What have Rangers got in Nathan Oduwa?


Earlier this week Rangers finally
confirmed the loan signing of Tottenham Hotspur youngster Nathan Oduwa, a
19-year old forward best suited as a winger.
He has been a regular scorer in
the Spurs’ reserves, even if he is as yet to score at senior competitive level,
but Mauricio Pochettino clearly views the lad with enough promise that he has
allowed him to come north to Ibrox and join Mark Warburton’s Rangers Revolution
to gain experience at a serious competitive level.
But what do Rangers have in this
relatively unknown quantity?
Hopefully the videos will provide
a clue; Oduwa is a powerful, tall, quick, skilful and creative driver with an
eye for goal and no lack of zest.
The boy can beat a man with consummate
ease, and in truth Warbs has pulled off another brilliant coup in getting him
north. He did score an unofficial senior goal pre-season when Spurs beat Stevenage 2-0, so anyone who believes this player will be
squad material may require to think again.
He appears to be a direct
replacement for David Templeton and may well debut v Alloa on the left of that
attacking three.
Take a look for yourselves.
True, Youtube videos could make Richard Foster look like Ronaldo, but if these are anything to go by, Warburton has made a superb signing here.


  1. Dunno but I what they haven't got in Scott Allan… DCK where's your weans millions you said you would be investing OR is it only the co-investors who are to over invest/spend…!!??!!

  2. Blimey O Reilly charlie Guvnor if this boyt can play like that at Under 19 level at Spurs, just think what he will do too Scottish Championship [ mebbe even premier] teams. Bring it on, For the 1st time for ages I am actually enjoyin bein a bear!!

  3. I said a while ago money would determine how much Scott Allan loved Rangers. I was right. I hope he's as big a success at Sellick as Derek Riordan was.

  4. I couldnt care less where Scott Allan goes, it leaves our self proclaimed title rivals even weaker than they were.

    And on Oduwa, anything that means Temps is push out of the team is a good thing!

  5. I cannot understand being a socialist, with so much passion and Gers through and through, how on earth can that bhouy wear that shirt, I know there is money bot wait a year to wear the RFC badge, screw the tims watching our website. I'm 65yrs of age and would walk on water to wear our shirt playing for RFC, its in yoy the moment your born, watching Allan drinking with our players after the Hibs match, were oh were are we going, not going too wish him all the best, sorry got of the subject about Spurs boys ATB to them , this new team is good and furthermore I think it will get better , Scot if you done the business wait a year and breathe easily

  6. The two boys might be ok but we are hardly looking to the future, can't believe Allan went to Celtic after saying his dream was to pull the blue jersey on and more to the point Dave king. said he would over invest this season 600000 grand on 11 players??? So next season 200 k or 300 k, got tickets for Alloa game but my mindset at the moment not sure I will go, lost enthusiasm after today

    • Your attitude is all wrong. The manager is building a squad for the future, complimenting it with a couple of talented loanees to add competition. Forget about SA, he's made his decision so we move onwards and upwards. Aye it's a blow, but we are the Glasgow Rangers, the most successful club in the world. Dave King is doing things the right way, after what we've been through the past few years how can you criticise him? He's saved the club money and improved the playing squad and management dramatically!

  7. Scott Allan,Scott broom,who gives wan, both nonentities, a mean what team wid both get into on English Premiership, Allan,mane,broom,Norwich or a Sunderland,nuff said

  8. 4men, Answer this question, how much money has Dave king put into rangers? Not a penny is the answer, you or I could have taken over at Rangers and used sb money to keep things ticking over

    • Just because it's not in the newspapers every day, do not underestimate the impact King's regime has had. We now have stability at our club, where business is carried out in the board room and not in the public eye. I'm believe that the right people are in charge, and money will be spent when it is necessary, like any business.

      Are you telling me you don't see the overhaul of the playing squad and management as progress? Do you think Warburton took the job without a signing on fee?

      To say you or I could run Rangers is naive at best and just plain stupid at worst. Get a grip of yourself and get behind the team.

  9. Time to move on from Allan.
    Do you think that Hibs were ever going to sell him to us with Stubbs being their manager.
    Only just over a week ago Stubbs says he values Allan at £1m, and what did he get no where near that.
    The rangers board were right in their valuation of Allan, after all if we had given Stubbs what he was after that would have given him more money to improve his squad.
    Allan was also in the last year of his contract, so it made no financial sense to pay over the odds for him.
    The rangers team as it stands is good enough for winning the league, once we are back in the premiership that's where proper investment is needed in the playing squad.
    We should trust our manager and board, after all they are doing it full time, so they know better than ANY fan what is needed and required to get out of the league we are in.
    We need to remember that we are in the Championship, so our out lay on players and wages should be in relation to that.
    Yes money has been raised from season tickets, however that raises capital for not just buying players but running costs for the whole season.
    We have a manager in place that has the team playing high tempo football which most fans agree is better than we have seen over the past 4/5 years. So let's get behind the team, the manager and the board so we are back where we belong next season.

  10. Look, Warburton has made some good, effective bargain signings as is his speciality. Allan didn't come but it was through no lack of effort on Ranger's part, Stubbs was stubborn, (he's well named) Oduwa is a box of tricks and that is an exciting player for this season and another midfielder to come I think who will probably be better than Allan. Money has been used for wages and looking at it King will have made the right call as no major injection will be needed till next season or in the next transfer window if needed for next season.

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