Warburton: “Wallace injury unlikely to be serious”


After Rangers’ emphatic win over Queen of the South today at Palmerston, manager Mark Warburton has confirmed Lee Wallace’s worrying withdrawal through injury is unlikely to be serious and the Ibrox captain was taken off purely on a precautionary basis.

Wallace felt something go at Queens’ byline early on and struggled thereafter till the 33rd minute when manager Warburton elected to remove him entirely, and the boss confirmed it was purely on a ‘better safe than sorry’ motion.

He said:

“We don’t have an update on it; we’re going to have a look at it now. It was more a precautionary (action, taking him off). It happened really early in the game, two minutes in. He’s a very important player for us, Club captain, so we’ll look after him.”

With Waldo, as he is affectionately known, in such absolute stellar form this season and leading the Club by example, he is a player whose leadership would be missed and fans and management alike will be hoping the scans come out negative for anything serious.


  1. Hope everything is alright with Wallace ,he as all the team are playing really well ,still a bit slack at the back but give them time I am sure they will get better ,I also thought some of the tackles of Queen of the south were terrible ,but I think that will be the case all season .WATP.

  2. Hope the big man is ok and what a performance today and huge credit to McKay had a mom game but the ref should have got a grip earlier, they kicked the shit out of our players but onwards and upwards. WATP

  3. Don't want to blame our keeper for the one goal lost because it was a one on one but he should have came out or at least spread his body out not sure about fod but it's early days

  4. Agreed the way we are playing I expect to see the boys being kicked around a lot, up to refs to stop it and sure will toughen up the young ones for sure which is a good thing

  5. Hope Wallace is ok as he has been excellent this season. The QOS hammer throwers were a disgrace, the referee,Bobby Madden, was turgid pish he was far too lenient in protecting our players from serious injuries, time and again they resorted to brutal cynical assaults on Rangers players,obviously on the orders of their toerag of a manager,if you can't beat them at football give them a kicking,how he isn't questioned on their brutality is beyond me.They should have had at least 4 players(I use the term players loosely)sent off.Those players would be on a charge of GBH if it had happened outside the ground.Of course no mention of these tactics in the bias media.WATP

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