Rangers confirm new signings likely in January


Rangers are likely to make further signings in January, but with a hint of caution, says manager Mark Warburton.

Speaking to the press, he confirmed discussions are ongoing regarding some new recruits at Ibrox, and complete regarding others, and come January he hopes to be in a position, if needed, to make the necessary signings.

He said:

“Work’s going on, discussions are being made or been had, and hopefully we’ll be in the right position come January to make any move we want to make.”

Warburton is not prone to knee-jerk panic signings, and strongly advocates only making signings if they are of value and add something to the overall squad, something evidenced by the generally excellent recruits he made this summer.

However, clearly he is preparing for the next window and for the Club to progress further, further additions will likely be required, and ‘work’s going on’ to ensure that occurs.


  1. Did anyone else see the sun today. Celtic have wrote to fans to tell them to make sure they maintain hygiene as there has been complaints about a smelly fan. I'd say there is 60'000 smelly bastards they should be writing too. Probably the stench of shite of their drawers from the anticipation of Scotlands premier club returning.

  2. Ha ha ha come on now bears. There won't be any money spent the same as we've spent nothing since Dave king came on board. We're skint so let's stop believing the BS we know what happened the last time!
    Only good thing from King is he will try and resurect our club from liquidation and bring the real Gers back for us.

  3. Lol great comment class bring on the manky mob after we destroy the league then bk at the top of the tree where we belong and celtic going down hill

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