Sinnamon loaned to Falkirk amidst rumours another youngster to follow

Sinnamon loaned to Falkirk amidst rumours another youngster to follow

Rangers have today confirmed yet
another Murray Park
youngster has been sent out on loan, with right-back Ryan Sinnamon making his
way out to Falkirk until January.
The defender joins a number of
fellow Club youths to find themselves being loaned this season, following in the
footsteps of Darren Ramsay and Luca Gasparotto to name two, amidst rumours
Andrew Murdoch is in line to do likewise in order to get game time.

Murdoch, despite an impressive
debut season last year, has found himself demoted to the U20s and unless he
makes the match-day squad tomorrow for the trip to Recreation Park, chances
will increase that he will be the next to go out for first-team football.
Many supporters are puzzled by
Murdoch, by manager Mark Warburton’s rejection of his services for the first
team, but then given the stellar start the new boss has made to life at Ibrox,
he has certainly earned the right to make judgement calls.
Former fellow Ibrox youngster
Calum Gallagher has already completely departed, joining Championship rivals St
Mirren in a ‘transfer agreement’, so with Sinnamon now confirmed gone, Rangers’
youth graduates are currently experiencing a state of flux, yet promise, with
the likes of Walsh, Aird, Hardie, Kelly and McKay becoming regular fixtures in
the first team squad and team.

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  1. Tbh if they were any good Warburton would play them like he does with Mckay. McCoist/McDowell were the downfall of Mckay but warvurton recognises a good player so tehrefore plays him, The rsst of these youngsters will hopefully get better from being loaned if not Jog on…

  2. Aird is a dreadful "footballer", if you can even call him that. One footed, one trick pony, worse than Gregg Wylde ever was and that's saying something. Never a Rangers player and never will be.

  3. Travelled up to Ibrox from Hampshire for the match against St Mirren. This was my first viewing of the team for over 20 years. I have been pushing for Warburton to start the revamping of a new era. On the performance, atmosphere great, fans giving the players plenty of encouragement. Unfortunately their standard at the moment is around English Div 1 standard having watched Swindon and Reading a few times last season. Must get better, quicker passing and movement otherwise more players will be needed next season if not before.

    • It's a new team only played a few games together Warburton will have them sorted out by the end of the season we are not that far of septic

    • We are improving there's absolutely no doubt about that. However to suggest we are not that far off Celtic is a tad optimistic. I think we are miles behind them just now and until the board and Dave King put their money where their mouths are we will remain miles behind them. They also have a gold manager who is changing the way they play and looks to have a good idea of how he wants to improve the team and a vision of how that team will look. There is only so much Warburton can do on a shoe string budget…he is improving us but he isn't a miracle worker.

    • Have you ever watched the Scottish premiership? All we need is game time and maybe 1 or 2 players and we are there

  4. The thing with Dave King is he is a good businessman which by definition means he will invest as much as required to get a desirable return on his investment. Thus why throw money at players just now (inc Allan who I am a big fan off) if he and his manager (who also understands how to maximise a return from limited investment) believe that they can achieve theîr goals following their strategy. This is a business model as well as a football model.
    David Murray spent money we didn't actually have and borrowing this from a bank (Lloyds) that ran its business in a high risk way resulted in us being where we are. So it really frustrates me when the 'Dave show us your money brigade' shout their mouth off.
    It is early days but performances are at a different level (perhaps not top premiership but miles ahead of the dross and drivel we witnessed under my hero) and based on what I have seen we are fine. Results may mean we have to spend in Jan but why throw money away know when on the surface we don't need to. It's not like signing someone in Jan means their cup tied in the Champions league!!! Keep believing WATP
    Ash Loyal

  5. Good comment. Over the coming years Dave King and the others will be required to put in cash injections from time to time. the season ticket money will never cover the costs of a club like Rangers.
    Once they fight their way back into Europe and the big money, and/or produce players that they can sell on every couple of seasons or so, they will then be in a position to consider buying the odd
    high price' player.
    As things go at the moment? So far so good. From the boardroom, the management and the players.

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