Can Rangers hold onto Nathan Oduwa?

Can Rangers hold onto Nathan Oduwa?

Yesterday’s stonking 5-0 dismantling of Raith Rovers was arguably the finest display at Ibrox from Rangers since the Advocaat days, maybe more. While the home team was perhaps guilty of mild over indulgence in the belly of the first half, with attempts at borderline walking the ball into the net and overcomplicating the play, the quality of fare nevertheless transcended a new level and was immaculate.

However, on a day where every player produced a stellar show one jersey stood out more than the rest with a performance which not just bewildered the visitors, but absolutely terrorised them

With three assists (if you count the penalty won), Tottenham’s on-loan winger Nathan Oduwa produced a performance which had even Spurs fans raving and wishing he was a first-team regular at White Hart Lane.

From his halfway line burst which led to Rangers’ third goal, to the wonderful flick which led to the second, to the dazzling feet which won the penalty, this was a display of absolute perfection from the young English winger, one which, if he was to maintain that level of momentum, provides the evidence that he has every tool to make it to the very top of the sport.

Nathan Oduwa humiliated Raith Rovers. He did not just outfox and outwit, but he pummelled the guests into submission with trick after flick in an unspoken response to Rovers’ disgraceful conduct over Ryan Hardie, and to those who accused him of ‘disrespect’ against Alloa.

They said the best place for a footballer to do his talking is on the pitch – well Nathan Oduwa picked up the loudest PA system known to man, and yelled into it at the top of his lungs. The only thing missing from his imperious display was a goal, but as much as it would have been the icing on the cake, the cake itself was utterly magnificent.

Watching this kid beat opponent after opponent in a row, and taking every foul like a man without any complaint was simply breathtaking to behold.

Ok, Raith Rovers are not Real Madrid but they are an extremely competent Championship side who have only lost to three of the sides above them – Rangers, Hibernian and Falkirk. They are a solid midtable side, but Oduwa completely owned them single-handedly.

This is a player with a barrowload of potential, and manager Mark Warburton did a truly stunning job getting him north to Ibrox. He is the kind of player who would stroll the SPL, the quality Rangers could even look to as a SPL-winning level of player.

Rangers are not there yet, but yet another destruction of yet another team in Scotland shows they are on the right track.

And players like Nathan Oduwa will help get them there.

The question is can Warburton persuade him his long-term future is at Ibrox and not in London? Oduwa concedes Pochettino’s first team is his ultimate target and one cannot blame his ambition – the EPL is where every player wants to be in Britain.

But if Warbs can convince this stellar winger to take a gamble and be part of the Warburton machine long-term, Rangers have another absolutely wonderful talent on their hands.

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  1. Hello Rangers Supporters one and all. As a Spurs supporter we too are excited by Nathan Oduwa's outstanding performances. As far as keeping Nathan, I would hope he would prefer to come back to Spurs and be chosen for the first team. Your dreams of keeping Oduwa are not out of reach, however, as Mauricio Pochittino has a history of not being able to recognise talent or players who are so close to 'breaking through' that he takes no interest and prefers tried and tested players. Here at Tottenham Hotspur FC we have been waiting quite a while for exciting football. The youngsters with the ability to provide this exciting football are 9 times out of 10 sent out on loan. Mauricio and his crew have no time for development of young players. His favourite catchphrase currently is 'not in my plans'. After all they don't come more exciting than Erik Lamela. Lol. Pochie does not aim very far into the future. So I say, Rangers, hold on to your dreams of keeping Oduwa, enjoy your football and for as long as Oduwa and Dominic Ball are still owned by Tottenham Hotspur FC, I will be cheering them both on in the hopes they both develop into Tottenham first team players. COYS!

    • Christ,;it's no wonder your club has won nil titles in 50 years with shite like that… will spurs ever give a manager let alone a player a chance?!

    • Spurs fan here too. Not to bring our bickering to your page, but this post is nonsense. We have one of the youngest squads in the EPL, and over the past 2 seasons young players have increasingly been introduced into the squad. Oduwa is out at Ibrox to gain experience and play at a good level, and we are glad to see him doing well.

  2. Young players, of quality, from all over the place will be watching the likes of Oduwa and Zelalem. They will recognise that signing for Rangers would be a great way to kick start their career. They might not wait to be picked up by the big EPL clubs then get loaned out to clubs where they will play in front of a few thousand spectators.
    They might decide that honing their skills longer term, under a manager that will put them in, if they are good enough, is the way to go. Especially, if Rangers are fighting for a place, or even qualified, in the near future, for European football.
    A club that plays proper football should suit any young player looking to get good experience. The day might not be far off when we are bringing in the Oduwa's and Zelalem's of our own. Building them up, getting good service, then when the time is right moving them on, at good profit, if they wish to leave for the big clubs in England or abroad.
    Time to think about extending Warburton and Weir's contracts, I think.

  3. Fantastic player,it would be a dream signing,but he's too good for scottish football,it would be different if we were in Europe but even that I don't think spurs would let him go on the cheap

  4. I am loving watching Oduwa and am looking forward to watching him take apart some Premiership teams in the cups, hopefully even the manky mob but lets be realistic, this kid is way out of our league in terms of a permanent move. He could earn 3-4+ times what we could offer and even if he doesn't make it at Spurs any mid table EPL team would jump at the chance to grab him.
    Let's just appreciate him while he's here and hope that leave us with some great memories, for him and us.

  5. Once you sample Rangers you want more and more. This boy is playing with a huge smile on his face. If you read his twitter account you can see for yourself how much he is loving playing for us. We might still be in the championship but we are still one of the biggest clubs in Britain and it will be premier league next season.

  6. Perhaps extend his loan but we could not afford him. He might want a year in SPL to help us and if he is still enjoying here by may .


  8. Had to smile when Radio Scotland commentator asked if this Rangers team was ready to compete with the top? teams in the premiership. I would suggest the question should be the other way round!!

  9. lets enjoy these times as I fear we are heading back to div 3 again this court case is going to liquidate us again and with no one willing to invest I fear the worst my fellow bears when will this ever end I just wish sir david murray would step up to the plate again and take us to those great times again

  10. No chance of keeping any of the players on loan, but that's ok others will see whats happening at Ibrox and be happy to come on loan for years to come if we keep up the way we are playing right now, in Warbs and Weir we trust

  11. Rangers won't be able to keep him, but will probably get more young talent on loan in the future. Teams like Spurs will use the loan system to give youngsters much needed first team experience.

  12. He will last the season as he's he till May with no recall let's,enjoy him till then ….the guy is class

  13. Great to see one of our boys is having a fantastic time at Rangers, playing wonderful football and enjoying himself. If Rangers did manage to pull off a remarkable piece of business and buy Oduwa, then it would definitely be Spurs loss, but I can't see it happening. He must have been on the fringes of breaking into the first team, even if just on the bench. So what better than to loan him out to a good manager at a good team that likes to play football? I think at the moment this is obviously a win win situation for all concerned, but I do think he'll be back at the lane next season, but you never know 😉

  14. warburton will be next spurs manager,he will win the 3 cups and get us up,forget the rest if they play the way there playing no one will be able to handle us including those at the piggery,the only way we wont meet them in cups is if they get beat get your money on,

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