Tuesday, 4 August 2015

"Send Them Home Happy"

Two competitive matches into the fledgling Mark Warburton era and it is clear that the progress being made over the previous regimes goes something beyond expansive.

Nine goals scored, just the two conceded (a silly penalty and a goalkeeping error) and delivered with a style of energy and enthusiasm frankly alien to Rangers supporters sadly used to such utter dross in previous years.

Yes, Hibernian are not Real Madrid and no one pretends Peterhead are Chelsea either, but it is plain to see this is simply a different Rangers animal to the failure of recent seasons.

That Rangers fans are now feeling genuine optimistic about the future under their new boss is a novel state of affairs, and that plaque in the home dressing room at Ibrox really sums up the connection between the new regime and the supporters:

“Send them home happy”

Warburton is demanding the fans are satisfied with performances and results, and ordered that epigram installed and read each match so each player will see what their duty is. So that each player will understand what their duty is.

And the performances on the pitch are reflecting this. Yes, it took Rangers around 30 minutes to get going at Easter Road, and yes, it took longer than it should have to finally breach Peterhead’s rearguard, but the fact is the endeavour, tactics, shape and link-up play are unlike anything we have witnessed pretty much since Walter Smith retired.

Even the SPL Rangers McCoist managed before Naismith’s injury relied mostly on the now-Everton forward’s endeavour supporting star striker Nikica Jelavic. The standard of player was overall higher than present, of course, but it would be untrue to say the general work ethic even compared.

Now we are enjoying off-ball running like never before, intricate one-twos in midfield and interchanging on the flanks, defensive shape holding its position and reading the game properly, and some really worldly goals.

Warburton puts it thus:

“That’s what we have to do. We must ensure the supporters enjoy their football and how the team play.”

It just feels and looks like a massive upgrade – the players are unified as part of a machine which knows what it is doing – it will have the odd breakage, and the occasional cog will fly out of kilter with the rest, but the overall machine will keep running, managed by a most able technician in Mark Warburton.

That Rangers’ hierarchy managed to get this guy to come north of the border to the Scottish Championship is truly staggering. I am not claiming he is Jose Mourinho or Guus Hiddink, but he is truly better than this league deserves, and Rangers are terribly fortunate to have secured him.

The only glitch is that slow starting – but even that is showing signs of getting better. Versus Hibs it took 30 minutes to start to click, and strictly speaking Tavernier’s brilliant equaliser. Then v Peterhead it more or less clicked from the start, but the home side just could not finish.

The hope is when St Mirren come to Govan on Friday, that will progress further to managing a goal or two which will confirm superiority, rather than just possession and shots.

Manage that, manage another impressive win to make it three in a row and it is pretty certain that Warburton’s impact is not just a short burst.

And he is sending us all home happy.


  1. I'm so happy with how we are.
    I feel we've really been looked at well in each position, unlike the utter disaster stuff before (Ally).
    I have great faith in Mark. I think he's installing really great things.
    With the board firstly (and must be said, most importantly) being sorted and now this great manager, I'm a very happy man.

    This is the start I believe of great things.


  2. Its early yet but I cant say enough about players and management team just great ,what a change from last 3 years .go on and get us back where we belong.WATP.

  3. I agree with most of what you have said...but you forgot to mention that mw said he was using these last two cup games as part of his pre season warm up...if these games are warm ups i cant wait for friday to come...look out st.mirren because (it might not be them) somebody is going to get a real good hammering.

  4. I can't believe that there was almost praise for the board, here on this site. Not quite but getting closer. One day soon you are going to have to admit it. Dave King and the current board have so far achieved way more than any of us could have expected in such a short period of time and getting Warburton and Weir was a masterstroke that has transformed the whole outlook of the club and even more so the fans.

    The club is in safe hands and the team hasn't played football this good in decades. Can't wait for the season to start on Friday.

  5. The club is in safe hands and the team hasn't played football this good in decades,but we must face it if we take this team up next season then there will be only a hand full left to play for rangers in the top flight,that is when huge investment will be needed not just to get in front of the likes of Aberdeen etc but to catch celtic,i would think it will take around £50/60 million as it stands but i just get that feeling if we put up £50/60 million then they will invest more maybe another £20/30 million so do not look to far ahead we are still a cool £100 million off celtic,and i am sure home or away if we draw them in a cup then they will beat us.

    1. I think your just pulling these figures out of your arse. We are no where near 100 million behind celtic, in fact even my local pub team isn't 100 million behind celtic have you seen how crap they are. And the quality of the players they are signing is a joke. They have got lazy and gone backwards in a huge way. In fact after 12 months with Warburton in charge we might have a squad worth more than theirs.
      Fair enough we might need a bit of investment over the next couple of years to topple the great unwashed but lets not get carried away.


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