Statistical breakdown – McCoist v Warburton – the results will surprise you…


With 8 wins of 8 and some absolutely glorious football, Rangers fans are toasting the fare from Ibrox this season and particularly the endeavours of our brilliant new manager, Mark Warburton.

And quite rightly; this is some of the best football Rangers have produced in decades, even if the opponent is Alloa and not Aberdeen – equally we have Barrie McKay and not Brian Laudrup.

That said, decided on a statistical breakdown of Warburton’s electric start compared with the start made last season by ex-manager Ally McCoist.

Naturally, Warburton absolutely stonks all over Ally, right? Actually, no! Surprisingly, despite the incredible upgrade in football, the stats are curiously not a huge chasm apart between both managers.

Let us take a look at the numbers of both initial 8 matches.

Possession (%):

Mark Warburton – 53 66 63 71 63 60 72 67 = average of 64%

Ally McCoist – 54 53 49 58 58 59 60 57 = average of 56%

This is clearly something of a gulf. While McCoist’s Rangers rarely went below 55%, it never got higher than 60 either. Warburton broke 70 twice and never went under 53.


Mark Warburton – 10 27 25 18 16 13 18 15 = 142 total shots

Ally McCoist – 12 10  9 24 22 10 17 20 = 124 total shots

Ok, there is an 18 shot gap here but 124 is still a fairly respectable number. Anyone thinking Warburton has double or even a third higher shots is off the mark.

Shots on target:

Mark Warburton – 6 13 10 8 8 5 9 7 = 66

Ally McCoist – 4 2 4 16 11 4 7 19 = 67

Yes, really – McCoist actually had more shots on target than Warburton!


Mark Warburton – 8 wins of 8

Ally McCoist – 7 wins of 8, one defeat


At no point are we saying McCoist comes close to being half the manager Warburton is. Warburton has rolled over Hibs, St Mirren and Queen of the South away, while McCoist’s most credible win was 0-2 away at Falkirk, with both goals being late.

Meanwhile Warburton’s brand of football has been some of the most aesthetically pleasing in living memory at Ibrox.

But for anyone who thinks Warburton’s stats (just stats) are just ridiculous compared to McCoist’s, might want to actually look at them.

Further disclaimer:

This is far from an attack on the wonderful Warburton, nor a supportive entry on McCoist – it is purely for factual and curiosity purposes.


  1. ally will always be a rangers great no matter what some think,,its just a great shame the way things went so wrong, WATP.

  2. Just shows what stats do for you, politicians use them all the time to back up their position whether it's good or bad…stats with tongue in cheek.

    • Ally's stats were pretty consistent…shots on goals will increase as would goals scored & goals lost but not much else. Both are in Warburtons favour.
      The biggest differences players ages & style of play.

    • I will give you a stat !! When McCoist was in charge the Rangers man in me couldn't wait for the game , all week i waited and 100% of the time the football he had the team playing had me sleeping inside 10 minutes . I don't sleep now during games . Spend your HARD earned wages well Ally your free pay days are coming to an end very soon.

    • No way can yous all be rangers fans on this. Most sound like the great unwashed. Ally not a great manager. Would have done far better if he had a chairman that wasn't a crook. There just to steal money. Honestly ally's been shafted more than anywon. Not as good a gaffer as warburton. But would have done a lot better with half a chance.

    • I hope I get shafted like Ally soon. 840k of shafted? He was the worst manager ever in our history. I don't care about stats. The game is about entertainment and winning. Both of which Warburton understands completely. Mcoist arms folded counting his money. He shafted us. I wouldn't see Ally in my way now.

  3. Advanced stats would be a lot more telling in MW's favour, as our possession now leads to shots in more advanced positions and better territorial advantages.

  4. what is the difference in goals?

    Having a superior shot on target rate is meaningless if you cant actually score.

    I still kinda feel sorry for Coisty, has he said a single word since he left?

    • No he hasn't. Which is why he shouldn't be judged until we get to hear what he has to say. Which, I believe will be when his contract expires.

    • The man is nothing more than a leech just like Green et al its not what he says that matters it's what he did and that was to line his own pockets and think only of himself.

  5. why would you try to compare McCoist team never ever played football the way the team is playing under Warburton Weir McCoist team was big punt up the middle pure shite ,never was a manager from day one .

  6. Interesting set of stats but shouldn't we be comparing with McCoist's first games in charge instead of last season? I also believe that Ally should get some credit with regard to the development of Barry McKay. He's been slated for sending him out on loan but look at the result. Isn't this why Warbs has sent young Murdoch on loan?

