The best £65,000 Rangers have ever spent?


Even in Rangers’ recent times of financial frugality, the notion of paying sub-£100,000 for a player has been rather alien.

The Wigan pair cost around £600,000 together, and Rob Kiernan was speculated around £300,000 to come to Ibrox.

So when one looks at one of the best signings made in the transfer window, Jason Holt, and reflects on the fact his signing was barely heralded on any level while costing a measly £65,000 ‘development fee’, one has to concede this former Hearts player has been an absolute steal and an absolute revelation, albeit a quiet one.

Holt does not grab the headlines. He is not a flashy shiny player like an Oduwa or Zelalem (no disrespect to either of them, we all love them both) – instead, he is the quiet, hard-working link man who connects midfield to attack and never wastes the ball.

Overlooking the fact he contributes goals to the cause is his off-ball movement and on-ball productivity. Yesterday he nailed a goal from a fine Zelalem assist, but if we look back to the Hibernian match at Ibrox, he found himself in a tussle with Lewis Stevenson (at left back) and not only outmuscled the Hibs defender, but dribbled the ball beautifully along the sideline and nearly set up a goal.

Holt, aged only 22, has been an absolute bargain, and a truly vital cog to the Warburton machine.

The one attribute he has more than any other is dogged persistence. As the above example mentioned, he is the type to fight in a scrap and keep going till he wins. Add his composed link play, goals, support of both attack and defence (he is more than willing to help out at the back) and it is easy to see why he is one of the first names on Warburton’s team sheets.

The fact he can also coast with the ball, retain it, and support everyone else only compliments his positive contribution otherwise.

Yesterday Kyle Hutton came on for Queen of the South and his first contribution was to smash Oduwa from behind.

We now have the likes of Jason Holt.

What a difference a manager makes.


  1. Just fantastic Holt and everyone else that has come in, and not forgetting the very good players that McCoist saw no good in that were already at the club !! Best Christmas present for 2015 seeing the back of McCoist and knowing he's picked up his last drop of blood from the wages office. 3 wasted years !!!!!!!

  2. Money doesn't always bring success,Warburton has built a solid unit,in January and next summer players will come in as the 3 loan signings will be away,ajax and auxerre have been doing it for years,the downfall unfortunately teams will be in for our players but that will generate money

  3. You could be right here the boy looks good, as for hutton he took us for a lot of money & did jack in return so i wish him all the best next season in the Championship, That is if Queen of the South dont rumble how cr*p he is & ship him out.

  4. At 5.5% the cost of Tore Andre Flo, he seems like the signing of the season.

    Fantastic bursts of pace see him make space and leave defenders for dead.

  5. And respect where its due to Hearts who didn't squabble over the money to spite Rangers, unlike their city "rivals".

  6. Just to echo your comments regarding jason holt here,I said when we signed him that he was a terrific wee player and I rate him highly, he reminds me so much of a certain young ian durrant and what a compliment that is to give young holt,imo he'll only get better & better,great signing by the 'magic hat'!

  7. I think QoS would give many premier teams a hard time at home, including our city rivals. Rangers are looking a class act, still in the refining process, which is great as it can only improve. Warburton/Weir appointment was the best decision the club has made in many long years and the men who decided on them obviously have the interests of Rangers at heart, which is reassuring as much as it is exciting looking forward.

  8. I am not doubting holt's ability but I think I know why hearts let him go which is he goes missing for parts of the game, now as I say not doubting his ability he is very good when on the ball but think back to Sunday's game when zelalem had the ball which was most of the time, the ball mostly went out wide hardly any give & goes between him & Holt, when they did link up bang goal, Robert a couple of post up compared him to young ian durrant & I see where he is coming from & who better for holt to have a word with than our under 20's manager but I agree 65k well spent

  9. Hold on a moment – Tam McLean only cost £65k and he's a class of player far above Holt despite his fine start with us.

  10. Best signing without doubt has never taken to the field. The two sitting watching in W&W management team. They have brought a professional level back to the club that was missing. Instead of players weary to take to the field like with Ally these new guys are like Pit Bull’s straining on a leash to get on that park and show what they can do. They simply cant wait after a week of good training to get a good run out. If they make a mistake it will be addressed nothing more if they look disinterested and going through the motions they will be shown the gate at Murray Park. But yes Holt looks a steal!

  11. I agree fully I think he is a great player he never stops trying to find holes in opposition's defence we have been crying out for a player to do this for many years and he can only get better.

  12. I think Waghorn is a far better signing than any other player. I think his work rate and how he tracks back is impressive. He is scoring too and his confidence will grow – i truly believe he is English Premiership quality and we may struggle to hold onto this guy at the end of the season. This guy cost Leicester 3 million from Sunderland ans was moved on when they bought Gyan. With 5 U21 England caps to his name he was seen as one for the future. Roy Keane has previously heaped praise on the player, predicting that he would have a "long and successful career". Although Keane isn't a particularly good manager his experience at Utd will mean he can spot potential having been surrounded by it so often. Holt I agree was a good signing but I can't wait till Waghorn settles.

    • Stuart totally agree with this assessment of waghorn what has went unnoticed is the amount of passes he has made that have put players in positions were they can make the final assist, Sunday was classic example how he dropped deep to get the ball & then he played a great ball for McKay who provided halliday for first goal

  13. Whats the best part of it all is WE can finally talk about good things with the team instead of wishes, W/W have done an outstanding job so far and really show that Ally just couldn't cut it as a manager. I love the guy but am truly glad he went to gardening lol

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