What new signing Gedion Zelalem will bring to Rangers


He is a mere 18, but already the
wires are abuzz about Rangers’ new loan signing from Arsenal, Gedion Zelalem.
To describe the hype as
gargantuan does not do it justice, and the capture of this youngster has been
regarded as a sensation coup by all concerned at Ibrox, and goes to show the
standing of Mark Warburton in England that he has managed to persuade a manager
of Arsene Wenger’s stature to loan such a prodigal young player away.

It also shows the way Rangers are
now perceived in England under the former Bees’ manager that top class managers
are allowing their prized starlets to come to Murray Park to learn their trade.
It is Ibroxnoise.co.uk’s
understanding that Zelalem’s father was a major factor in this deal, and
Arsenal coaches visited Murray
Park some time ago to
scope the facilities out for themselves, with his dad being equally bowled over
by what was on offer and being more than enthusiastic that the deal go through.
But what exactly will Zelalem
offer? Watch this compilation video of his abilities and decide for yourself.
Warburton has confirmed he will
be a straight first-pick in Rangers’ senior team; for Rangers’ boss to state
that shows the esteem this youngster is held in.
Welcome to Ibrox, Gedion Zelalem.

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  1. This lad is the epitome of the modern footballer. Clips can be misleading but the intelligence, movement weight and accuracy of passing is unmistakable. Looking forward to enjoying watching his skills.

  2. great news we can sell this guy for millions in years to come our squad must be the most expensive ever brought together in my lifetime if we can keep this squad together for the next 3 or 4 years we will make our mark in the champions league here we go for 10 in a row in king we trust

  3. heard Chelsea wanted him what a feather in our cap to beat off Chelsea it shows we can match anyone for wages in king we trust

  4. this is the kind of player that will take us to the later stages of the champions league only need a keeper now watp

  5. Hey Anon, you forgot about the kids ability to wind up the internet trolls so much said trolls will log onto a website designed for fans of the glorious red, white and blue just to make a few sarcastic remarks. I like this kid already.

    Definitely a bonus that we have him for the whole season.

    The man with the magic hat must be hugely respected down south for teams to allow their talented, skillful players to come up here and ply their trade in the Scottish Championship. There will be a bit of physical treatment dealt out to players of this type but they still feel it will be a positive step for the careers. Well done MW and DW.

    Mon the Bears.

  6. The lad has been sent to Rangers in my opinion for 1 the only. Too toughen up. He is very slight. I am hoping when he comes here he will enjoy it and maybe sign another loan deal to play SPL football with us next season. I think he will be a player (like Gattuso) that we may well look back on and say I can't believe he played for us. Potential to be a great.

  7. Okay first of all who is getting dropped for this supposed "wonderkid"?
    Secondly I'm concerned it will have an effect on squad morale that he's missed a whole pre-season with Rangers and then jumps straight into the team without having to prove himself. Our current squad have being playing fantastic football it will be hard to drop anyone!

    Oduwa, Ball and Zelalem all need game time which is why they are here. I am all for loan moves but I think he could be one too many to get out of the Championship. Once we're in the Premiership I'd like to see us utilise the loan system, I suppose we're building bridges with Tottenham and Arsenal which can't be a bad thing though.

  8. Sell for millions? Champions league? We have him on loan for a year think use are getting a bit ahead of yourselves fellow gers! Slowly does it.. WATP

  9. He's only signed on loan guys…. Great signing for the season but you guys really need to get yer facts right before spoutin off about how we'll sell him for millions…. Stay alert! The Septic trolls on this site will take great delight in ripping you apart for your comments!!

  10. Think the boy might have spoken to an arsenal player who scored a championship winning goal for the teddy bears for an insight to the Rangers, arteta would certainly tell him what a full ibrox is like, the boy is quite similar in style to arteta going by what we have seen of him so far

  11. I wish the moderator of this great little site would just cut out all the pish comments from the dark side.

  12. looks like we are in for a treat for a season at least this kid can play he is very very highly rated at arsenal this tells you exactly what is thought about our manager downn south first spurs allow us to have oduwa then arsenal let us have this kid these two are future stars and have been intrusted to mw. the way forward at rangers is bringing through the kids and mw is the man to do do this the future is looking bright the future is rangers watp

  13. im all for these loan signings ,we are building a network with epl teams ,we are getting young exciting talent who will fight for everything but the most important thing in my eyes the boys at murry park are getting more development to ready them for first team ,some of them are great players but not just quite there for a regular step up ,the managment team have changed the way things are at murry park likes of coaching diet fitness etc and staff ,these loan signings already had this at there own clubs ,now the boys at murry park have got a year to get used to the new ways and really push them selfs on for nxt season ,i only wish this happened 4 years go ,but exciting times a head there be more ups than downs ,so lets remember when there is a down and there will be that we still look ahead and see the big picture ,we are on our we back and we will never forget those that stood against us

  14. lets get a grip we aint beat anybody yet,wait till we meet the shit,aberdeen or hearts in the cups then we will see where we are at.

  15. VERY good right foot but in all the clips he only uses his for standing on. Think I saw it touch the ball once in the video.

    Not saying he won't be a class act, just wish young players worked harder to be two footed…(I wish I did when I was younger!!)

    • Messi barely uses his right foot and is considered one of the greatest players ever. Same for possibly the greatest player who ever played…Maradona,

      Stoichkov, Rivaldo, Hagi to name are another few great players who spring to mind.

      Would you rather have a player who is a genius with one leg, or average/good with two?

    • Hagi,yir baws mate.One of the best 2 footed players ever.The guy was only making an obsevation that the boy is VERY one footed.He uses the outside of his right foot to pivot in a circle,its one of the things I hate to see especially in a player so talented.He is young enough though and will be a smash hit at Ibrox.

  16. These fucken idiots coming on shouting about us they should be more worried bout malmo . No team nor players clever enough to hurt them in Scotland . I guess that super league that is Sweden just a bit more clever players over there. Lets all the rest of Scottish football watch and take note of how to be more cute and clever with the ball . Just like all those mega stars at Malmo ……names Alex . Watp

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