The best football at Ibrox since Advocaat


Three competitive matches – three
(poor) goals conceded.
Twelve scored. That is a full
dozen. Rangers, against fellow title rivals St Mirren and Hibernian have
already managed nine goals, with that other three against Peterhead.
To say this Rangers team is
starting to look like the real deal is the understatement of the year. 49,216
fans (including a few hundred Buddies) packed out a completely full Ibrox
stadium to witness the Mark Warburton era deliver on its pre-season promise and
provide a scintillating 90 minutes where it put its money where its mouth has

Pre-season is always an odd
animal, one where fans are rarely able to accurately judge the merits of a team
based on those friendly results. Even here, where two completely valid competitive
matches were played in the normal pre-season period, there was doubt as to how
accurately pummelling Hibernian and dispatching Peterhead actually reflected
the progress Warburton has made.
League business is always such a
different animal. But after 25 minutes of non-stop Rangers pressure including
two excellent goals from captain Lee Wallace (who was absolutely colossal, incidentally), it was evident the promise was
translating over to delivery.
This site said, and I quote:
“The only glitch is that slow starting
– but even that is showing signs of getting better. Versus Hibs it took 30
minutes to start to click, and strictly speaking Tavernier’s brilliant
equaliser. Then v Peterhead it more or less clicked from the start, but the
home side just could not finish. The
hope is when St Mirren come to Govan on Friday, that will progress further to
managing a goal or two which will confirm superiority, rather than just
possession and shots
It did. Finally those fast starts
are being rewarded with what they deserve – goals. Yes, St Mirren got one back
quickly thanks to a defensive lapse, and yes they really should have equalised
when Tavernier clumsily felled McMullan in the box. Captain Steven Thompson’s
penalty was something beyond abysmal.
But when Dean Shiels put the
third away late on, it was a more accurate reflection of Rangers’ vast
superiority over the 90 minutes. 63% home possession sums that up, along with 25
shots, 10 of which were on target.
Rangers dominated this match, and
fully deserved their victory – the quality of play was frankly outstanding, and
that off-ball running, pressing, one-twos, individual skill and overall unity
appears to be growing with every match. It is easily the best quality of play
Rangers have performed since the days of the Little General, with compression in
midfield, marauding wingplay, threaded defence-splitting passes and shot after
Yes, there was a bit of a lull
after Howieson made it 2-1, and Rangers did rather fail to rediscover the
overall rhythm as fluidly as before, but St Mirren, those two chances aside,
just were not in this match and the Ibrox men were frankly comfortable.
If this is only going to get
better, Rangers fans are in for a treat this season.


  1. 12 Goals in 3 competative matches and after each game Warbs keeps saying we have to be more clinical. Any more clinical and we will turn from RFC into NHS. I would love they bastards in the cup again this year.

    Warburtons blue 'n' white army…

    • oh dear carried away on a tide of enthusiasm after 3 matches. celtic would rip you a new one just now. perhaps later in the season when completely bedded in it would be a more even contest but just now NO CONTEST.
      since liquidation every season has been 'the one' . that wont happen for at least another 3 years and investment in quality players from Dave King.
      watch out theres some wasps about bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • You won't find a single rangers fan who declared last season as 'the one' … Before or during… But glad you're starting to shite yourself by checking in here to see what all the fuss is about..

    • light bulbs and paint before players and a scouting system.

      when u win the petrofac – at the 4th time of asking – the declaration will be another trophy that the other lot huvny won !

      daves dosh is still under the bed – M A is the real puppet master

  2. I said to my partner this morning that this is the best football Rangers have played since Dick Advocaat and later in the day you have said the same thing. I was excited about watching the game on TV last night and I was totally thrilled at the displays of most of the team. I don't mind losing a goal if we can score 3 or more. With Hibernian and St Mirren both losing their first games of the season, I predict we will do a Hearts this year and go straight up to the SPL and challenge the other mob within the NEXT two seasons.

  3. Dumbarton have just gubbed Hibs 2-1. The pressure will mount this week on the wee mhankies. Time to put in another bid next Friday, I think. They won't sell, of course, but it is our duty to help Hibs increase their inner turmoil. It's the least that we can do.

    Teams have to decide whether they will try to press Rangers early to stop them from playing out of defence, or cede territory/possession by sitting back. Hibs pressed early, a very energy sapping exercise. Rangers ran them ragged in the final third of the game.
    St Mirren sat back, Rangers swarmed all over them and still dominated right to the end. their fitness is terrific. Lovu=ing this, I am. Onward and upward.
    C'mon the Gers!

  4. With progress like this after 3 games imagine how far on we will be next season the mind boggles.The powers that be need to get Mr Warburton signed up on a long term contract

  5. So much to look forward to this season. Get the builders in through new sponsorship, an increase in seating, it will be needed. Can expect a helluva run in the cups. Imagine what this team can do when they start scoring goals. After writing that I had to remind myself we've scored twelve in three games. It could easily have bee twenty four. I think Waghorn is immense and we have ten goal scorers in the team. Personally can't wait to see Jordan Thompson adding his skill to the Ibrox inferno. Many opposing teams are gonnae get a roasting. MW will tighten a few loose bolts and the sky is the limit. One more point.Let's make a move off the park to claw back the 70 million that was stolen from the club.

