Season tickets pass 33,000 mark


Rangers have confirmed today that
the number of season tickets sold has continued to rise, hitting the 33,000
It is a far cry from the days
only 14 months ago when the idea of purchasing a season ticket was shrouded in
controversy, and the notion of boycotts, protests and shareholders were almost
all that fans seemed able to focus on.

Changed days indeed, and the
latest numbers prove that support has completely galvanised and quite simply
returned to Ibrox.
Beyond the politics, previous
management regimes also turned fans off, and the idea of going to Ibrox to
watch the worst football in the Club’s history was not appealing to many.
Nowadays the remarkable Mark
Warburton and his superb management and coaching staff have completely
overhauled Rangers from the bottom up, and the quality of football alone has
been enough to attract fans in their thousands back to the Club.
Captain Lee Wallace (feels so
good to say that) had this to say on the numbers:
“To reach 33,000 season tickets after the
problems supporters have had to endure in recent years is incredible and I
can’t thank them enough for their backing.”
And it is only going to get


  1. Had a season ticket for over 20yrs gave it up last season .Due to the changes on the board and management I have bought 2 one for me and the other for my grandson, the difference is unbelievable ,just can't wait for each game to come round WATP

  2. Rangers fans are the greatest in the world. Hopefully once we thrash Hibs (hopefully :D) sales will climb to 40,000. WATP.

  3. Great achievement by fans but to be honest, we will need all this sb money to keep club afloat as King and his money have went AWOL

  4. Just wait until next season back in the premiership will be 40k no problem.
    And Mark will have a bob or two to sign some players WATP

  5. King and his money are paying handsome wages to a great bunch of players. What is the point of king spending millions when we r going to win the league. Investment will b there WHEN REQUIRED

    • Absolutely true mate king always said his doh for the team was always to win the spl ……watch when we get there ……..the mhob are allready worried can you imagine when WW top up there kids with buys!!?,,,,,,they will all be back in the docs for there paranoia tabs!!

  6. I hope we get to keep hold of MW & DW. If things carry on the way they are going some big team may come calling and try snatch them away. If so, we must stick to a very similar set up from roots up, attack, attack, attack. Using young with a few older heads.

    On Top!

  7. I just get that feeling we are heading for a mega fall in the very near future
    we have to many young lads to keep going game after game we shall see
    we have only won a few games and other teams are now getting much fitter
    i hope we do not boil over to soon it is a long road back if we do.

    • Having mostly young lads who'll be mentored by a few older players is the way Warburton sets out his teams. Fitness is also one of his strong points and I'm pretty sure there won't be a fitter team in the league this year (or probably next season either). As for boiling over too soon, It looks more likely, even after only four games, that we'll be going from strength to strength. It's shaping up to be a very enjoyable season.

  8. 30000 season books comes to around a million. Even just 10 players on 5k a week comes to 2.5 million. Certain people on this site cant count. Investment is being made. Do the maths dafty.

  9. Think you need to back to school 'Davie, you are the dafty that can't count, 30000 season books at roughly 300 quid comes to a bit more than a million my man

  10. 30000 is approx 10 million Quid…..
    This team will be promoted for sure and the money will start rolling in….
    Some people don't get it…How deep does the water have to be to keep your boat afloat?
    DK isn't required right now….

  11. If they sell out every game at home in the league and if you include cup games too and sb money income will be between 18 and 20 million

  12. I see Stubbs has had a go at Warburton saying he has an easy job as he has loads of money to spend 600k???? Hardly loads, Stubbs can do one, what a prick

  13. Stubbs isn't happy rubbing our noses in it over the Allan saga now he's having a go at gers and our manager, hope we stuff them Sun watp

  14. Another fine performance tonight again and nice to see spurs boys and Clark get a start also nice result for Malmo ha happy days watp

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