Mark Warburton: “This is how we react to disrespect”


Mark Warburton has once again dismissed the criticism Rangers received following the defeat to St Johnstone, with more than a sense of exasperation.

The reaction to the loss castigated everything from his players’ confidence, to his tactics, to the level at which the players actually operate, and frankly Warburton has had more than enough of it.

He said:

“We had to (get back to winning ways). People were saying the boys had been riled, and they were riled because we had played 11 and won 11, and I think a bit of respect was due there because of the work ethic, the quality and the commitment of the team.”

It is once again the concept of ‘disrespect’ rearing its head again – while Colin Hamilton insulted the very principles of football by calling Oduwa’s skill ‘disrespectful’, Warburton takes the opposite stance by viewing the (over the top) criticism of the side’s loss in the League Cup as disrespectful.

“To say that self-belief was shattered and they required a reality check was, to me, disrespectful, so it’s great that the team could come out and play as they did.”

Evidently Warburton has been riled by the sheer volume of the vitriol aimed at him and the side since they lost, and the comfortable victory at Cappielow was certainly a decent response.


  1. Warburton had the right to speak out after the press slated Rangers, we tried to play the game the right way and were much better on the eye than st johnstone, we could have defended better for sure but bet if we played them again we would win, it just wasn't our night. At the end of the day it was a cup match and anything can happen, no-one made a deal of Motherwell and Aberdeen going out but it's a huge thing for the press us getting beat, no wonder us bears get paranoid. Good to see the hat sticking up for team, he would take criticism if it was fair but in this case it wasn't WATP

  2. He ain't heard anything yet if there is an early exit from the Scottish Cup.

    He's obviously donned McCoist ' s mantle by cancelling the Livingstone game in an effort to match Super ' s invincible team record of going through Division 1 undefeated……..

    He's not at Brentford now, winning 11 or 12 games against cannon fodder is the least that is expected of him.

    Will the fans still be backing him if we fall to a mid division SPFL team in the Scottish Cup?

  3. I think MW is disrespecting the Rangers support.

    Criticism of the players and his tactics were well deserved….the defence was a shambles and I lost count of the number of step overs the loan players made without any end product resulting.

    As an earlier poster commented the Scottish Cup is our earliest opportunity for European participation next season.

    A repeat exit at the hands of a mid table SPFL club with a fraction of our resources will be unacceptable and, dare I say it, disrespectful to the fans.

  4. These muppets must think we're all daft. Easy to see a couple of the comments noted above are from Celtic trolls using this site to have a dig at our club whilst pretending to be bears…. We can spot (smell) you a mile away! Go and comment on your own clubs blogs. Maybe you could comment on the why your club has failed to deliver a treble in the 3 years you haven't had us to worry about?? Or why your super manager keeps failing in Europe?? I wouldn't pretend to be a Septic supporter for all the money in the world. Especially not just so i could comment on your clubs blogs! Saddo's, the lot of you! Your club and its history disgust me. Better get your team in order rapido…..we're coming, and you know it! WATP

    • You really need to grow up your in your 50s FFS it's only a game of soccer so take yourself to a national front site .

  5. I realy dont care about Scottish Cup, We need to win the league man, that should be our mantra "Its all about the league stupid" we cant go on kidding ourselves any longer we need to get back to the prem & we need to get the team sorted out for when that happens as im sure we wont have ODU or ZEL come January, And TBH who gives a flying FK about critisicism we have had loads of that over the past couple of years it should be water of a ducks back by now
    REMEMBER "Its all about the league stupid"

  6. Winning the Scottish Cup will just be icing on the cake.

    As for the St Johnstone game. Well there are no guarantees in football. Rangers had an off night and got caught on the break. I would not fear facing St Johnstone again.

    • Well i would as St Johnstone are not one of the top teams there and they took us apart,we looked good after the game was done and dusted,like always when you go down 2 or 3 goals the other team just sits back the other team get plenty of the ball and look great but the game was over,when the game was 0-0 we looked out of our depth and that is the real facts of the game,i still say to be top six team we need 25/30 million spending or we could go back down,only time will tell but the writing is on the wall.

    • £25-£30 million to finish top 6? Are you for real? Did Aberdeen or St Johnstone or who ever else finished 2nd, 3rd etc last year spend that? That's the stupidst coment I've ever seen!

  7. Whats in your water m8? 30 million spending? Warbs has put together a team of great guys for less than a mill, against st johnston we played all the football, st johnstons 2 passes and a punt tactics may have caught us out at the back as we were playing attacking football bt isnt that the way rangers have played for god knows how many years now and we all done nothing bt complain yet st johnston do it and its outstanding tactics and great football haha our teams been together 3 months and a prem team had to park the bus, on paper they should have slaughterd us by 6 or 7 yet we clearly seen the scoreline didnt reflect the game, on another night oduwas shot goes in nd so does waggys header what would have been said then hmmm? Next season we will be ready warbs isnt a man without a strategy, do u really think he thot 2 loan players few fast young players get out this league and jobs a good one, lets be real, he knows the hard work starts next year and i believe he WILL have rangers ready for the fight, WATP in warbs we trust

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