Vuckic placed on Newcastle transfer list – Rangers interested?


Ex-Rangers forward and Newcastle loanee Haris Vuckic has been placed on Newcastle’s transfer list,
as broken on this site months ago. While he was expected to be outright
released, his current status means he is nevertheless available to any suitors
at a likely knock-down price.
Unfortunately for Vuckic with
Rangers having brought in Oduwa, and playing a traditional 4:3:3, vacancies for
the deep-lying forward role he implemented to great effect during his loan
spell at Ibrox have likely greatly reduced, and he was never especially known
for his pace.

Nevertheless, with Warburton
missing out on Allan and some other attacking targets this window, the signing
of Vuckic on a permanent transfer would be a fan-pleasing move, if possibly not
a critically necessary one.
It is possible Warburton could do
a ‘Pirlo’ with Vuckic, and convert him to a deep-lying playmaker in midfield as
Ancelotti did with Pirlo (who used to be a forward before the former Milan boss
converted him into a deeper position), a role he could possibly do quite well,
given his eye for a pass.
But, forgive me, this is utter
conjecture – Vuckic is available, and we will find out if Warburton has any
interest in snapping him up in the days to come.



  2. Four ginger bottles and an I.o.u. of 30 quid paid in 6 instalments of 5 pound….quite sure dodgy Dave can just about manage to pay that, with the help of some outside investment…..real rangers men , what they like

    Scotty allan he's one of our own

    • I am home you feckin eejit,,I'm sitting in the hoose ,,just about to go and see the famous glasgow celtic, and our new signing Scotty allan

      Oh Scotty allans magic , he wears a magic hat,
      He used to like the rangers ,but we're ok with that
      He longed to play for rangers, that cannot be denied
      But that can't happen anymore,because rangers feckin died


      Scotty allans magic, he wears a magic hat

    • Oh the rantings of the great unwashed. Trolling through the Rangers sites, obsessed with the worlds most succesful club. Go and have a bath, small boy before trotting off to the piggary. No on second thoughts have you bath after the piggary your bound to be even more manky.

    • He will always be the Rangers man who had to settle for Them.!! As he wasn't allowed to join the greatest quintessential British club in history..
      This is just fact.!! Another fact is you have googled on your phone Rangers News before your own club, this makes you a moron.

    • Anonymous @ 18:48 well done bro thats the best answer to this whole circus I have heard. He did settle for them because we couldnt get near. If we were allowed to talk to him THEY CUNTS know what wouldve happened.

    • I am home sitting in my big house bought and paid for…you piece of shut scuba are probs sitting in your manky boggin house wae ripped carpets and burst couch, hiding from the provident man ya jackey bassa

  3. His lack of pace is probably the biggest issue with him. Wages may be too high also. Who do you think is the mystery third loan player? Lewis MacLeod not been spotted around recently?

  4. Can't see it.

    Eustace and another loanee.

    And that's your whack.

    Good enough to romp the Chamionship, for sure.

  5. MW will already have his plan in place of what players he will need next season if Rangers return to the top flight. Targets will be indentified. Three or four higher quality players will be brought in to already descent core this will prove itself over this season. Its obvious to the players if you want to play in the Top flight you need to play the championship teams off the part consistently. If your not up to this level your not staying under MW. He will improve players something Ally failed to do. Vuckic I'm not to sure fits in what he would want.

  6. The squad is good enough already to win the league. The Gaffer has said he's bringing in another loan player next week, and John Eustace, perhaps. Leave it at that, I think. There's always the January window if the Gaffer decides he needs anyone for the second half.
    Competition for places is good, but it'll be good if the whole squad gets used. Particularly, the players on contract.

  7. No place for him in the deep lying forward role he played in last season? Do you actually watch any Rangers games? Vuckic played most of his games on the right of a front three ,which would fit in perfectly with our current style .Don`t think we will buy him , but if we don`t ,its because Warbs doesn`t fancy him or we can`t afford him ……….not because he doesn`t fit in.

  8. Dont think vuckic falls in to the category of player Warbs likes. Not pacey enough and he will no doubt have better wage offers elsewhere. Im happy with what we've got at present. Another 1 or 2 signings as noted above would be icing on the cake but i dont think more signings are critical. I think we already have more than enough quality to win the league this year. I hope we land the Glasgow Septic in the cup….. No fears at all. WATP…. P.S. wonder if Septic will win the treble this year?? Its only their 4th shot at it!! 4 years without the big team from Glasgow in the top league and they cant get a treble….how embarrassing!! LOL

  9. Rumours doing the rounds that the 'very exciting player' Warbs has confirmed will sign on loan early next week is Lewis Macleod

  10. it would give fans a boost if we get vuckic in,we would soon forget all about SA,also im hoping May is the other loanee and John Eustace would leave me super happy going in to season

  11. I think MacLeod is out injured medium term and although I would like a striker, I wouldn't class May as 'very exciting", effective certainly.

  12. Seduced by a tainted pound fae the kiddy fiddlers…hell mend him when they tamper with him…better keep his new baby away from them or they'll have it too…septic scum

  13. My understanding is Stevie May is the other loanee coming next week. He hasn't even been making the bench for Wednesday even in the League Cup game where they rested players.