  7. Let's all follow follow and go forward and be the SAME most successful club instead of drowkcab thinking!!!! Watp

  8. Not true. We were in the premier when Ally took over and we're odds on for the title with a hefty points advantage by Xmas…then the sh*the hit the fan

  9. Events of last few day's have clearly shown just what difficult circumstances Ally was working under . Nobody would succeed with those fuckers in charge !

    • So true! Plus McCoist emptied the stadium while Warbs is filling it. Forget stats, your eyes and heart can see the gulf between the two of them.

  10. Ally m cost was a fantastic striker for rangers,great entertainer,but he didn't have it as a manager,mark Warburton is doing a fantastic job,I hope we take half a dozen of Raithrovers as they r starting there shit

  11. Reckon they should bring back Ally, everyone deserves a 2nd chance, warbs is too attack minded, we will get found out by better teams

  12. super ally was sinngle handedly running rangers fc and had to contend with a load of shit that was going on behind the scene when scumbag after scumbag were trying to destroy our club he stood strong for all rangers supporters trying his damndest to make sure the right thing be done by our club this was near impossible as the rats coming through the door were bleeding our club dry trying to sink us and while all this crap was going down super ally had to deal with the footballing side as well at the end of the day mc coist had to deal with a whole load of s…t and every rangers fan should be thanking him for his service and as far as im concerned what he did for our club makes him the GREATEST RANGER ever to live THANK YOU SUPPER ALLY

  13. Warburton.judge him when there is only four games left as it stands we are still here and won nothing yet.
    ally was always going be the loser with the clowns he had in power at rangers no matter what he did nothing came out as it should have,maybe in the next 3/4 games it will tell us how hard it is going be,we will go up i am sure of that but if we do not go up then Warburton must move on out he has had a free hand ally never got that chance to spend he worked with what he had at hand,could we better hearts points?or will we find that what we thought we where was wrong again.

  14. If you compare the results McCoist vs Warburton for the same 4 league opponents in the corresponding initial matches (i.e. Alloa, Hibs and QoS home or away) last season (with St Mirren replacing Hearts) the comparison is:

    Warburton Played 4, Won 4, Goals For 14 Goals Against 3 Points 12
    McCoist Played 4, Won 0. Drew 1, Lost 3, Goals For 3, Goals Against 8, Points 1

  15. But when we had McCoist & Co we were playing the bottom league teams so we should have been winning handsomely & having loads of shots on goal, I am more than happy with Warburton quite frankly we will do well to keep him the way he is going, And as for Ally well he was a good player but not a good manager

  16. One huge difference Ally didn't have the backing of a decent board. This reflects on the players available and the style. Warburton is a good coach and has a better style so would get the nod from me.

  17. "Oh Warburton is magic,
    He wears a magic hat,
    He could have stayed in England,
    But he said no fuck that,
    His assistant is Sir Davie,
    He's Rangers till he dies,
    And when we get promoted,
    We're going for 55."
    Ohhhh warburton is magic
    He wears a magic hat….

  18. Warbs has a young hungry talented energetic team on a fraction of the wages paid to allys underachievers. Ally will always be my hero…..but sadly he's never a coach…never mind a manager

  19. mr alisdair mcoist took the rangers managers job when really he should have walked away…he took the job because this was glasgow rangers,a club with so much history and tradition…how could he possibly turn it down he had been trained thoroughly by the old fox mr. walter smith… he surely knew he was very much up against it…the rats had gathered and taken control and were determined to rape our beautiful football club of its assets…he had no support over any thing he tried to do or change…they never listened seriously to him…fellow bears i want you to understand the man did the best he could…he did not let us down when we needed him…i hope that we dont have to wait for allys memiors to be published to find out why he took the actions he has…he will always be a rangers legend…WATP.

  20. I agree with you Camelonman to a certain extent. We know that McCoist started with a team put together in 24 hours. We know that he was hamstrung at every turn by bandits who cared more about the contents of their own pockets than what was being offered to the fans on the pitch. However, Ally has to shoulder the blame for some of the signings he made, his refusal to give the youngsters a fair chance, and the appalling long ball style of play. That said, Ally McCoist may yet prove to be of significant value to the ongoing investigations, knowing what he must know, as a current employee of the club thus precluding anyone form accusing him of playing the disgruntled ex employee card

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