Rangers midfielder – “We’re not changing for anyone”


Rangers’ midfielder Dean Shiels believes mistakes were made against St Johnstone but has completely dismissed any idea of altering the team’s gameplan in future.

Speaking ahead of the trip to Cappielow, the Ibrox midfield link-man was steadfast in his assurances that Rangers will not change their style for anyone.

He said:

“We’ve reacted positively (to the defeat), we’ve done a bit of video and some work out on the grass so we’re looking forward to the game on Sunday.”

So no moping then. On the topic of the overall reaction the engine room man had this to add:

“I think we’ll need to learn from our mistakes and where we went wrong but I don’t think we’re going to change the way we play for anyone or any opposition. I think this is the way we play and we’re not going to change that for anyone.”

In all truth Rangers did not play poorly, but lacked cutting edge up front and, as mentioned, defensive lapses, caused by a slightly higher line than was wise, cause the goals to be conceded.

Fans want to see a response tomorrow, and Shiels’ testimony suggests Rangers will continue to do what they do, their way.


  1. Cant say I blame Warburton for not changing to much on the face of one result, but the past few weeks have shown a definite weakness at the back when teams counterattack, surely both he and Weir must see this

  2. I just wish player would just shut up,,,stay away from the media,, and do all the talking on the park!!, sod the cups, shut up, play and win the league,, !

  3. I agree with comments above we have played some of the best football we have seen in years,so why change now ,just keep the defence tighter and I am sure we will be fine .WATP LOL.

  4. Against St Johnstone our defence was caught out with balls over the top with Wilson being the main culprit. Our holding midfield with Halliday playing this role is not effective in providing the necessary cover and what is more, by deploying him in this role we are losing out on a quality attacking midfield player. We also lack a top quality target man and players like Law and Shiels are no where near good enough or competitive enough either for the starting eleven or to come off the bench and make a difference.

    I am sure that Warburton can see where improvements are needed and we can only hope that the required funds are made available for him to strengthen the first team in January. In the meantime it would be perfect if Eustace was fit to sign up and play in that holding role.

  5. As said above. Get the players to just shut up no boasts, no we will do this or do that, just do all the talking on the park. For god's sake just win this bloody league and regroup in the next 2 transfer windows, if King is serious get 3 to 5 quality signings on the books and push on. We prob won't win in first season if we get back up but we just ned to be competing with Celtic and Aberdeen. It aint rocket science it is a 3 to 5 year project assuming no other spiv or the like tris to take out the club. C'mom you teddy bears.

  6. Give the team some credit,remember that they have only been together for about 12 wks and that they are a very young team who are still learning and will continue to get better.
    I notice that the media has failed to mention that a premier league side came to Ibrox to play against our young championship side and parked the bus,they defended against us and hit us on the break,because if they had played an open game against us we would have beaten them,but we must get more wiser when playing against teams who park the bus and try to hit us on the break. WATP.

  7. Ah imagine that, a team parking the bus!

    How dare they.

    They should be playing the open, expansive game that we are, then we can slaughter them.

    What a pathetic post………have you any idea what the ST Johnstone budget is compared to our?

    Warbs got his tactics wrong and was unable to change them. The defence was torn apart by mediocre players from a mid table, at best, SPFL club.

    2 transfer windows to go to beef up the squad to take on Celtic and Aberdeen.

    I've absolutely no confidence that King is going to invest to the various levels promised so at best it will be free transfers from the lower English leagues and we have just witnessed how well that worked out against an SPFL team.

    The pending court cases could be disastrous for the club.

    Too many people think that Whyte, Green and the Duff and Phelps boys could get their due reward handed down from the courts.

    Just a reminder that whatever actions they took were made as directors and officers of the club so the impact on the club could be nuclear.

    Look at the VW scandal…….it's not the directors that are being sued, it's VW themselves.

    Those that invested in the IPO won't be suing Green they will go after the club.

    • Blah blah blah, ffs get a grip, Im happy with how ots going and St.Johnstone played well, if Oduwas strile had gone in instead of the post and waghorn hadnt missed the sitter we would have gone on to win. Sicj of negativity on this. Suck it up and support the team or dont whatever but lets be clear promotion is the only important thing, to over invest now was a big mistake, I reckon if MW can open a 20 point gap he will spend in January.

  8. There are no funds available……..stop kidding yourself.

    We need £12m to get to the end of the season and that's not including the 3 bears loans or Ashley ' s.

    Wake up and smell the coffee, we are on the brink of financial collapse and the scramble over who owns the assets is about to go into overdrive with the court cases pending.

    Perhaps someone should ask that nice Mr Taylor if King has repaid the loan that he personally made to our Chairman so that he could buy his shareholding?

    The Level 5 dam is fit to burst and when it does be prepared for the worst.

  9. Just sort out the defence and hopefully we will get back to winning ways Morton will be difficult at cappielow today so lets get at them early and take the pressure off ,We can`t afford another defensive display like against st johnstone

  10. OMG…..in King our trust!

    The only time he's opened his gob and told the truth was when he said that the fans would have to make up the financial gap between Gers and Celtic.

    I'm confident that Warbs will look after things on the field of play but have no confidence whatsoever in the board, particularly King, to provide the finance, not just to take us forward, but to get to the end of the season.
    Once again too many fans are burying their heads in the sand thinking the financial crisis has passed.

    Believe me it's not.

    There's no chance of a share issue till the court cases are concluded…..God knows how long that will be.

    There will be no further loans from Park or Taylor, they have more than done their bit. I believe their loans are due to be repaid in December.

    Ashley ' s loan still hanging over us………by the way Dave how did that meeting go that you had set up with Sports Direct? Dave, Dave………..

    The additional walk up customers have helped to keep the show on the road but if Green ring fences funds to cover his legal costs, as per his contract, then the cash situation could be dire.

    Running costs till the end of the season are £12m, add in the loans and we need to find £21 m, worst case scenario.

    Have you read or seen anything about an impending cash crisis in the media?

    Have you read or seen anything about an impending investment by our Chairman?

    Me neither, Level 5 is doing a great job dictating the agenda, bigging up every piece of good news that they can whilst steering the fans away from asking questions that they don't have answers to……..particularly those pesky financial matters.

    They must be billing the club a fortune.

    Anyone who thinks closure to our problems will come when the court cases are concluded is deluded.

    There are likely to be issues unveiled which may be of the nuclear variety….or worse.

    • Regardless, there is nothing to be done, we cant control it lets just enjoy the good football and back our boys. This cash 'crisis' will end up how it ends up. If Green goes to jail then im sure he is worth a few bob and might get a few days out the Bar L when Rangers sue him.

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