This is what Warburton said about the ‘unbeaten’ question…


Rangers’ form might be stunningly immaculate, but do not ask Rangers if it will last. Mark Warburton is insistent that going unbeaten or winning every match this season is absolutely not something the players think about or discuss, and that every single match is to be taken on a step-by-step basis.

Asked whether he believed Rangers could go unbeaten, as they did in the Third Division, Warburton swatted it aside.

“It’s not something we will talk about. From our focus you can’t say we’re going one game at a time then talk about targets longer term. Our targets have to be each match, take it as it comes, deal with it, get the three points hopefully and move forward from there.”

As it should be.

He went onto add that longer term targets focus on ‘environment and structure here (at Ibrox/Murray Park)’ rather than form, because, of course, the former, if set up correctly, is conducive to the latter being at its best too.


  1. So there could be a truth in the Record story today about Celtic having to write to their own fans due to the ODOUR COMPLAINTS!!

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