  6. Rangers deserved to win but their play is 5 out of 10 . They need to pass the ball to their own players & not to the opposition . What has happened to McGreggor & a few others ? The new English players are still playing sloppy football so why can't they be 'benched' to allow other to succeed ? I'm a Rangers fan all my life & my relations back to their early days , so I'm not a newbie etc ! Mark Warburton is trying to get this team sorted & I personally think he will ! A result on Friday but not what they should be doing , hopefully it will be a double figure win with no goals allowed someday soon !

  7. Great result ,we have to score more with the chances we are making .Defence still got a bit to do .,not to happy with Laws effort ,like manager said we will get better with every game Great result Dumbarton .WATP.

  8. It is so good to be a Rangers supporter. Much better than being a Celtic supporter.
    My name is William. I have an acquaintance who;s name is Timothy.
    I'd rather be a Billy than a Tim.

    I am a very happy man. Any slight setbacks will not change that. We are Rangers and we are coming down the road.

  9. I'm an older bracket supporter. Though whenever I watch the Rangers, I'm a kid again. I'm in my sixties and I still dream about slamming in the winner, against them, in the last minute of the Scottish Cup final. I'm starting to think how wonderful it would be, if one of the young team did just that. This year.

    By the way. Lee Wallace. I remember guys like Jimmy Millar and John Greig. When I watch Lee Wallace play my heart warms. He is a selfless player. A player who gives his all, every game, for Rangers. While he hasn't had the fortune to have played in great teams like Jimmy and John did; to my mind he is right up there with the best of them. Well done Lee. Nothing will give me greater pleasure than to see you captain Rangers back to the very top. Except, of course, if you are that guy who slams in the winner of the Scottish Cup Final. Onward and upward.
    C'mon the Gers!

  10. We need MW and DW signed up on good long term contracts,the signs are there for all to see that success is and trophies are imminent.I know it sounds crazy 3 games in but MW has clearly got it.The biggest fear now is the temptation of trying out the Premiership down south because everyone knows how often Premiership teams change their manager and the lure of the best league in the world may be too big for Warburton to turn down.If we continue with the style of play and turning average players into great ones and 25,000 crowds into 50,000 crowds any club owner would be mad to ignore him.Get him and Weir signed up long term NOW at least then if he does go Rangers would benefit massively financially.Until such times lets all get behind them as a Management ' jewel in the crown '.Onwards and upwards!

  11. Great start but let's not get carried away bears. We have been starved of good football for years so it's understandable to be excited. Fact is our keeper is abysmal with the ball at his feet and every goal we have lost has been really poor. Get that sorted, get and out and out finisher then we will be looking the part. Leaking poor goals is Not the sign of a good football team..

    • Agree about the keeper with the ball at his feet, nightmare. Although up till now he looks safe enough with high balls.

  12. For fuck sake u just really can't please some people eh . After the last four years of absolute shite we've had to put up with. Yes I know we ain't Barcelona but hey we are definitely going in the right direction. And they have only literally played a hand full of games together . A bit more time together and just gonna get better and better I'm sure of it . Watp

  13. I'm 61 now and suffer from severe backache, enjoyed game lastnight and had 20 quid on Dumbarton at 5to1 today and managed to make love to my wife 3 times, my backache was severe but not as severe as the pain Stubbs must be feeling watp PS best weekend in ages

  14. That man made a fair point not keen on our keeper one little bit but will give him a chance, it's probably too early to judge, can see Liam Kelly stepping up soon ,this boy will go to the top

  15. Heard for months now that messi is unhappy at Barcelona, we should try and get him and can the real Mr king please stand up, offer a wham bar, pack of monstermunch crisps and Chuck in a pack of shortbread to sweeten the deal, king I don't believe in, but in w and w and rangers fans, I truly believe WATP PS king should be made to prove he is going to invest in club, if not get Kennedy in

  16. I love the fact that we are playing without fear again, last season we were too timid especially at Ibrox and teams were attacking us because they knew they could get something, there was no fear factor. Now because we play high up the pitch and with such an attacking style and great ball retention that even if we concede the odd goal we will still score more ourselves, opponents may still not have any fear but either do we and this style of play will put opponents on the back foot and the fear factor will return.

  17. Still too many ars*hol*s pretending to be Rangers supporters on the fabulous Ibrox Noise. They cannot believe we have made real progress in such little time. Remember MW & DW (W & W), met the players at the end of June for the first time and to start training with only the players that were left at the club, including some of the signed players that they obviously don't fancy too much, especially the centre halves. Then they had to start signing new players that they thought were vital to their plans. Everything takes time, so it is absolutely astonishing what they have achieved already. It would be good to try and extend their contracts now as they definitely have it – in abundance! When you watch the fitness and energy displayed by this W & W Rangers team. You wonder how old timer Walter Smith can talk so much rubbish about his friend Ally (the worst Rangers manager ever) McCoist, saying that his team was fit, they just couldn't live with the pressure of having to win – BULL*HIT. Thankfully the old pals act is a thing of the past at Ibrox now.