  14. John swift would be quality, box to box centre mid with an eye for goal!! Where have you heard his name about?

  15. Just typed john swift into Google clicked on his Wikipedia, current club Rangers fc, has Wikipedia out foxed ibrox noise on this one lol

  16. Disgusted at some of the language on this site. Can't we just concentrate on the football? Allan has signed for Celtic get over it. Bringing his kid into the conversation says more about the poster than it does anyone else. Let's see how the season goes, there is a feel good factor around the club for the first time in years, let's not get caught up in the Allan transfer and turn it into some big betrayal. The guy is a professional footballer….it's his job. Chances are he is getting paid more at Celtic and will have the chance to play in Europe…as a professional that's an easy choice. It's easy for us to say "I'd never sign for Celtic" let's face it none of us would ever have been in that position. Barry Ferguson has said he would have signed for Celtic when he was younger. Is he a traitor for saying that ??

    • The difference is once Ferguson was made an offer by Rangers that was it. Dalglish never got an offer from Rangers.
      Allan is a wee rat. He hung Rangers out to dry. A Rangers supporter would never do that. He's a charlatan. He has no concept of what a Rangers supporter really is. Same goes for anyone who can't see that.

    • How exactly did he hang Rangers out to dry? The guy is a professional footballer trying to do the best for himself and his family. Higher wages and chance to play in Champions League vs another season in the championship for less money…not much of a choice for a professional…in fact I'd say it's a no brainer for the guy. Very few professionals are die hard fans, from a young age they are playing football and training instead of going to see the team they "support". They don't have the same depth of feeling about the club like a die hard such as yourself would have. A lot of folk are judging his decision and comparing it to the decision a die hard fan would make as opposed to a professional footballer. If you can't see that then you are blind.

    • Allan was the one broadcasting his credentials as a "Rangers supporter". Unless your deaf, and he's daft, he was sending out a message. Rangers heard it and acted accordingly. He knew what the position was at Hibs, exactly.
      He knew that "the team he supports" was locked in a battle with a club who were trying to stifle his chances of playing for "the team he supports". Rangers, went out on a limb for him. They sent Allan the clear message that they would not walk away if Hibs forced him to play out his contract. Unless Allan was too busy " playing football and training instead of going to see the team they "support"." he knew that Rangers and real Rangers supporters risked being ridiculed, if Allan acted as he did.
      Delia has stated that he watched the whole situation unfold, and was always confident that Allan would end up at Celtic Park. How could he have been so confident? He couldn't have been unless he knew that Allan was prepared to sign for them if Hibs accepted their offer when Celtic came in.
      Allan must have known that Celtic were going to make an offer. He must have been asked, by Stubbs, if he'd be prepared to go there. Stubbs must have communicated that to Delia. Delia must have been in the loop. Otherwise Delia would have been just like everybody else in Scotland, in believing that Allan had set his heart on a move to Rangers and nowhere else.
      In the end, Allan has stood by watching Rangers risk ridicule, to assure him of their intentions. He could have made a statement that he was prepared to go to any club in Scotland, but he didn't. He must have known that Celtic were interested. He must have given them, through Stubbs, assurances that he would go there.
      Given all that, the 'so-called' Rangers supporter was prepared to see Rangers being strung along by Stubbs. Rather than making a statement saying that he accepted Hibs would not sell him to Rangers and that he was prepared to go elsewhere, or wait out his contract, he sat by and watched Rangers being played for clowns.
      He is a total rat. He is a total phoney. He was part of a circus designed to ridicule Rangers and their supporters. Rangers tried their best to bring him to the club he has claimed to support and he, Allan, has hung them out to dry.

    • The quotes about him being a Rangers supporter were from last year. They were not made during this saga. I don't think Hibs strung Rangers along, they stated from day 1 that they would not sell to their Championship rivals under any circumstances. So Allan either sits tight and signs a pre contract in January with Rangers or signs for another Scottish club if it's an attractive offer. If he goes for the pre contract route then there's a risk to him…what happens if he signs a career threatening injury? Would Rangers still sign him ? I doubt it. He gets sounded out about signing for Celtic and in his own words "in footballing terms it's a no brainer", I'm sure from a personal view it wasn't a "no brainer"…it would have been a tough decision. Ultimately he is a professional footballer….like most his aim is to play at the highest level he can, win trophies and earn as much money as he can…while he can. If Hibs had accepted any of Rangers bids then I think he would have signed for Rangers. Hibs refusal to do business with Rangers left Allan with the risk that a bad injury could leave him out of football and no contract beyond the end of this season. A young guy with a young family…financially it's a "no brainer".

  17. It's been doing the rounds on rumour page, could be something in it, Warburton has mentioned his name in passing as one of the good youth players coming through, looks exciting from what I've seen in you tube.

  18. I agree about Vuckic, we saw what he could do and in this team with better and also faster players around him, he would be a revelation, with the high line attacking style he would bang them in all over the place.

  19. why did you let this news out its going to be the same old story he will say he loves the gers then celtic will take him from us if they want him where is our 20 million war chest we must open it soon or the champions league what warbo promised in 3 years could be in doubt

  20. We don't need Scott Alan we have better players than him he would hav been a great addition to us but let him waste his career we will be waving at him wen we r sitting top of the premiership at the end of next season

  21. On the basis that usually the most talked about player doesn't come, I reckon it could be another Chelsea U21 player, right winger/striker Alex Kiwomya, another pacy, tricky player who will give competition to McKay, just as Oduwa will do with Templeton on the left.

  22. Hey they want around 500.000 that rules us out but dundee utd aberdeen and a few others are looking at him,how come they can buy but we can not spend that on a player,it tells you some thing not all is good

  23. I thought Slovenia Manager Srecko Katanec made it quite clear. to Vuckic, you want to be on the National Team, you can't play in the Scottish Championship. It's just not good enough. And after yesterday's result, it's hard to disagree.

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