Mark Warburton reveals Waghorn secret


Rangers manager Mark Warburton has revealed why Ibrox penalty king Martyn Waghorn is so sublime from the spot: a simple case of practise.

The former Wigan forward has netted effortlessly seven times from 12 yards this season, including one yesterday, and each time makes it look easier and easier, taking his overall tally for the season, on top of yesterday’s two open-play goals to 14.

Warburton revealed the very simple mystery as to why he is so good at them:

“It’s not by chance for Waggy, he practises them every single day and he’s clinical in his finishing and I’m delighted for him.”

In short, every day at training at Murray Park Martyn Waghorn, like so many great free kick takers of the game, practises his discipline again, and again, and again.

You only get better through practise and Waghorn is clearly taking his spot-kick proficiency very seriously indeed, and seven from seven shows the fruits.


  1. HAHA Wagghorse the penalty king. Soon people will be talking about records. Can he go all season without missing one. Then he will miss one and people will say he shouldnt take anymore.

  2. Would hazard a guess that he will easily double his penalty tally alone as we have such tricky players going into the penalty box…..his second goal yesterday was sublime btw

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