This is who Rangers fans picked as Warburton’s best signing


The results are in. The votes have been cast, and we have a clear winner. Yesterday ran a poll to see which of Mark Warburton’s summer signings was the most popular; the most highly rated, quite simply your choice for ‘best’.

Would it be the creativity of Arsenal’s on-loan youngster Gedion Zelalem? Perhaps the fancy footwork of Tottenham’s brilliant winger Nathan Oduwa? What about the hard-working graft of boyhood Ranger Andy Halliday? Unfortunately lads, none of you came close.

Your winner, with a colossal 66% of the vote, and utter runaway winner, was Mr James Tavernier, whose astonishing goals, marauding runs, and superb link-up play with midfield earns him the title of:

“ Readers’ Player of the Season So Far”

There is a long way to go and other players will emerge at Ibrox, and it must be emphasised that the team unit here is the reason Warburton’s Rangers machine works so well. All of the players have played a part, but Tavernier is your pick of the brilliant bunch so far.


  1. *New signing of the season so far.
    If it's player of the season so far, Tavernier might still win it but he'd have competition from some of the existing players, e.g McKay and Wallace.

  2. I have to disagree with you ibrox noise…most of your blogs have been spot on but in this case tav is only part of a rangers machine that has been designed to wipe the floor with opponents…every player in the rangers squad have won…you cant pick out individuals,even though we tend to do that,because it takes away from the others…dont get me wrong he is a very very good player and deserves recognition,but so do the rest.but ime glad you recognise that "the team unit is the reason warburtons rangers machine works so well"

  3. Bullshit a want a recount andy halliday should have won it hands down, 66% a fuckin glory hunters on here can't see the bigger picture, if a can't get a recount any chance you can get me a signed andy halliday shirt a know you have connections wink wink

    • Your a fuckin whopper mate just cos who you picked didny win doesnt mean the rest are gloryhunters! Away wipe yet tears ya imbicile n grow the fuck up everyone obv had a different opinion than you! Oohh hes the blue cafu hes the blue cafu…

  4. I think most fans realise that the team as a whole far outweigh any individual performances. That said we are fans and we are allowed our own little games. Tav has been a standout alongside Odowa, Zelalem, Wallace, Haliday, Waghorn, Holt, and Makay, The rest have been great too with even Kenny Miller looking like a player "The manager really does have a magic hat!!". Ibrox noise is not picking out one player. Its more about giving us fans something to talk about and something to discuss. Tav was my pick but the really really great thing just now about this Rangers team is he was run close by at least 5 other player is my book and that's why we`re putting the fear of death into every club we play and every club waiting for us in prem. Make no mistake. They all know what`s coming. We`re going for 55 and it doesn't look like anything can stop us.

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