk.

Do not be surprised to see QoS travel to the Bairns and cause an upset – Falkirk will be reeling from that humiliation at Ross County and their confidence will be shot. If any side outwith Rangers and Hibernian can beat Falkirk on their own patch, it would be James Fowler’s men. So that overtake could happen this weekend.

But this is conjecture. What is not, however, is Hibs’ current form. Since losing at Ibrox they have recorded five straight wins, and look to be hitting a real stride. While everyone is impressed with Rangers’ record this season, another unconvincing match on Sunday would give Hibernian impetus to believe they can win the title this season.

Should they beat St Mirren, and they should, it will cut Rangers’ lead to 6 points, putting critical pressure on the trip to Cappielow to restore the 9-point gap.

This is why Rangers need their form back, and why Hibernian are not to be taken lightly.

Not any more.


  1. I said it before but if Hibs had a decent striker in our first league encounter they would have ran out convincing winners, so hopefully that gubbing by St. Johnstone will force out defence to work harder. Wes Foderingham had another very strange one in that match very early on.

    But as Warbs said 11 wins from 11, lets not panic just yet.

  2. Hibs have just won 5 consecutive matches and all have been shut outs. The last goal they conceded was against us and that game could have ended differently if hibs had finished the chances they created. At present, we are 9 points clear, but hibs have a game in hand against Falkirk and will likely beat them. If we pick up injuries and our squad is weakened, we could have a real struggle on our hands. We only have to look at last season and an over confident attitude. We just saw off hibs in the play offs and then got hammered by a poor motherwell side.

  3. Hibs r a threat,me personally thinks that rangers r 3 injurys away from a crisis,I know warburton likes wafer thin squads but I don't think he will get away with that up here,especially if rangers want to in all competitions,we will not win the Scottish cup that's a no no,petrofic cup or what ever it called is probably our best hope of a cup,the league itself,we have moron on Sunday, a really tough game,31st of October we have his at easter road,a lot of things could change because I hink his have got the bit between there teeth

  4. Yep Hibs could be a threat but not as much as a 25 point deduction if King fails to step up and meet the financial shortfall about to engulf us.
    The great improvement brought about by Warbs on tye park has allowed the lack of investment by King to be forgotten by most fans.

    We are still losing money, hand over ✊, and if Green ring fences what little ST monies remaining then that could be the tipping point.

    Once again King is feeding the media porkies…..one minute there's nothing in the Green story, next day it's all over the press and TV.

    Green was an expert in writing contracts……..having Director insurance is part and parcel of business. If Green goes to court with a valid contract then the result is a foregone conclusion, no matter what King says about defending the action.

    • Hysterical still pissing myself laughing why is it anonymous wankers like you and the lowlife tims and trolls are still talking pure and utter garbage Rangers are bringing down costs hugely smaller squad 12 overpaid wasters gone and a tighter wages tructure, 35000 seasons plus selling out a good few home games. Back in SPFL next season with all that entails financially ie 45000 seasons 4 x Celtic games with TV and advertising hugely boosted. After Green and co found Guilty which is 100% guaranteed according to friends I have that are aware of exactly the fraud carried out, millions will be retrieved as he Ashley contract will be torn up Green sold that for pennies for under counter million in cash He did not as a Director represent Rangers interests on top of the fraud. So Retail deal will all be redone benefiting Rangers. All this totals multi millions and costs vastly reduced with zero debts and Stadium/Auchenhowie owned Ashley will NOT be getting his £5m either he will be walking away rather than be dragged down with Green abnd the Fraudsters that were part of the Board then…. So as comment says SHUT THE FUCK UP and if you going to spout pish try not hiding anonymously like all your scumbags do.

    • Green can only collect for his legal costs IF Rangers have INSURANCE and have maintained that insurance policy. If they have he'd also have to be found Not Guilty to have a hope of being reimbursed.
      Any contract to indemnify a director against criminal proceedings is voided, unless the company has insurance to pay any costs in a criminal case. If there is no insurance then the contract is voided.
      Even if there is insurance he must win his case in order for the insurance company to pay out. If he is convicted then the contract is voided.
      This case will bankrupt Green and the rest of them even if they walk. It will be the biggest case of its type in Scottish legal history. The costs will be huge.
      Green might be asking for Rangers to activate an insurance claim for legal costs before charges were laid. However, it looks like he will have to win his case before any insurance claim can be lodged for expenses arising since he has been charged.

  5. They have our Player of the Year from last year playing in the shirt he followed as a boy, and this could turn out to be MW's first mistake in letting him go.

    Is five shut out's purely coincidence, particularly when our defence is showing a few chinks just now!

  6. Ffs….I thought I had been taken onto a septic forum page…….a couple of shaky performances and suddenly the world has ended or the Edinburgh tims have turned into Barcelona????…..get a grip all I've heard since Tuesday is how our season could fall apart??…..Hibs are and always will be bottlers….the play offs showed that…..the magic hat and sir davie will turn these couple of below par performances around very quickly……that I have NO doubt…….ffs get a grip guys yes we got beat 3-1 with a team who are always in the top 6 ……but we had 60 odd % possession …..wise up a wee bit against counter attacks and we'll b fine!! WATP.

    • I'm with you Sandy. Our form has dipped for sure, but if anyone gave us this scenario 3 months ago I think you'd bite their hand off.

