Rangers fans’ poll: Warburton’s best signing


Nine wins of nine (a lot of these articles are starting with this kind of stat these days), 35 goals scored, and stellar displays all round are punctuating this season’s standards at Ibrox. Mark Warburton’s Magical Machine has been dismantling and destroying all-comers and his radically fresh, flowing, hard-working approach to the game equally impresses almost all who watch, including the occasionally dignified opponent like Airdrie’s Sean Crighton who admitted Rangers were effectively a class apart.

However, as much as Warbs’ brilliance has caused this overhaul, the players themselves have clearly produced too, and today Ibroxnoise.co.uk wants to poll our readers to ascertain who you believe the finest signing Warburton has made is.

Is it the brilliant trickery of Nathan Oduwa? The Blue Cafu that is the wordly-scoring James Tavernier? The hard-working graft of Andy Halliday? Maybe the visionary, classy and composed playmaker Gedion Zelalem in midfield?

Whoever, it is your choice: who has been your vote for finest signing under Mark Warburton?

We will reveal the results tomorrow.

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  1. I don't think I could single out any single player the way the whole team play has been nothing short of amazing. No one could have guessed we would be tearing teams apart in this manner.So my vote would have to be for Warburton

    • I totally agree, I couldn't pick one player they've all been great. As the magic man Warburton says it's all about the squad and what a squad we are blessed with. Absolutely brilliant. The fans have been fantastic too. WATP

  2. As the poster above says it's too difficult to pick just one out as the whole lot as a unit have been close to perfect, the obvious choices for people will be Tav and Oduwa as they steal the show with trickery or wonder goals but everyone is doing their part and its working brilliantly

  3. i certainly dont think it would be fair to pick one they have all made a great impact on the team as a unit so me personally i would vote for them all as a unit. Great football guys keep it up WATP!

  4. I do agree that it is wrong to single anyone person out. Holt has been great, Oduwa magical, Tavernier brings as smile everytime he has the ball and Zelalem is simply a Rolls Royce and Haliday is everything we have needed in that position for year.

    But for me the foundation of the team was laid the day Danny Wilson agreed to come back so my vote is with, grateful thanks, going to Danny Wilson.

    But in our enthusiasm for the new players let me add that I will never be able to thank Lee Wallace enough for what he has given up to stay with us. Meiklejohn, Shaw, Young, Greig, Gough. His name will fit in perfectly.

  5. Danny Wilson.
    With two at the back style of play, Wilson offers composure and confidence which influences the squad. Wallace and Tav have no worries bombing forward leaving the defensive duties for Wilson and Keirnan. The domino effect of goals comes from the back

  6. Totally agree every player has settled in amazing n every 1 of them are proper footballers unlike the has beens of previous years. Cudnt single out any1 sending me home very very happy every time I see them play full of energy,dedication,fight too the final whistle and 110% every time they pull that blue jersey on as a fan a cudnt ask for more from them. It's all down too 1 man ,warburton! The man has done more in Couple of months that wud have took other managers years.he has an eye for a quality player at bargain of a price. King n co get this man signed on a 5 year deal cos he's gny b a wanted man by top clubs in the English Premiership. WATP!!

  7. Picked Tavernier simply because he is a permanent signing, whereas Oduwa and Zelalem are loan players, but being honest all of the signings Warburton and Weir have made have been superb.

  8. This kind of poll is the opposite of Warburtons philosophy. We are the Borg, the collective, and anything other is divisive.

    • Totally agree. This is a team effort, everyone works for everyone else. To pick out individuals is contrary to the whole ethic.

  9. So many I could have picked but I opted for Tavernier – a few reasons, one being he is actually ours and not a loan star (not dissing these guys but it may well be painful to watch them leave and try to replace them) secondly I have a few mates from the dhark side and they were hysterical when we signed both the lads from Wigan saying they were rejects and Gary Caldwell was helping out Celtic from downsouth by loading his problems on to us – well they aint laughing now. Thirdly the guy has some engine in him and attacks at every opportunity, hes athletic can read the game and has an eye for goal – I reckon he could play midfield or even upfront if need be. But to be honest the whole team have been magic, the new board are making great progress, the management/coaching staff have excelled and the players are just what we needed after 3 very long years – The mankhy mhob in the east end beware – the blue army is rising like a phoenix from the flames – we will not be stopped!

  10. mr king told us he would do his best for rangers and he sure has, so lets all get behind our club as much as we can, WATP.

  11. I agree with all of the sentiments here, Warbs should have an Extension on his contract at the end of the seaso, Also we should go down on bended knees to Arsenal & Spurs & ask if these boys can stay next season, TAv is just quality through & through i cant pick a fault with that boy, The only worry 7 i think everybody has voiced it here is the goalie, hopefully he will get better in time, And as for Oduwa that boy just makes me smile from ear to ear, I work with spurs fans & they cannot y the boy isnt back there & they are still lumbered with Adebayor!!!

  12. agree with everything that's been said,at the moment rangers are better to watch than the boring tippy tappy Barcelona,

  13. everyone on the playing field and off the playing field deserve the accolade…if you had to raise anyone higher than the rest it would have to be mr. warburton and maybe david weir as well,for setting up the whole ethos of what is happening now at glasgow rangers…I think its absolutely magnificent what they have achieved in a short period…lets hope that mr. warburton develops a great love for our club and decides to stay for a long time,even when his home club spurs come calling.(well..we can dream..cant we?)WATP.

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