    • Dunno who your referring to with the comment but it better not be directed at me for suggesting we don't get carried away. I've been a season ticket holder at Ibrox for 40 years and I know enough about football to know what a good team is! – Yes we are going in the right direction and it will take time, but the people screaming from the rafters about how great we are when we are leaking goals like a seive and our keeper can't clear his own box with a pass back are deluded! If we do that against a good team in the cup and they score 6 into us then i can promise that so many of us won't be scremaing about how great we are!

  18. Mucky, I think you're being a bit harsh. 5 out of 10? The team's playing some great football that's a joy to watch. Sure some passes have gone astray, but I think "sloppy" is far strong. Warburton knows there are a few things that need to be sorted out, but that was only their 3rd game together, so it's a bit early to talk about anyone being "benched." Even this early in the season we're doing well and things are only going to get better. After all the rubbish we've had to watch for the last 3+ years you must surely be happier than you're letting on, or else you're a really hard man to please.

  19. Seen the negative comments regarding the Goalkeeper. I'll accept he's clumsy at his feet at times, but he's very confident when balls are flying in the box, and his rushing out it top drawer,,,,, All this boy needs is a season at ibrox and watch his confidence grow,,,,, David James comes to mind!!!!! (I'm aware he also was a bit clumsy, but yet still a brilliant Goalie)

  20. Who cares if we lose silly goals as long as we score more than the opposition,it makes for entertaiment that has been lacking badly in recent years that's why it may sound as if some supporters are getting carried away,there not,they are excited and thrilled to have a proper fighting confident Rangers back.Istated in a previous post,bet on both teams scoring in every Rangers game you'll be in profit at the end of the season and Rangers will have won the league because we will always outscore our opponents

    • Your talking gash! Who cares if we lose silly goals? You can't scream we are a good confident fighting team then admit we lose silly goals! ffs man, maybe the odd silly goal, not one or two every game we play eh! If you think any top team plays football without worrying about their defence as long as they score more than the opposition then your deluded mate…A football team simply can't claim to be a good team if they can't stop leaking silly goals can it??

  21. I said earlier about not getting carried away and I stick by that. Too many of you boys seem to be fall over yourselves to scream about the team. Yes it's a great start, yes it's 10x's better than it was, yes the boys are fighting for everything and yes I think we are going in the right direction but ffs take the blinkers off! We don't have an out and out finisher, our keeper looks clumsy and is poor with the ball at his feet, or defence is leaking goals teh minute someone runs at us! All I'm saying is until those things are sorted then calm it down to a panic at least. This garbage about as long as we outscore the oposition is just that garbage! A good football team needs to be competent at both ends of the park to be called a good team. I've been at all the games now under Warburton and each and everytime the opposite team have scored far too easily! Maybe the just need time to Gel, lets hope so. but as I said…calm it down, let's get a finisher in, sort our keeper out and tighten up the defence…then we maybe start looking the part.

    • 3 games in you want a new keeper,a new defence and a striker,maybe then you'll be positive,ain't no pleasing some,I hate to hear your comments under McCoist,

    • No I want the manager to sort out the keeper and the defence he has brought in?? This defence has leaked goals in the same fashion as Mccoists did so far! As for a striker yes we need a goalscorer do we not?

  22. Anonymous at 15.15

    Please let me know where the word 'good' is in my above post.You want 3-0,4-0 every game,stick to Roy of the Rovers or join the real world,we're in the championship why are you going on about top teams,our goal this season is promotion and that will happen as we are much more fighting and confident,fact!!,please read articles properly and then reply,friendly advice nothing else.

    • Me wanting 3 or 4 nil? Who said that? I never said we are a top team, my original point was that we won't be till we cut out sloppy kick outs and poor goals. It's others on here talking as If we are superstars after 3 games. I'd settle for 1-0 but that doesn't look possible with the way people breeze through our defence does it? – As for Roy of the Rovers stuff, look at the utter tripe you posted about as long as we score more than the other team..utter pie in the sky..soz, just friendly advice.

  23. Give me 4-3 over a boring 1-0 anytime,and i think most proper fans would agree,please don't get too upset! it's only an opinion,just saying like………..

    • Fis r enough, it's a game of opinions. I want us banging goals in and playing exciting footy. I just don't want to be leaking goals. And so far we have been leaking them exactly like we have been for the last 4 seasons! Anyhow my point is we can't get too carried away until we learn to cut out the sloppy goals. That's all. WATP

  24. i think we do need to remain level head as we are only 3 games in, its is easy to go mental [ I canny stop smiling] but if we keep it in perspective & have faith in W&W mebbe just mebbe we might get a better goalie when we get up & the wee boy from Easter RD and maybe DK will dive down the back of the sofa & get a new striker I would love to see all this happen but for the time being im being v,cautious.

    But as I said early I canny stop smiling!

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