Warburton: “Eustace in coming days”


Mark Warburton has confirmed a
deal for John Eustace is imminent but depends on all parties being agreeable to
Speaking ahead of tomorrow’s
season-opener v St Mirren at Ibrox, the Rangers boss has been extremely pleased
with Eustace’s progress with the physios and was delighted to confirm the
former Derby man is not only fully training with the squad but that all sides
are looking to close the deal on him.

He said:
“He’s training with the group, which is
great from where he was when he came in, and hopefully touch wood again that
progresses well in the coming days. John’s done really well and the medical
team have been outstanding with him and he’s made really good progress.”
On making the signing Warburton
“All parties (are) making sure everyone’s
comfortable and that John’s comfortable that he can play a role for the squad. We’re
comfortable that it’s the right thing to do with John and the team as a whole,
so, so far so good. John’s fit in really well with the group; his views are
well respected and obviously he’s (had) an outstanding playing career so far
and hopefully we can make good progress on that front.”
It had been hoped Eustace would
have been completed by Wednesday as expected but there appears to be a small
delay, most likely with personal terms going by Warburton’s account, before the
contract is signed.


  1. Eustace signing would be good for the club and going by Warbs previous comments he would be made club captain which would surely guarantee him a place in the team…..my only concern is who drops out the team for him. On the basis that Eustace is a defencive midfielder, surely we couldn't drop Andy Haliday?? It would need to be Nicky Law for me…. I know Warbs uses the full squad and players are regularly rotated but Warbs sees Eustace as the linchpin of the team so it would seem that it will be someone else that loses their place. Confused.com

  2. Been quite the transfer saga this one but I have full faith in the new staff and players and if MW thinks the player will improve our current team, it's good enough for me.

    Roll on the new season.

    My top three prediction for the league…

    1st . – Rangers
    2nd. – St. Mirren
    3rd. – Hibs

    Bring it on.

  3. I hope this guy is Bloody good as we have been faffin about for ages whilst he ASSESSES us
    I just hope he doesnt go out & make an arse of himself [or us] aftre all this palaver, or worse get a bloody injury.
    If he is as good as ha been written [i havent seen any of his games] then that could be Law warming the bench. Hopefully we will see him debut tomorra night against the buddies, Hopin for at least another 3/4 goals. Mon kenny miller roll back the years sun!!. Its great being a bear nowadays after all these years of sh*te!

  4. Love your prediction Joey Johnston, I'm a ger but st mirren are my local team so would love that 1 2 but would be better if the capital Manky mob were 6th or less lol WATP

    • Falkirk, QoS, Livingstone and Raith Rovers have all improved their teams so, not inconceivable should Hibs do their usual.

      Should be a crackin' game on Friday. Will be a big test for Rangers against a very good St. Mirren team in front of a large and expectant crowd.

      If we come through this one showing the same commitment and creativity we have shown so far, with a victory and a few goals I'll be gloriously happy.

      Mon the Bears.

  5. Don't know anything about Eustace but would be crazy to put him straight in for such an important game.
    I dreamt it was 3-2 last night and was psd off that we had conceded 2 goals lol how times have changed!

  6. Sorry to digress,, but Ibrox noise hasn't brought up the subject?!! Walter Smith saying there was nothing wrong with the teams fitness for the past 3 seasons???!!!!!!!!!!!!,,What fecking planet is he on,, yeah Walter, you would have to say that,, you recommended your pal, who is screwing our club hundred of thousands of pounds,, and you benefited from the millions squandered that put us into liquidation along with your pal, David Murray,,,so wind your neck in Mr Smith, you recommeded badly and was blinded by friendship rather professional point of view,, I have watch every single game over the years and we absolutely toiled in the last 10 minutes in every game,,, that is a fitness problem,,not a player attitude problem,,, how can you even think about defending mccoist?!!,,, must be a brother thing!!!! idiot!!!

  7. But what are we going do with all the signings next season Walter Smith has asked Dave King to burst the bank to stop Celtic,so what about all the new lads will we pay them off,as we all know they are not going beat Celtic and we all know we must spend £50/60 million to get on a even par with Celtic,so what is Smith saying bust the bank go back in to debt and that can not happen again.

  8. Lay off Walter Smith fellow bears, but agree with most of the points put across by you Celtic imposters WATP

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