Is this position a priority at Ibrox or not?


All summer long Rangers were linked with a move for (ex) Sheffield Wednesday striker Stevie May. Indeed, at one point there was heavy speculation a £1M bid had been placed for him by Rangers’ board, apparently determined to nab themselves a reliable 20+ goal a season man. May seemed a significant candidate to fill that void, and when asked about him Warburton avoided the question entirely, suggesting he was indeed interested. However, as we now know May ended up at Preston and Rangers failed to secure an established goal-getter.

Indeed, Warburton only managed to sign the one striker – Wigan’s Martyn Waghorn, and great though the former £3M Leicester man has been for Rangers, particularly from the spot (he has five penalty goals so far), he clearly lacks polish with the final shot and has failed to even score a goal from open play in the league.

However, the crux of the argument surely now is with 35 goals from all over the pitch, is getting a striker in January even a remote priority?

Right now you would have to say no. Things can of course change dramatically over the course of the season, and the well of goals could significantly dry up over the next few months, but as of now it is evident that with an average of almost four goals a game, having a shiny double figures’ forward is the least of Rangers’ concerns.

The real concern in the squad is defence, and the abject lack of depth. Sources suggest Warburton tried desperately last weekend to get someone at the last minute on loan to Ibrox when he realised he was to lose both McGregor and Zaliukas, but unfortunately nothing transpired of the quality he was looking for, and Rangers only have Dominic Ball and Fraser Aird in the squad as defensive cover.

But up front: definitely not an issue for now, and as long as the goals continue to flow it will remain the case.


  1. I think when playing most of the Championship teams we will have heaps of chances and can afford to be a bit wasteful but in the cups against Premiership teams we might not have that luxury. I still don't think that at this stage we are going to miss an out and out goal scorer but come January I would expect the arrival of decent striker.
    Your right about the lack of depth at the back though, with injuries and likely suspensions we could struggle a bit.

  2. I think this genius of a man`s whole philosophy is that it is everyones responsibilty to score goals and this has already been fully established in the teams DNA,as soon as an out and out goalscorer is introduced to a team it is human nature for the rest of the players to lower their own expectation in the goalscoring stakes,every morning I wake up I thank god that Brentford allowed Mark Waburton to leave and come to us

  3. As the post mentions, goals are coming from all over the park so it's no major issue. Personally, I think Waghorn will eventually start getting the goals his efforts deserve and if we need more numbers then Warbs will bring in from the youths. In Warbs We Trust.

  4. Suppose we would be better waiting until we reach the top div. We would then be able to attract a better quality player. I personally don't understand what Warburton had against McGregor , He was at least good cover if not fighting for a starting spot especially with how he played last year and Keiran has had a average start. Overall the transformation has been phenomenal and just shows how badly our team was managed in the McCoist/McDowell era.

    • McGregor offered no value off the pitch. We have Lang, Gasperotto, Ball all hopefully capable of doing a job.

      McGregor was okay at best but remember we need to build value on and off the pitch. Miller and Eustace are ageing players but will offer guidance to the younger lot

  5. He did say that he would have no trouble pulling from the U20's if need be.
    As we always said, that should have happened during the last three years.
    There will be the odd blip, but nobody is looking forward to playing Rangers anymore: Never more so, than all the teams that are left in the League Cup, should we put St. Johnstone to the sword in two weeks time.
    We don't need McNeil or Hay……

  6. you have a valid point there but my biggest concern is the goalkeeping posistion although not having done much wrong our current No 1 still doesnt fill me with confidence and to be a force in the top league next season if promotion is secured then a nw dependable keeper is a necesity Bain from dundee could be a good option

  7. If we have injuries the youngsters should be given a chance. We have said this for 3 years. We should be saving money for return and a new share issue should not be far away. When the BDO finally pays out I will buy new shares. King is probably planning to do same.

