When is it ‘disrespect’, and when is it ‘craic’?


“We conceded too many goals in Europe last year. If you become open and detached against
good players and teams you get punished. It’s something that doesn’t happen in Scotland. No
disrespect to teams here but they’re not clever enough players or quick enough
thinkers to punish us.”
-John Collins, 09/08/15
This controversial comment provoked
a cascade of outcry, of objections from the likes of Paul Hartley and Derek
McInnes to name a couple. General views were critical of the presumption, the
arrogance, and the sheer disrespect it gave to the Scottish game. Only, if you
paid attention to the coverage it received in the media, you would believe it
was not a significant issue, with the majority of articles either defending or
opposing his views, rather than focusing on the views themselves.

In other words it was presented
as interesting comments which saw a colourful debate. All a bit of ‘craic’,
really. Even more amusingly were the number of articles which focused on the ‘furore’
when in actual fact there barely was one.
Look for yourself: how many
headlines here are focused on the comments, and how many on the debate?

On Sunday, Rangers winger Nathan
Oduwa produced a moment of magical skill, something to be applauded in the
Scottish game; only, as we know from yesterday’s article, it was heavily
condemned. Almost all articles focused on attacking the Ibrox player by proxy of
Colin Hamilton, and almost none praised him. Look for yourself.
The difference is subtle, but
Collins attacks the Scottish game
as a whole, and only a couple of outlets actually focus on the comments, while
Rangers’ Oduwa’s skill at the Indodrill is castigated heavily by a glut of publications.
In other words, Collins
disrespects the whole of the Scottish game, but that is fine, while Oduwa shows
incredible skill to entertain supporters and to impress, and he is ‘disrespecting’
the sport.
So, the disrespect is ok, but the
skill is disrespect.
And they wonder why Rangers fans
are sick of the Scottish press.
As an Inverness
fan (who is far from having affinity with Rangers) said to me:
“Mallan runs past through Dundee
to score a great goal and gets praise, Rangers player does skill, gets slated
because he’s Rangers. Starting to notice that it’s simply the media likes to
take the sh*t out of Rangers.”
Are we both paranoid? Are Rangers
fans paranoid?


  1. lets not get into the "we are paranoid shite" It is what it is, the boy done good you either applaud or boo its up to you, i think the kid is great ive watched him on a couple of Spurs U-19 vids & he is a natural, so hopefully he will do well for us & assist us in getting promoted, lets not give 2 FUX about what others say it is just stuoid to lower yourself to that level, My Brother in law support Celtic & he was impressed so there you go it is what it is dont get hung up on it, The main problem is gonna be hangin on to the loanees, hopefully Warburton will have a Plan b as I dont think DK is gonna splash the cash

  2. The only important thing is that Rangers are playing like a class act right now.
    Forget the press and remember that Oduwa will be playing on Sunday!
    Looking forward to the game…Did I just say that? Is this all a dream?!
    Good article but RFC and RFC fans need to forget the press. Eventually they will HAVE to admit we are a great team and a class act. It will choke them! lol

    • Absolutely agree and that is the right approach, let's ignore the crap about SA and any of the rest of the criticisms….let's just keep going forward and winning well.

  3. The complaints about Oduwa are completely justified. There's no place in Scottish football for fast flowing, creative entertaining play. The ball should simply be booted from the back of the park to the big lug upfront. Damn these young upstarts, coming up here wowing us with their silky skills and flare for the game. You can keep that sort of nonsense for other leagues thank you very much!

    • Brilliant, thanks for bringing a smile to my face and putting two fingers up to the Scottish media with subtle sarcasm. Guys I wouldn't get worked up about the tic loving media just concentrate on us getting back to being in the Champions League and putting a £10/£20 million whole in the tic's accounts!!!

    • Brilliant – This should be sent to the journalists that write that p*** rather than seen by a mere few on this site. Well done man.
      Looking forward to the Hibs game – Oduwa to start!

  4. Don't think it's quite accurate to say Collins got away with his comments. Most of the newspapers I read have ran stories for days with managers slagging Collins and after the hillarious penalty equaliser at Killie most were quick to laugh at Collins then too. Radio phone in's were the same.

    I do agree that skill should always be applauded but did the player do it to beat his man or ridicule him? For me skill should only be applauded when there is an end product, such as scoring or setting up a chance. I suggest there are more effective ways to beat your marker than the rainbow flick.

    The early signs are this young lad is going to be great fun for us and I can't wait to see him again, but I really hope he has an end product.

  5. Scottish Media is mostly headed by manky mob selick fans. The BBC are the biggest culprits of their desire to see our team fail. They want to keep us down, so that their team can keep all the Champions League cash cow to themselves,, They medial should be ashamed of themselves for criticising our lad for showing some talent,,, did anybody slag off our Jim Baxter when he played keepy uppy against England,,no,,,and what about our very own Davy Coopers wonder goal against the beggars, chipping over 4 players before scoring,, No,,they were branded genuis, magicians, skilful, pure dead gallusness,,, these were players that excited fans,,, David Cooper took the piss out of a lot of players in his day,, and he was worth the money to watch alone,, This lad Oduwa wanted to entertain the fans, and he should be applauded for it, but the press hounded him,, sheer immaturity on their part, and made fools of themselves for even printing it,, but with the manky mob running the media,, what else do you expect,, if we keep doing what we are doing,, it will upset them even mpre,, and thats fine with me,, Well done Oduwa, you brought a wee bit of magic back to Rangers,, keep it up big man,,,,

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