Warburton: “We’re working on loaning more out”


Mark Warburton has confirmed Rangers remain in negotiations regarding loaning out two or three more youth players unlikely to make a major dent in the first team at Ibrox this season.

Warburton famously demoted Andy Murdoch to the U20s, and the likes of Robbie Crawford and Jordan Thompson may find their chances in the senior team limited as well, while Calum Gallagher was a shock sale to St Mirren at short notice.

Rangers’ boss said:

“If we can (put them out on loan), yes. There are one or two conversations going on for sure.”

It can only be mere speculation but the most likely outgoings would be Andy Murdoch and Robbie Crawford, with the former linked to Cowdenbeath.

Rangers’ boss went on:

“It works in terms of their development. You can have kudos and say ‘I’m on the bench for Rangers’ and not play for 8 weeks. It’s important as a young player, 19, 20, 21, 22 (years of age) that you’re out playing football. So if we can get the right loan for the young players we’ll do that.”

Only a couple of days left for these deals to go through.

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  1. Regarding loaning out our youth players I'd like to see an official feeder club affiliated to us. Three or four could join up so the lads can get used to each others method of play.

    I like to see other clubs pick up individuals from us from time to time but a permanent feeder club gives some more structure to the loan system.

  2. good idea i reckon a feeder club would be beneficial & would suit us everybody, Or will we gte it in the neck from the Usual suspects [SFA Press etc]

  3. I would hope that they try to find Andy Murdoch a loan club in the Championship to get him useful experience .No offence to Cowdenbeath but that is too low a level for him and we will learn nothing if he goes there as we know he is better than that already.

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