  8. The plus factor is that the more this team plays together the better they will be and so long as everyone stays fit things should be ok. We appear to be well covered in midfield although I would like to see Eustace signed so that he can play when needed. I would hope that Warburton is able to improve Clark, if he can't then you can bet that he will be allowed to leave. I agree about the defence, while I would hope that the two centre backs will develop a strong partnership and am comfortable that Ball will be good cover for centre back from what I can see we don't have anything at full back if, god forbid, either Tavernier or Wallace were out for a few weeks. In terms of planning for next season I would like to see Miller given a one years contract alongside a coaching role as he is a model professional and additionally I would hope that we can retain one or both of teh Tottenham boys for another season. I can't see us keeping the Arsenal lad since the way they are playing just now he could do a job for them in teh EPL. I just hope we can keep him for the season! Next season, the benefit is that all these players will have had a season playing together and providing that we can hold on to those players signed by Warburton this summer then I would like to see maybe a full back, a defensive midfield player and a striker signed in January on a pre-contract agreement with another one or two top quality loan signings in teh summer if we can't hold on to the boys that we have.

  9. We have a manager that is preaching that the team shouldn't look any further ahead than the next match and I think as supporters we should do something similar.
    At the moment every match attended is a joy to be at. The style and pace of football played is proving impossible for other teams in the division to match and the St Johnstone match when it comes round will provide us with nothing more than a guide to where we may be at this moment.
    I have no worries over strikers or defence because we have a team that is built to get us into the Premiership and that is our ONLY concern.

    A full season scouting and a better backroom will mean having more than 2 days to prepare W and W will be able to find far better player that we need when next season comes round.

    Lets just keep enjoying each game as it comes. We welcome the chase.

    (My only worry is about keeping Warburton as how long will it take down south to realise that this guy is GOOD)

  10. With Hardie and Miller backing up Waghorn I don't think there is a desperate need for a striker during the January 2016 transfer window. Clark may be allowed to move on and if needs must we should look to get someone in on loan possibly with an option to buy if it works out.
    The defence will also be strengthened in January and again a loan with option to buy might be the best way to go.

  11. The one position we seem to have no cover for is left back if Lee Wallace is injured or suspended who plays in his position surely not Fraser Aird maybe there is a natural left sided player in the youth ranks we are not aware of

    • Ball played at left back when Wallace got injured the other week and did not look out of place ,even though he wants to play center half

  12. a million for a player what planet are u living on we couldent afford 300.000 for fuckin allan who warbo wanted most so dont start this shite again about million pound players we just cant pay that kind of money anymore unless somone puts there hand in their pocket and dig deep

    • We offered more than £300k for Allan but Stubbs wouldn't sell to us.
      Agree £1m is fanciful but Allan deal was never going to happen and not because of the cash.


  13. IN WARBS WE TRUST. We`re back on track and we`re younger stronger faster than before!!!!

    A Scottish team captained by Wallace. Led by the king!

    Cant wait to waste the rest of them especially the tramps WATP

  14. After suffering for the last three years, I can honestly say I'm not too concerned about our squads shortfalls and numbers.
    We are probably a bit too cavalier at times and a bit dodgy at the back also, but lets rewind a year and remember what we were watching then………
    Our progress this term has been a joy to behold and much better than we could dare to dream, only a few months ago.

  15. Mark Warburton – "We will dip into the academy if we need to"

    Goal scorer for Christ, The Blue Cafu's got it covered 😉

  16. its been said to me that this guy [MAY}Is a good milk,soor milk.lemonade,roond the corner chocolates made…if thats so…who fu##ing needs the the likes of him!….we are the gers…we dont need p*pes to help us'''lets forget about the rest of the SPL and concentrate on ripping them a new arsehole…

  17. Great for now but promotion will bring new and different challenges. I am not convinced we are currently geared up for that. Waghorn is a good penalty taker but I'm not sure about his overall ability as a striker. Good start but very much to do and to consider……..

  18. I think we will need to go to the U20's as injurys/suspensions etc will surely happen, I just hoe Odu & Zel dont gte injured these boys are quality

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