Stubbs’ backs down while Hibs struggle to sell Ibrox allocation


The latest reports ahead of
Rangers’ Championship league clash with current nemeses Hibernian is that
Sunday’s guests will not be bringing a full away crowd to Ibrox, such is their
present inability to sell the full 900 briefs as per their allocation.
The fixture, preceded by a bigger
war of words and ‘mind games’ than usually seen for matches in the Championship,
could go a long way to deciding the destination of the league title and
automatic promotion, but apparently Easter Road’s faithful are unwilling to
witness such an important match first-hand.

It is just one of a glut of
stories leading up to the pivotal match which adds subplot and intrigue to the
afternoon, such as Stubbs claiming Rangers’ boss Mark Warburton “has it easy”
while Warburton hit back telling the Hibernian manager to “shut his mouth”. His
counterpart tried to smooth the waters a little with this:
“I, for one, know how hard it is in
management to succeed and then suddenly I’m saying he’s got a very easy job? I
didn’t say that.”
Actually he did. But let us not


  1. stubbs shut up you twat the shiite flows oot your mooth faster than it comes oot my ass after a vindaloo

  2. By far hibs biggest game of the season and they can't even sell 900 tickets. What a joke, the club and fans must be well embarrassed ha

  3. Hibs,wee team,wee fans,and utterly deluded if they think themselves or any other wee teams gonna be our'rivals'Rangers,out of sight by christmas.

  4. I think we should start a new matchday theme,like double figures saturday-sunday.haha too easy Mon Rangers

  5. If he "didny say it" We should point out which paper printed it, But TBH if they cant sell 900 hundered tickets then they realy need to hang ther head in shame, They werent bad today we were slightly better it wasthe usual sh*te ya da ya da, It makes you wonder why anyone watches football in scotland

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