Stubbs: “Allan will cost you £1M”


Hibernian manager Alan Stubbs has
today formally put a price tag of £1,000,000 on the head of marquee midfielder
Scott Allan.
The 23-year old is subject to the
biggest transfer saga in Scotland
this summer, and has handed in a transfer request to the Easter Road outfit to
confirm his desire to switch to Ibrox.
But Hibs have repeatedly peddled
the line that they refuse to sell him to Rangers, and have rejected three bids
from Ibrox, the highest of which scaled around £300,000.

English Championship side
Rotherham pulled out after their bid of £400,000 was rejected out of hand, and
Stubbs has now placed his cards firmly on the table by declaring a seven-figure
sum will be required to wrest the player away from Edinburgh.
This does appear to be a slight
softening of the previous hard line stance of refusing to sell to Rangers,
whereby conceivably if Rangers’ hierarchy did submit a £1M bid, chances are
Hibs would take it.
But fans are unhappy with any
notion of Rangers paying more than around £500,000 for a player in the last
year of his contract and available for nothing on a pre-contract in January.
Whether the short-term loss of
£1M would be offset by the financial rewards that promotion would provide, with
Allan’s help, is another matter.

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  1. Just wait until Jan then we will get him for nothing .Will he play his heart out for hibs i dont think so after they broke there promise to him ,its their loss

  2. Let wait till Jan window put in another bid or get Scott to sign pre contract personally I would give them nothing don't forget petrie was one of the rat's who couldn't put the boot in quick enough.

  3. We will not be the only team interested come January, so there is no guarantee that he will sign for us.

    • Correct. He will also command higher wages as a free agent so even if competition is beaten off in January chances are it will be more costly in wages. £5k a week over 4 years in over £1m.

  4. It's the old haggling game being played here….
    Rangers start low Hibs start high and you will find that you always come to a compromise somewhere in the middle……….
    SA will be a Rangers player before the transfer window closes for around half a million plus add-ons and that fact that stubs has came out and put a price on him clarifies my point!!!!! C'mon the gers….. WATP

  5. Offer the lad an excellent pre contract in January and starve Hibs of a good few hundreds of thousands of pounds. Better to spend it on Ibrox or to secure a prolific goal scorer on a loan contract to benefit OUR team.

  6. 'We're not selling him to Rangers for any price'

    'He'll cost you £1mil'

    They'll accept half that. What the player is worth is irrelevant any they know it. Rangers are trying so see how little they can get him for while hibs want as much as they can get, making both clubs look daft in the end.

    Every time Warburton smirks and refuses to answer questions on Allan makes me laugh, he must know how much it riles up that tool Stubbs

  7. There's no way Rangers would, nor should they even consider paying anything close to £1m for a player we don't need this season and who we'll pick up for nothing anyway in a few months. Stubbs should be told where to stick his price tag and that should be the end of it till January. Scott Allan, unfortunately, will just need to be patient in the knowledge that by this time next year he will be with the team he wants to play for and be gearing up to take on the "big teams" in the Premiership.

  8. 1m ? That's sheer greed for a player that cost nothing, Stubbs can kiss my hairy sweaty pimpled bum cheeks

  9. Rangers should not consider paying any more than £500K for a player we don't need this season and who we will pick up for nothing on January 1st. His agent can keep reminding Hibernian, that Scott Allan will be a Rangers player next year.

  10. I'm at central station bar getting ready to go to the game, feel like a kid again, so excited, c'mon the bears, fucking buzzing WATP

  11. I've bet my 2grand savings on gers tonight at 1to2 50% profit should be but nervous now c'mon the mighty watp

  12. Can Rangers win the Championship without S Allan…. Yes!

    Can Hibernian win the Championship with S Allan…. Naw!

    That is all.

    Off to watch the game.

  13. A know scousers have a good sense of humour but stubb' s ripin the are out it.
    Maybe he mean' t Euros.
    Even Jim royale said million pound
    MY. ARSE !

  14. Feel sorry for Scott Allan, nice to be wanted but feel really sorry for the kid, he has been hung out to dry by hibs, in my opinion he is a 3 million pound player but because gers are skint and hibs got him on a free its war of attrition now, wouldn't want to pay more than 500k to hibs, just hope he knows we want him at rangers, he can bring greatness back to our club

  15. Can't blame hibs/Stubbs trying to get good money for Allan but ffs 1 million, that's just pure greed, they got him for nowt a year back, I would love Allan at gers but I'd just say take 450k or shove it might lose him but rather that than be held ransom by a rat eyed bigot , the boy is unhappy reckon hibs are shitting it now he's told Leeds Wigan and Rotherham to fuck off and now Stubbs has said we can have him for 1 mill, he can go to fuck

  16. Reckon Warburton should ring Stubbs and say rangers won't put in anymore bids and just leave it at that. Stubbs shitting himself now that he is left with a future rangers legend, who has stated he wants to go. Keep the boy Stubbs, we will get him in January anyway.

  17. Warburton should say to Allan see you in January hibs demands have got ridiculous, reckon we will win league anyway b'ut would love Allan aboard now but hibs hierarchy are full of greed and we should pull the plug on it.

  18. If he had two years plus left on contract, I'd bust the bank and pay 2m at the least if not more but because we are skint and hibs got him on a free, we are trying to get him cheap, hope hibs release him for the young lads sake, Scott Allan must and will come to rangers PS I bought my 3 year old boy gers top with Allan printed on the back, confidence or what? WATP

  19. Hope Warburton says we aren't interested anymore sick of it all now, get him in January anyway, hibs and Stubbs get nowt and Allan gets signing on fee, goodluck to the lad

  20. Tavernier cost next to nothing, yet Gough says he could be sold for £4m next season……………should we be sharing the windfall with Wigan?

  21. The headline bid of £285k is not cash up front, otherwise Hibs may have bit weeks ago.

    The bid is a small deposit, followed by a number of instalments that will run into next year. Included in the £285k is an add on for Allan helping Gers to automatic promotion and Champions League participation within 3 years.
    The full details are published on one of the Hibs blogs.

    It's untrue that Embassy coupons and ginger bottles are part of the deal………..

  22. the morning after the night before, do we really need scott allan !! maybe,maybe not, what we do require is an out and out striker, the chances that were missed at ibrox last night was nothing short of mind blowing, we are looking good all over the park, except up front, wait till january get him to sign a pre-season contract, cost us nothing, and go and spend the money on a young hungry striker, ant tell bigot stubbs to go f**k himself, W.A.T.P

  23. Get off the pot. It's too rich for the club running at a loss that has no credit line. Where's this over investment promised by the glib and shameless liar. I'm fact where is the GASL?

  24. Fans are happy again and we have management dreamteam in place but feel when push comes to shove king will fuck us over and we will need to start all over again, can't stop feeling negative about that man, hope I'm wrong WATP

  25. I would like to see SA at ibrox im wondering if the old "mysery illness/injury" may creep in here & the boy will be out for a bit!!

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