      We will tighten up at the back and we'll start banging goals in again. As for hivs, 8 goals in 6 games? I think the points tally might be clouding their form a little bit as well. I fancy Falkirk to cause them problems.

      In any case, we welcome the chase.

    • Totally agree, we can't disregard the shakiness of the last few weeks but Warbs and Weir are no mugs, they can see that too. The lads they brought in have done a great job for us and they are obviously talented footballers….give them the chance to gel, adapt and respond…c'mon Bears…

  7. Some of the comments on here have me struggling to believe there from real bears. Septic trolls maybe?? Go away timmy. Worry about your own manky mob…. In Warbs (& King) we trust! WATP….cant wait for next game

    • I agree some of these comments make you wonder ,in fact they should go and support Hibs,better without them.WATP LOL

  8. 60 odd percent of the the possession is all very well, but it means hee haw if the opposition have 75 percent of the goals at the end of the match.

  9. Hibs should be a threat they are an SPL team. Stubbs is the weak link as they do have talent there. Rangers are the better team. Hibs are aware. There is no drop in form just football. Teams play well and on their day anyone can beat anyone. Lets not fuel the debate and there is certainly no need for panic lets just enjoy the season. We need a DMC that tracks back, Halliday didnt against StJ and we were punished fair and square. We split our two centre backs and we are constantly exposed because of it. We play this way and are 2 players short in my view atm. Murdoch in my opinion needs recalled to play the anchor man regista role. We will win the championship, Stubbs alone will manage Hibs out of the race with his poor tactical choices he was a crap defender and is a woeful manager.

  10. Well said Sandy. Couldn`t agree more m8. St Johnstone played a clever game and caught us with our pants down. Its no big deal. Warbs n Weir will learn more from that one game than all 11 wins put together. With wins and good performances comes higher expectation but we have to let our young team learn their trade. This is what we all wanted. A young hungry exciting team. And don't forget after we got our goal Waggy put that header just wide when the stadium was rocking and Odowa hit the bar. I still felt we had a chance at 3-0 down. That speaks for itself. Our young team learned they have to play a smarter game against better opposition but we did play well and continued to try to do the right things. The league is our bread and butter 100% so far.


  11. Hibs can be a threat if they like, I don't care who or where the threat come from…we have good people in charge, but you have to give them time, even good people take time to settle and that's both managers and footballers….Warbs can do more more about bringing others in until the window opens again, so be patient till then, give him and the boys a chance to respond…they're good…good people respond well….We Are The People!

  12. who gives a shit about the st johnstone game,it was just bad luck,we will win the Scottish cup and be in Europe next year,we will take 4 or 5 of Morton tomorrow,and we will beat celtic or anyone else in the top diddy league next time we play any of them,as for hibs who cares?good result for us against st johnstone as a win would have maybe got spurs sniffing about warburton as there clown manager will be sacked soon.

  13. I tend to agree, Warburton has assembled a team of good quality players with virtually no funds to do the job but our central defence is a major problem and we need a quality holding midfield player to protect them. That is why a fit Eustace would be so important to us and it would also allow us to move Halliday further forward which I believe would have a significant effect on the team. We are also lacking in an out and out goal scoring centre forward and other than our youngsters we have very little in reserve. Miller is no more than an impact player, Shiels and Law will never be Rangers players and we have no back up in defence.

  14. Respect to you real Bears fans giving Hibs credit.
    Let's be honest though. You guys can only get stronger come the end of January. The league's yours to lose but we Hibees should look forward to the playoffs with a lot more confidence than last season. A big support to the Premierships second worst team should have the team and players buzzing. If we don't make it then we deserve to be a "Championship" club for another season. In the meantime let's just enjoy the fact we still have one of the biggest games in Scottish football. Hopefully we'll be playing each other in the "big" league next year. Don't scoff!! More than one Rangers fan has told me they love the game at Easter Road.

  15. Look,this is an established team Hibs have who remain largely intact from last season and we're a better side ffs!We are the ones with the scope for improvement,the group have only been together a few months so let's put an end to this whingin.

  16. One question: Why is the Falkirk v Hibs game scheduled for 5th September not being played until 20th October,how many opportunities will have passed by the time the game gets played?

    Answer Hibs saw an opportunity to get momentum by not playing it at the first opportunity,hopefuly it will fully backfire and Falkirk will have recovered from their Ross County drubbing and take points from them

    They could play this midweek,why is not being played ?

    Won`t work anyway by the time we go to Easter Road on 1st November the league will be all but over

  17. Hibs don't have the quality to match Rangers. We will coast this division and hibs will continue to drop points against weaker teams than themselves. I don't agree with this article. Consistency is the key and Hibs look to be a very inconsistent side. The same can not be said about this Rangers side. How did Hibs get on today?

  18. The blog exalting this Hibs team seems a bit premature in view of the result today. The truth is that they are an OK team without the mental resolve to get over the finishing line – perennial bottlers against Hamilton and us last season. I just don't see them being a threat to us – remember this team are just getting to know each others style of play and once everything clicks in place we will be some unit. Sure there will be blips on the way, but as long as we learn from these then I cannot see anyone challenging us in the Championship this season.

  19. I thought hibs would be better this year as they've been a complete unit for a while as we haven't but they haven't kicked on at all and haven't improved at all and we have improved tenfold, doubt the MANKY MOB without the busfares will pose us many problems this season WATP

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