Gedion Zelalem: “Rangers are just like Arsenal”


Gedion Zelalem has confessed that he effectively holds Rangers in as high a regard as he does his parent club Arsenal.

The deep-lying playmaker has been a polished and high-quality addition to the Rangers’ engine room, with assists and composed, calm play, picking out the right passes at the key times and dictating the pace.

And a great deal of the influence he feels from Arsenal and Arsene Wenger is clearly coming through at Ibrox, where demand for success and flowing football is just as high as at the Emirates, if not more.

He said:

“But Lukas Podolski scored the fourth goal and he was telling us “This is awful” while we were celebrating, so the standards here (at Ibrox) are similar to Arsenal.”

He is not wrong; Rangers’ inquest into Saturday’s 3-0 win shows how standards are returning to the level fans expect, and that both the players and management truly understand what this Club requires and has a right to demand from those who represent it.


  1. Well put Gedion Rangers have always had a close relationship with Arsenal ,my pal and myself use to go down every other year in the late 50 60 .It was a shame when we found out that White sold our Arsenal shares and we don't know who got them .,or what happened to them.

  2. Yes rangers did in years gone by have a strong link with the arsenal ie.they played a lot of friendlies around the 50's & 60's with one year at ibrox and the next at highbury,although I do believe that celtic & arsenal became quite close in the 80's mostly due to the charlie nicholas transfer from celtic to the arsenal,can anyone shed any light on this to now be the case to this day that its now arsenal & celtic who have the close links and not rangers & the arsenal anymore

    • Never heard of any links between Arsenal Celtic before ,that's new to me About the shares who knows where they ended up ,I know we had them from the early 1900.

    • Don't think so mate the prick sold them to a guy called usmanov one of arsenals major shareholders, think he is their biggest shareholder but there are a few who have about the same amount of shares so I can't see him selling, I will be quite happy if they give us a cracking player on loan every season that could be worth more than the shares

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